Futurbazaar Old Logo


New Futurebazaar Logo

Futurebazaar.com is back in a fresh new avatar. It no longer looks bland and boring but bright and attractive. The site has been redesigned and now has a lot of flash and a background colour so to say.

First of all, my old password did not work. I have made multiple orders from futurebazaar.com but was unable to login using my password. I had to use the forgot password feature to login to my account. But guess what ?

Even the old password didn’t work. Now i have praised futurebazaar.com in some of my earlier reviews, but they have essentially killed their website if a person cant even login to the site.

Also while browsing certain products, i got error pages and blank pages. I don’t even want to send an email telling them about their site errors. The last time I did that, I got an email from them that its working at their end (forgot the golden rule of businesses).

The new site is buggy and un-navigable, at least today it is. So they really need to get their act together to retain customers.