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May 23

Its ironical that all this is happening to me. I was perhaps the only person on the Internet who used to praise the services of Tata Indicom VSNL Broadband. The truth was that it was reliable and my last level engineers were good pals with me so I could get faults corrected easily and fast. Infact I think I contributed to the promotion of one of the engineers in my area by giving good feedback about him ( TATA people must have been shocked, what is this guy doing in our company ?).

Anyway, continuing from my previous post. Tata Indicom broadband illegally disconnected my prepaid broadband connection on 21st May in the evening.They are discontinuing Wireline services in my area, so only wireless services via Wimax will be provided.

Checkout the letter below, I should mention I received the letter on 21st May, one day after the date mentioned on it. I wonder what the person drafting the letter was thinking, why the hell would I even think of using dial-up in this era. Maybe he is living 10 years in the past.

I have been in touch with their nodal officer and countless employees. Despite requesting politely for priority reconnection, I haven’t been given any. Infact, in all their emails they will mention that my complaint is being handled on priority, but on the phone everyone is quick to point out that preferential treatment is out of question. “Sir, it takes 7 days on minimum to get the Wimax installed” is what i hear most often. Its been 3 days since I got my network disconnected. Tomorrow being a Sunday is a holiday, so the focus shifts to Monday. I am hellbent on ensuring that the person who got my connection disconnected faces the music for all my woes. Looking at legal options and precedents also. Apparently I have a good case due to the fact that the letter seems to be predated. Someone probably forgot to mail them on time or probably the letters were an afterthought. Also looking at MTNL Triband as an alternative to this connection.

Moreover to get my internet on again, I have to get this Wimax Antenna installed on my house’s roof which is owned by someone else but according to our sale agreement, we are allowed to place stuff on the roof including antennae and water tanks . More stuff to take care of then. Mr. Ratan Tata, had i not purchased shares and FDs in your company, I would be praying for their failures :P , I wonder which broadband you use for your home ? BSNL , best hai ! And thanks for starting TISCO, the rally in its shares was great for my budget.

tata-indicom-broadband-vsnl letter

4 Responses to “Tata Indicom Broadband (VSNL) disconnection saga continues”

  1. More Wise Techie Says:

    Really smart from VSNL guys, a little oversmart even.

    Well thats the price you have to pay for going with a pathetic Internet service like VSNL, too bad you were one of their only satisfied customers and they lose you too.

  2. WiseTechie Says:

    @ My wiser counterpart :

    Yeah true, VSNL has really pathetic service, there are so many levels that they arent able to co-ordinate also. Plus I really think this nodal officer thing is a big scam, somehow whenever I complain to the nodal officer, my complaints take longer to resolve.

  3. himanshu Says:

    I have tata’s wimax connecton. It is pathetic. Drops every now and then and when I complain to the customer service they send a person who pretends to check the connection and says everything is working fine because the connection doesnt drop in his presence(he stays for 10 minutes mind you).

    The problem seems to be in the Wimax technology itself because whenever it rains or even when there’s a strong breeze blowing the connection just drops like a dead bird out of the sky. Maybe it is the way tata has deployed this technology thats screwed up. Take my advice and stay away from the ‘delicate’ Tata Wimax connection.

  4. WiseTechie Says:

    Hi Himanshu,

    I have gotten it installed because I had some money stuck with them.

    Can you let me know, if there has ever been a problem with your antenna ?

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