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Sep 23


DilSeBol is the first company we review in our series on the Indian Customised  Merchandise market. We found the customer care from DilSeBol to be very kind and warm and they were happy to arrange a review item for us :)

Now for the review :

Firstly, DilSeBol has a very responsive customer service and staff. We got quick replies to all our needs and questions. On the products front they offer everything from T-Shirts, Mugs, Coasters, Tiles  to Caps,Calendars, Key Chains etc. Of course all the products are customisable to your needs.

We ordered a two tone mug from them which is a fairly standard item for most merchandising companies. In-fact we plan to use this product as a benchmark to compare quality and service levels of various online Merchandising companies. We will be judging the companies on a variety of factors.

The site was easy to navigate and we were off in a jiffy to their design tool. Their design page is a flash application that allows you to design a number of products each with its own kinds of customisations.

dilsebol design page

However this is where we noticed the first flaw, the design isn’t as intuitive as one would like it to be. Its easy to skip the other side of the mug as we did (stupid us). Also you cannot apply a continuous graphic going over the whole mug. You are presented 2 distinct sides to the mug. This might seem like a feature to some.

design On the design tab you can add text and images to your design, the site has a good collection of clip art like images for various occasions and themes. You may also choose to get your own photos printed on the mugs.

You can order the design right away or save it to your account by creating one. Saved designs are also emailed to you so that you remember about them.

Ordering : We cant really comment on this as the review item was directly sent to us.

Shipping was fast and the product was printed and shipped within a day. We received it the next day via a fast national courier.  The package was sealed nicely and was filled with thermocol to prevent damage to the cup.



The final mug was excellent in quality of the mug as well as the print on the mug. It didn’t have any damage whatsoever. The mug was used with both hot and cold drinks and seems to be holding in well with the utility factor also.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience with DilSeBol, the product ordered was of good quality , as per the description and they didn’t have any nasty surprises planned along the way.


  • Good and Warm Customer Service
  • Good Product quality, sharp images on the mug.
  • Fast delivery and good packing to resist damage


  • The design tool could use some better descriptions.
  • There is no option to continuously cover the mug as competitors have.


So the next time you are planning to gift your loved ones on their birthday or anniversary, give the flowers and chocolates a miss and try customised merchandise.

Next in Line to be Reviewed : Itasveer

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