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Mar 13

Nokia E71 Stainless Steel

Its actually my dad’s phone, but the Nokia E71 is a perfect Indian phone. Rugged, smart and filled with features to the top there is never a dull moment with it. Major features include, good email support, QWERTY keyboard, Wifi and GPS. It kind of reminds me of my old Palm Treo 650 currently being enjoyed by my brother in the US. But be sure to buy a screen protector for the E71 since it has a large screen and silver area near the screen. Good screen protectors also protect the silver area near the screen.

My last 2 mobile phones have been Windows Mobile phones, so i have kind of gotten addicted to the layout and functionality of Windows mobile. But this phone has sort of rekindled my love for Symbian devices which are not touchscreen. Touchscreen is no longer a novelty these days with most cheap Chinese phones being touchscreen and trying to emulate Windows Mobile devices and/or popular N-series models from Nokia. Plus touchscreen phones without keyboards are pretty difficult to use. Qwerty keyboards on the other-hand are indeed a pleasure to operate on.

So this phone has a great battery life, awesome screen, the pictures on it are crisp and clear. The camera is great. Although sometimes the photos can look to be a little bit too overexposed.

The Wifi is superfast and the interface overall is very very responsive. It really kicks the butts of N-series phones in terms of speed. It kicks the butt of my Windows Mobile phones also.

But all in all, super cool phone to have :)

8 Responses to “Nokia E71 Review – 3-4 months since purchase”

  1. Rohit Says:

    I <3 Touchscreen

  2. Prateek Says:

    Hmm….the phone is really gud ! many of my friends have been mishandling it severly, but still it works great. Way to go Nokia !

  3. nagendra Says:

    there are different prices in hyderabad ..can u pls send the present price of “nokia e 71”..
    thnk u

  4. Harsh Bakshi Says:

    Nokia E71 rocks, i wish i can buy this phone, played with the Nokia E71 of a friend, really enjoyed it.

  5. puneet Says:


    pls clarify shall i wait for e71x to be launched before purchasing e71 series phone

    heard that e71x comprises with extra bit of features,not aware about added features would be great if anyone just explain to me same

  6. WiseTechie Says:

    Sorry puneet, I dont know about E71x, however I would suggest you wait, it would be havinf feature improvements obviously.

  7. SANJEEV Says:

    hi all i am trying to set up my email a/c from my e71 but i am not able to do so . Vodafone has activated gprs but still no use . what do i do ?

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