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May 14

ICICI bank might be one of the most complained about banks in India. Infact, according to their site’s statistics only, they had around 1,85,000 complaints last year, out of which around 1500 are still unresolved.

The fact is that many customers are frustrated by the attitude of ICICI bank and therefore have to resort to using rude language with the ICICI customer care team who are most of the time ill informed ,ignorant and powerless to help the customer in the bigger scheme of things. I have experienced this first hand as a customer. in various interactions.

I was surprised to read a note on their website :

Dear Customer,

ICICI Bank gives customer service paramount importance. Our personnel treat customers with politeness, courtesy and respect at every interaction. Sometimes, mitigating circumstances, like systems downtime, policy-related issues and compliance-related concerns, may compel us to convey decisions that may not be to your entire satisfaction. These are, however, only the exception and not the rule. The rule is to provide agreeable solutions, and that too at the first interaction itself; and the compliments we receive from satisfied customers – through our website, by phone, by e-mail and by letter – while indeed very heartening, serve to inch the bar higher.

However, customers resorting to provocative and unparliamentary language or rude and disruptive behaviour stretch tolerance, cause distress and impact on morale and efficiency. This can lead to a compromise in the level of service received by other customers and is therefore untenable. Therefore, despite the acknowledged primacy that a customer in the service industry commands, we must inform you with the greatest reluctance and deepest regret that henceforth, customers found to be offensive in their interaction with us will be required to close all their relationships with ICICI Bank.


ICICI Bank Ltd.

What it essentially means is that if a customer loses his cool with the customer service team of the bank, he will have to close all his accounts with ICICI bank. I do not even know the legality of this as RBI must be having some rules about banks having to accept deposits without discrimination. But see how blatantly anti-consumer the whole statement is. I mean if you keep frustrating a customer by providing him stupid answers to his replies or not replying to him altogether, ofcourse he will lose his cool. And instead of better training your staff to handle customers, you have decided to blame it all on the poor customer. I am disappointed in this bank , hopefully they will make more customer friendly policies in the future and emerge as a good , honest and customer friendly bank.

I do not know to what extent they are enforcing the rule, but i guess they have pretty much taken away your right to protest against the bank. Just dont lose your cool.

8 Responses to “ICICI Bank to throw out rude customers”

  1. Ankur Banerjee Says:

    That’s just balls. Whenever I’ve called up ICICI or gone to a bank branch I’ve always faced their dreaded ‘downtime’. They take this bit seriously, since their network is down all the time. They don’t provide a toll-free number for customer care, and then on top of that you need to call them up multiple times to get work done because their ‘system is down’.

    Having said that, when it does work, everything proceeds much more smoothly than most other banks.

  2. Harsh Bakshi Says:

    Same here, ICICI bank service is usually below par, one call never solves the problems and multiple emails on my netbanking account go unanswered. Then they have their head service quality :P , a good post can be about that, they do nothing but reply after a few days saying that they cant do anything.

  3. Athira Says:

    ICICI customer care folks may not talk dirty with customers, but their every attitude is harassing. They don’t care about the customers. The bank top officials may, but no, not the customer care, sadly. And ICICI doesn’t have to wait to chuck customers, customers themselves walk out frustrated, like I did!

  4. Suma R Says:

    I agree with all of you…. as I write this I’m on phone with ICICI Bank Customer care. After all the useless talkings, I asked for a supervisor. I’ve been put on hold for at least 15 minutes now (need to keep in mind that this is not a toll free number). Looks like they are testing my patience and my ability to make phone bills.

    Now, after waiting for 25 mins the line is disconnected. I call up again to get one ridiculous response that “due to unavailability of supervisors the call ended”. Which means, either they do not have the proper staffing to answer the queries or not interested to solve the problem. Either ways, ICICI bank expects the account holder to call at your expense and patience level.

    Finally after spending 45 minutes on phone, I get to speak to a supervisor called Swaraj, he says “it is bank’s discretion to change policy” also they are NOT obliged to “communicate any policy change to the customer”. Which means, the bank will show all the positive side of its policies until you invest your money and then you have to beg them to get it bank because now as per their hidden policy it is “NOW BANK’S AND NO LONGER YOUR MONEY “.


  5. WiseTechie Says:

    @Suma – whats this all about ? , banks must communicate major decisions to customers, if you let us know the context, we can comment on the issue and legal aspect.

  6. Anil Kumar Says:

    Icici never cares about their existing customers. Their support staff and customer care rep’s do not have outgoing calls for customer related issues. However, the marketing team is equipped with STD and even ISD lines. I am sure that no one in their department have come across the saying “A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush”

  7. Biswajit S Says:

    Very true, extremely frustrated with poor banking manners of ICICI bank customer service personnals.. they dont know what the customer is asking for, when explained they will give some stupid answers, and the most favourite answer is that their application is down may be more than half of the times.. it’s not long before they are going to loose customers.. pretty soon that will happen… now I prefer citibank for all my transactions.. even heard HSBC is doing good.. I had a credit card from them and got very good service till the end.. ICICI – please don’t forget, you are not the only one in the market.. there are many more…. our experiences will definitely ripple down to all… pretty soon…


  8. Carlos Drenth Says:

    the post seems to be very good and very much helpful to the people who are fed up with repeated searches for these kind of posts. Thank you very much.

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