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May 29

I feel very guilty making this post while on a TATA Wimax (VSNL) connection. But the truth is that this service will eventually fail, I have almost half made up my mind to switch. Its not the the speed is bad or that connectivity is a problem. The biggest problem comes with the implementation of their network.

There is a serious issue with the login page, each user much go through a stupid login page to do anything. Moreover there is no port forwarding, therefore all torrent downloads are excruciatingly slow. For example, I was downloading a well seeded torrent at 6.5 kBps on my 256 kbps connection.

Another problem is no VPN, you cannot access your company’s VPN with the TATA Wimax account.

The point to be noted here is that none of these problems had existed with Tata Broadband’s original DSL.

I have been in touch with multiple engineers in TATA Communications over these issues, none were able to help me. All they would suggest was to purchase a static IP for 2000 rupees (am i nuts). MTNL gives one for free with its 256kbps plan. MTNL too has pathetic customer service though.

Lets hope some senior TATA Communications guy reads this and drills some sense into the stupid policy makers.

13 Responses to “Why TATA Indicom Wimax will eventually fail !”

  1. Nishith Agarwal Says:


    I work for Tata Communications and have a solution for you. If you can pass me your contact number or email id, I will have a senior technician call you and solve your problems.

    Nishith Agarwal

  2. WiseTechie Says:

    I have emailed you the requisite info.

  3. Indranil Mukherjee Says:

    I am having the same problem but no solution till yet. I can’t port forward the WiMax from my side and asked the Tata’s technical department to do but they are not doing anything regarding it. I got fade up and stopped requesting. I wish if anyone could help me .. I can’t use torrents, it says ports are blocked, forward the ports but how to do, I am not having any router only a bloody POE is there.. Please someone help.

  4. WiseTechie Says:

    Update : The employee of Tata indicom VSNL Nishith Agarwal , never replied to any of my emails. He was probably just playing around without any authority on the matter.

  5. Ravi Says:

    I am also facing similar issues. I can not connect to my office VPN using tata indicom. These guys asked me to purchase static IP. They do not have proper justification to my queries. I was able to conne twith same plan and same configuration for first 3 months and all of a sudden it has stopped working. Looks like they are just cheating us or there is some problem with their technology itself.

    Also static IP is also very constly.

  6. WiseTechie Says:

    @Ravi – I got a call again today from Tata indicom broadband who was sort of scolding me for complaining about the issue saying I should not complain about this as i was aware of this issue with their wimax service. What I told him was that its feedback. If more and more people write to them regarding this issue, I am sure they will have to take care of this. So write to their customer service, and their nodal officers every week till they solve the issue. All your friends who may have wimax, ask them to write too.

  7. isaac Says:

    i agree. Same here withh Reliance wimax.

  8. Subhranshu Says:

    I agree with you that it does not have port forwarding capabilties but, for which i am strugglisng at the moment.

    However VPN works fine for me……..

    But i am not that happy with it being a LINUX user it has lot of hassles most of the time

  9. WiseTechie Says:

    depends on the way your organisation configures VPN, if a direct port connection is needed, VPN wont work.

  10. Rohit Says:

    If your VPN supports SSTP then it will work. Other types like PPTP will most likely fail.

  11. Rakesh Says:

    Wi-max is good for me as Airtel Broadband is not available at my locality.

  12. oneworld Says:

    I have the same issue. The problems are many with Tata. Firstly they hire some fail-outs into their call center and they are unable to talk in English. They cant understand what is VPN. A lady from tech suport Shweta guided me to a link that says about buying a VPN server from TATA as a resolution to VPN connectivity issue. That was the most funniest part.

  13. oneworld Says:

    Rohit – for me even SSTP does not work!

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