Tata Indicom clearly is the most idiotic company to have existed in the world. If disconnecting my wireline internet wasnt enough, if having a stupid login page for all prepaid customers wasn’t enough, their new Photon + service also gave away today.

These guys always pick the wrong guy to mess with, I break their incompetence publicly and that just embarrasses them.

I have been using the photon+ service for over a month now. Today suddenly my photon+ stopped working. I promptly emailed the customer care with the error I was getting. In the afternoon I get a call that some papers are missing in my application thats why the internet is now working. Sure enough I called the dealer with whom I had deposited everything, all papers had been sent to Tata Indicom.

Then later I got another call from these morons. They claim that I am on a 2GB plan and have accrued a bill of 8000 rupees and hence my Internet is disconnected. My current month’s usage is around 4277MB BTW. What the Tata Indicom billing system does is that is charges 2 rupees for every MB will your bill is generated. After that it deducts 10GB of usage from the chargeable amount and presents the bill. So the amount keeps on accumulating till the bill is generated. But their own customer care cant understand that. Moreover the number from which I had received the call is now switched off.

God Bless Them, sending them this link too.

Apparently to them 10240MB is equal to 2GB or 4277>10240 , either case maths lessons are needed by TATA.Data Plan