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Apr 29

This Issue is  Resolved

Another tale of woeful customer service, this time from Femina , a brand of the Times group (yeah its the same one as Indiatimes , we know you are no longer surprised at the low level of customer service). So here is the long and short of it:

We have a Femina subscription at home, this week the Femina issue is supposed to have a free tube of Lakme Sunscreen. But it wasn’t there in our copy, mom had received it without actually seeing whether the magazine had the free sunscreen or not. Anyway, when I noticed the offer I was shocked to hear from my mom that the magazine’s seal was broken and the sunscreen was already stolen when we received it.

It is not as if we cant afford sunscreen, mom uses a better/equivalent brand already. But the fact is that Lakme probably spent lakhs of shareholder money (I am a shareholder in Unilever and Trent) to promote their new sunscreen. And their target customers never receive the free gift, probably the magazine couriers will be applying the cream (probably another target audience).

Also, most appalling thing in all of this is the attitude of Femina and its so called customer care team. Despite repeated emails I haven’t been able to solicit a single reply from anyone in their organisation (except a cc from their main office which asked the Delhi office to respond). In an earlier incident despite paying for the magazine our copies weren’t coming, even then multiple emails went unanswered after 1 initial reply, this time also the same is looking like the trend. Their customer care system has no tracking and tracing, so its their wish whether they want to answer any email or not.

Poor customers are now pasting their sorrow caused by Femina all over the internet as one consumer complaint page will show. I will be sending this link to their customer care team and any corporate emails I know of, at-least Indiatimes took notice when blogs wrote about their shoddy service, lets see if Femina really cares !


After emailing them again with a copy of this link, got a call from them yesterday, they said that they will send me the gift ASAP. Lets see if that happens, will keep you guys posted. Hopefully their customer care team will be more responsive in the future and adhere to the standards they are supposed to.

ee if Femina really cares !

Update- 2

Got the gift now, also received another call from Femina confirming if i had got it. This issue is resolved.

2 Responses to “Free gift !, what free gift ? , Femina surely doesn’t care”

  1. Ravi Says:

    Hehe, its the times group again. No surprises, Femina surely does hit rock bottom in customer service though.

  2. WiseTechie Says:

    Actually their service seems to be better now, we have got 2 assurances now that we will be sent the gift ASAP. Lets see.

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