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Dec 28

Locr Logo Geotagging

Locr is an amazing software. I first discovered it in my father’s Nokia E71 (review soon). Anyway, i installed it on my Asus P320’s windows mobile, thank god the version worked on my phone also even though it was meant for windows mobile 5 and my phone has windows mobile 6.1.

So it has versions for both windows mobile and symbian, so far so good. So the long and short of it. The software allows you to easily embed the information about the GPS coordinates of the location you took your photo. This info is easily recognised by Flickr and Zooomr. So you can actually see the photos you took on a map (and trust me it looks awesome).

Currently i have taken only photos at my house, so i cant show you the feature for privacy’s sake. So i will show you the photos in locations when i go out. Your phone must have GPS for this feature.

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