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May 22

Just a quick post to let you guys know that Tata Indicom Broadband VSNL has disconnected my broadband wireline service in an absurd way. I got a letter in the morning that the day before is last day of browsing as they are removing all wired connections in Delhi city (which is a BLATANT LIE) and sure enough on 21st May 2009 Tata Indicom broadband disconnected my connection without giving me any intimation. For a while I had thought it was a line failure but their engineer confirmed it.

Tata Indicom broadband is indeed the worst service to go for, dont go for it unless you are stuck with it like me. They have absolutely no regards for customers or any work they may have to do. Treat Tata Communications with contempt. Almost all Tata brands are filled to the brim with arrogance and a pathetic level of customer service and regard.

Please boycott Tata Indicom broadband/VSNL if you believe in consumer rights and can identify with how lowly this move by Tata was to cut my internet with 6 hours of notice.

One Response to “Tata Indicom Broadband (VSNL) disconnects connections at will”

  1. resham Says:

    hopeless service in tataindicom who dont have work they can take connection for tataindicom

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