I feel very guilty making this post while on a TATA Wimax (VSNL) connection. But the truth is that this service will eventually fail, I have almost half made up my mind to switch. Its not the the speed is bad or that connectivity is a problem. The biggest problem comes with the implementation of their network.

There is a serious issue with the login page, each user much go through a stupid login page to do anything. Moreover there is no port forwarding, therefore all torrent downloads are excruciatingly slow. For example, I was downloading a well seeded torrent at 6.5 kBps on my 256 kbps connection.

Another problem is no VPN, you cannot access your company’s VPN with the TATA Wimax account.

The point to be noted here is that none of these problems had existed with Tata Broadband’s original DSL.

I have been in touch with multiple engineers in TATA Communications over these issues, none were able to help me. All they would suggest was to purchase a static IP for 2000 rupees (am i nuts). MTNL gives one for free with its 256kbps plan. MTNL too has pathetic customer service though.

Lets hope some senior TATA Communications guy reads this and drills some sense into the stupid policy makers.