Tata Indicom Photon+ Review:Useless Customer Care

Tata Indicom clearly is the most idiotic company to have existed in the world. If disconnecting my wireline internet wasnt enough, if having a stupid login page for all prepaid customers wasn’t enough, their new Photon + service also gave away today.

These guys always pick the wrong guy to mess with, I break their incompetence publicly and that just embarrasses them.

I have been using the photon+ service for over a month now. Today suddenly my photon+ stopped working. I promptly emailed the customer care with the error I was getting. In the afternoon I get a call that some papers are missing in my application thats why the internet is now working. Sure enough I called the dealer with whom I had deposited everything, all papers had been sent to Tata Indicom.

Then later I got another call from these morons. They claim that I am on a 2GB plan and have accrued a bill of 8000 rupees and hence my Internet is disconnected. My current month’s usage is around 4277MB BTW. What the Tata Indicom billing system does is that is charges 2 rupees for every MB will your bill is generated. After that it deducts 10GB of usage from the chargeable amount and presents the bill. So the amount keeps on accumulating till the bill is generated. But their own customer care cant understand that. Moreover the number from which I had received the call is now switched off.

God Bless Them, sending them this link too.

Apparently to them 10240MB is equal to 2GB or 4277>10240 , either case maths lessons are needed by TATA.Data Plan

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  1. “Tata Photon has many problems, Fragile USB mouth, Poor customer care people, no fast response, they let people wandering around, Hassle & in Nutshell- Spending on Photon+ is a Blunder”
    I have purchased one TataIndicom Photon+(Epi Valley) on 13th Aug, was activated on 16th Aug09 ( No. 9223978066, A/C no. 975536190). Within a month its USB foldable mouth has detached /come out from pivot/hinge but still working as wires are connected. It was being used delicately even then this has happened. I am working as National Head-Maintenance in ACC & was using this very carefully.
    We have approached to your customer care at 9220000121, he gave one address of Tata’s service centre( Telemax Enterprises, MG Road, Nuapada, Thane). On approaching to them they sent us to another address which was wrong, came back to them & asked again the right address, then he gave new address (M/s Color trak services, Anand bhavan society, veer savarkar marg, near khavvya hotel, Naupada, Thane W). Here they asked for repairing charges to give Job sheet & DOA. The reply on taking responsibility for Hardware detachment/breakage within a month was simply unacceptable & irresponsible. In this process hassle, irritating inconvenience & deliberate harassment faced by us is inormous.
    How any hardware can be so fragile if it has to be used frequently as I have taken Plan1250 for 10GB usages. I was already using TataIndicom VData CorpSpl375Plan, A/c 971750338 & this modem is very robust & still is working very good. I have taken Photon+ looking at its features, advertisements & the big name of TATA but most of the time either the speed is very slow or this kind of detachment of USB happened.
    Now I need your intervention in this to get the matter resolved (free repair or new replacement), so that I can re-establish faith in TataIndicom.

  2. I am facing a problem while connecting the photon device. The device is getting detected by the laptop. The light blinks. But when i connect it via Huawei Access Manager it says the device is not available. I cant understand where does the problem lie? The laptop ports are fine as the device gets detected then why does the Huawei Manager says ‘DEVICE UNAVAILABLE’?!

  3. Tata Indicom service is (for Photon+) is outright pathetic. These guys have absolutely no sense!! According to them, 7000 bytes is much much more than 1024 MB!! Beat that!! And they dont even have the courtesy to verify the same! Less than a month since I subscribed for the service and they have suspended services thrice for the same reason, EXCESS USAGE!!!!!!!

    I have spent more money on phone calls to REACTIVATE the services. USELESS ILLITERATE #@#&*&^%

  4. @Neeraj – the problem is that Tata indicom website is showing MB as bytes these days, so 7000 bytes is actually 7000MB , their website is broken.

  5. m dealing wid problem of bills. u ve provided me wid unlimited service for 771.
    but dis time my bill is 892. and m not getting any proper response.
    u r providing d most pathetic services……..
    n d service centres r really very poor……..
    stop be-fooling customers… u r loosing faith……

    very poor

  6. I have started using Photon + since 17th Feb’2010. From day one I am very upset with the speed. Most of the time the pages will not open. From yesterday i.e 4th Mar’2010, the connection is not available. There is no cue on customer service nos. and presently it is an useless investment on my part.

