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Dec 15

Its a real pain to install the Realtek Audio HD software on your new computer on Windows Xp. I have windows Xp and i spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong and how to fix this rather annoying bug.

But i have finally done it after hours and hours of searching around the internet, experimenting and dozens of computer restarts.

Now this error is caused due to a number of reasons , take your pick :

1. Just installed Windows Xp Service Pack 3

2. Just installed Windows Vista on a separate partition

3. Audio is disabled in BIOS

4. Didnt install the devices in correct order and messed things up.

I will be posting the solution to the problem in 1-2 days. Till then, hang tight !

6 Responses to “Pain installing Realtek Audio HD : Error 0xE0000227”

  1. gafoorbabu Says:

    realtek HD audio driver error code 0xE0000227

  2. MOULAI Says:

    Where is the solution???

  3. WiseTechie Says:


  4. Hoang Says:

    Just installed Windows Xp Service Pack 3

  5. Gabo Says:

    Go to Device Manager/Device Drivers

    Disable microsoft UAA bus driver …

    Try to Uninstall UAA bus driver…i cannot, reboot then uninstall. If u get install

    new hardware wizard after reboot cancel it.

    Unistalll ANY sound device u had before (sound card or onboard chip)

    Reboot… cancel new hardware wizard….

    Install realtek driver and it will work…after Realtek sound is working,

    reboot…accept new harware wizard, it will then install UAA bus driver again,

    and everything will work just fine!!!

  6. eleibs Says:

    You’re a god!
    thank you.

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