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Jan 14

Nokia E63-2

First a little background on the whole cell phone business, I love mobile phones. My first tryst with a powerful phone was with a Nokia 3100, ok do i hear you laughing ? , well the Nokia 3100 was a Series 40 phone and the 1st one for  which huge amounts of customizations were available and possible via wap sites (most popular one being the ones hosted on tagtag.com , those were the days :P ).

Anyway , since then I have had an Imate (JAQ) (pathetic service in India),  an Asus (P320) phone (bad build quality), LG (M550) (bad battery and availability of spare parts), a Sony Ericsson (K700i) (awesome phone, no complaints, but I hear service is bad anyway).

I have also briefly used the Samsung C100 (good phone) and Nokia E71 (which is my dad’s phone). Now the Nokia E71 is a powerful phone (not to mention expensive for my pocket too). So its the price factor where the Nokia E63 enters, firstly the looks and physical features.

The Nokia E63 has a plastic look with a matte finish , the E71 has a metallic look which makes it look much more classy.  The metallic look is also a fingerprint magnet and this problem is automatically solved in our Nokia E63 phone. I bought the phone from US BTW under a crazy Amazon deal. The phone has a similar keyboard with a small exception, the spacebar key is smaller than your E71 and allows you to start the flashlight instantly. The smaller spacebar is infact a hindrance to typing if you have big hands like me.

Other than that the E63 lacks GPS, I had grown quite fond of GPS and its omission is an obvious down-point. You can however pair up the Nokia E63 with a bluetooth GPS device.

This was the 1st part of the review, you may read the 2nd part at Indiantechblog.com

5 Responses to “Nokia E63-2 Review in India : 1 month after !”

  1. MyE63 Says:

    Hi, its been a week with E63. My first qwerty smart phone. My comments on this phone

    Design(Overall Layout)- (8/10)
    Similar to E71. Design is really good slim, handy & good finishing. No fingerprints problem. Build material is full Plastic & is of good quality.

    Display – (8/10)
    16M colors awesome clarity just like other nokia phones. Fonts(adjustable) are also good. Screen is visible in bright sunlight. You should be happy with themes only as the wallpapers will not fit to full screen size\ which is bit annoying.

    Keypad – (9/10)
    No complaints. Evenly spread out keys comfortable for both left hand & right hand users. Good feel when the keys are pressed. Navigation key stands out for me. 5 times better than N70. Browsing through web page is damn easy. So keyapad is ++ for me.

    2MP camera priety ordinary. Images are ok when taken in day but really fades out in night mode & flash becomes almost useless. A self image mirror & flash as torch is + point.
    Overall camera is total let down.

    Music & Earphones – (7/10)
    Music player is Really good & spaeker phone is ok. Audio quality is ok through earphones but earphones quality seems to be preity ordinary (not good finishing). i was suppose to give 6/10 but 3.5mm jack has earned an extra point. This is reallt + point. Music becomes heaven when you use good quality headphones.

    GPRS & WI-FI – (8/10)
    Connectivity is good. Browsing through pages is damn easy. WI-FI is the real talk when comes to smart phones. So WI-FI is really cool on E63. I used WI-FI for almost 3hrs at a distance of 25mts from modem, no problems faced. Modem was in ground floor & i was in 1st floor.

    Battery – (9/10)
    Whent it comes to nokia’s battery there is no competion. WI-Fi used for almost 4hrs , 1hr of music , 200 text messages sent , 100 text received, 30 mins call. used flash as torch for couple of min. Lasted for 40Hrs.

    Processor – (7/10)
    Not the fastest. Bit slow when changing themes & moving through text messages. Other than this processor is fair enough to support all thr features the mobile has.

    Call quality -(8/10)
    Is good. Voice can be heard clearly.

    Other + Points
    Real Player , Flash player pre installed , DOC , PDF reader,
    Zip option pre installed,currency converter.

    Minus points- No stop watch.
    No rockr keys for volume control.

    Overall – (7.5/10)
    The only let down was camera & Ear phones. Processor could have been better. According to me affordable good looking smart phone. In My opinion go for it.

  2. WiseTechie Says:

    Thats a very comprehensive evaluation My63

  3. murali Says:

    thanks brother for the information

  4. kanwaljit Says:

    I appreciate your review and other details Thanx

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