  7. I have started using photon + since last 2 months. 1st month speed was good but now speed is very slow and am very upset. so pls check my photon + connection and provide me a good speed if you cant provide me a good speed then sorry to say that i will closed this connection.

  8. Very poor customer care response!!!… I suggest you not to take any of the TATA indicom/photon + services…None of the customer care people give a proper response for photon+. Alltogether a complete bullshit service!

  9. These AH are given a customer care number 1800266121 we are unable to connect to the customer care number and the bill is generate on 7th of every month but till 15th we did not get hard copy of the bill.

  10. I am not at all satisfied with the service provided by TATA. From the past 10 days is the 3rd time I am mailing you regarding the internet speed issue, but nothing has been done till now.

    First time when I told about the issue they told we will send an engineer to your place to rectify the problem. He came to my house & he was checking the internet speed for 10-15 min which is of no use.

    Second time the same as first time he came & check the speed simultaneously, even after informing you not to send the same person who came for the first time. This type of check can be done by small child who is of 8 yrs old don’t you?

    Third time also the same process:
    I will mail you & you will call me and the process repeats, but this time TATA has given so much confident that, they will solve the issue related to internet speed. But that also went in vain.

    One strange thing I noticed that is before solving the issue they have closed the docket number (i.e. 246702821). Hats-off! to TATA. Instead of this you can tell directly that we are “incapable” of solving the issue.

    Entire TATA team is useless & fit for nothing.

    I was a big bigggg fool to select the photon+ device even though seen the negative comments in internet about photon+ speed (very veryy poor/weak).

    I don’t know in which way I have to convince you to solve the issue. You people don’t know how to build relationship with the customers, you are just fooling them by showing useless/worthless ads and telling the highest speed given by photon+.

    Many of my friends were ready to but photon+ connection but I told the problem which I have faced & they have decided not to buy.

    Anyhow I am fed up with you guys and i am going to cancel/deactivate the connection.


  11. Complaint against TATA Photon Dealer

    I am constraint to write that I purchased USB Wireless Modem PHOTON+ SR NO U0a9mb1090600301,
    EMI: A000002015e10e from VARDHMAN COMPUTER & COMMUNICATION, G-22-23 SURADEEP BUILDING, WAZIRPUR COMMUNITY CENTRE, INDL AREA DELHI-110052 on 27.11.2010 through invoice no. VCC/10514 for Rs.1800.00.the no. of equipment was given as 9268421798 and was activated on 04.12.2010 after further payment of Rs.100 as activation charges.

    We used the service comfortably throughout the month. During last month on 10.12.2010 we received a message from TM-121 which is as follows:
    “Dear Photoner! Thank you for choosing Tata Photon. Your Photon number is 9268433686. Happy surfing!”
    After confirmation from customer care on helpline, I recharged the device on 09.01.2011 for unlimited download for Rs700/- from AHOOJA COMMUNICATION, 5140/41 Harphool Singh Bldg. Subzi Mandi, Clock Tower, Delhi 110007. My Photon device stated showing error.
    On 10.01.2011 at 9.25 p.m. I lodged a complaint with customer care service (Asim) and received complaint no. PCT 0746553045 and was assured that the device will be functional by 8.00 a.m. next day. Nothing happened! Same error.
    On 11.01.2011 a reminder was given to Har Kiran at 9.16.a.m. on customer care. Nothing happened! Same error.
    On 11.01.2011 at 4.45 p.m. Shiv was contacted on customer care who also assured for visit of someone from Tata Photon. Nobody turned up.
    On 12.01.2011 at 4.40 p.m. Rajshri was contacted on customer care who also assured for visit of someone from Tata Photon. Nobody turned up.
    On 12.01.2011 at 8.27 p.m. the customer care service provider Mr. Rajan informed me that your complaint is still under consideration and someone from Tata Photon will visit your residence. Nobody turned up.
    On 15.01.2011 at 6.26 p.m. Mr. Rustum from customer care informed me that the recharge no. 9268433686 is not matching with my Id no 9268421798. I was told to talk to the dealer Mr. Om Prakash on 9310141646 who asked me send both the numbers by SMS on his mobile.
    You can very well imagine the services provided by your concern/department. If this remains the situation than what shall be the impression of your network and un-necessary problems will arise at your level.

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