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Dec 31

I had ordered this Walkman from Sony to be delivered by 24th December and chosen Overnight Standard. How long should packages sent via overnight standard take within continental US ?

1 day , 2 days, 3 days , 4 days ? or even more ?

Fed-Ex literally made their overnight service a BIG JOKE with my latest package. Continental US Delivery took so much time that my Christmas was essentially ruined. Just see the status messages :

Dec 26, 2008  

4:25 PM At local Fed-Ex facility  PORTLAND, OR 

4:10 PM Delivery exception    PORTLAND, OR Delay beyond our control 

7:17 AM On Fed-Ex vehicle for delivery    PORTLAND, OR 

6:59 AM At local Fed-Ex facility    PORTLAND, OR 

Dec 24, 2008
12:01 AM At local Fed-Ex facility    PORTLAND, OR 

Dec 23, 2008
10:59 PM At dest sort facility    PORTLAND, OR 

7:47 PM Departed Fed-Ex location    MEMPHIS, TN 

7:14 AM In transit   MEMPHIS, TN 

2:15 AM Arrived at Fed-Ex location   MEMPHIS, TN 

12:43 AM In transit    CHICAGO, IL 

Dec 22, 2008
7:08 PM Left Fed-Ex origin facility   HILLSIDE, IL 

6:14 PM Picked up    HILLSIDE, IL 

6:07 AM Package data transmitted to Fed-Ex  

What the hell does delay beyond our control mean ? Calling them you got to hear only mumble and more mumble, no explanation, no nothing. Fed-ex is totally unprofessional and don’t honour my business and don’t deserve it. I would also request anyone out there who respects and honours the Christmas spirit to not give Fed-ex their business.

The company ruined my Christmas, please ruin it for them ! Please do not use this unprofessional company for any of your packages. They should realise bad customer service = no more customers. Even USPS is much better than this company.

Got it finally of December 27th 2008 thankfully.

8 Responses to “How Fedex USA ruined my Christmas !”

  1. Rocco Says:

    DELAY BEYOND OUR CONTROL is based on the weather. During the time you requested your Walkman to be delivered the entire USA was going through a cold front. Freeways were shutdown. Airports were closed. The entire state of Oregon had black ice. Not even Fedex (OR UPS or UPSPS) can deliver your product during those conditions.

    Were you locked in a closet last week? Even Las Vegas had 10 inches of snow!

  2. WiseTechie Says:

    Hehe , that particular day it was only raining not snowing and all the earlier snow had melt.

    And also if you have missed the point, when they were called, they mumbled and werent able to offer a proper answer.

  3. Jason Says:

    I love FedEX… Their on-time delivery rate is about 99.9%

  4. WiseTechie Says:

    hehe “jason” , your IP reveals a lot more than you think. Fedex employees are coming here and giving false feedback :P

    You see guys , how low this company will go :

    146.18.173.x (hidden last octet)
    Whois Record

    OrgName: FedEx
    OrgID: FEC
    Address: 70 FedEx Parkway
    City: Collierville
    StateProv: TN
    PostalCode: 38017
    Country: US

  5. abby Says:

    I ordered something that was supposed to be at my house by Jan 2-I just checked the tracking number and I got a similar message “At Local Fed-Ex facility” stating “incorrect address” as the reason. The address listed is most certainly correct, I’ve received many packages from this company…so ridiculous.
    Anyway, I was wondering what number you called, as I am also located in Portland. I keep googling for a number to call and can’t seem to find anything. Thank you.

  6. Rohit Says:

    Call their regular customer care and they would put your call forward to someone in your city. BTW you can find a FedEx office in Portland on Google Maps and try calling them, they should be able to put your call through.

  7. abby Says:

    Thank you!

  8. Brandon Says:

    Meh… I don’t expect much from these shipping companies anymore. I’m just grateful when my package arrives at all, and in one piece. I’ve had the worst experiences with UPS… packages getting destroyed, drivers leaving things outside, lying and claiming they “attempted delivery” and never even showing up. FedEx has always done right by me, but I’m sure I’m just lucky.

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