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Jan 11

Flickr geotagging NSIT Map

I pity all of you who dont know about GPS and Geotagging photos. I have been hooked ever since i discovered it. I use the Locr utility in my windows mobile cellphone (also works in Symbian phones). Your phone must have GPS or you must have a Bluetooth GPS receiver.

That way, the photos you take will be implanted with GPS co-ordinates of the location you took the photos at. Its accurate to about 50 metres or so. See the dot highlighted in the photo above, it should have been in the bottom right building. So it essentially means if someone wants to nuke the NSIT COE block using GPS, he/she will hit the library instead :P

This way when you share photos, you can share the photos using a map with your friends and family. That way they will be able to see where the photos were taken.

2 Responses to “Geotagging fun with a GPS camera phone”

  1. Leif Says:

    Just read your blog and I saw that you are using locr app.
    Do youl also use the Community? Hope you checked it..

  2. WiseTechie Says:

    Not used the community till now, do you work with Locr ?

    If yes, can you offer me a pro account ?

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