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Oct 23

If you have ever read online blogs including this one, you would realise bloggers often use their websites and blogs as a medium to vent their frustrations against firms who dole out shabby or unacceptable customer service to them. And gone are the days when the reviews went un-noticed. The fact that most people search google before buying a product or service from a company makes these reviews pretty darn important.

On this blog only, we have written about poor customer service multiple times. Infact i call this blog a consumer plus technology blog as i enjoy writing about consumer matters as much as other technology matter. Sometimes these reviews work out like in the case of TNT Couriers or Indiatimes, sometimes they dont like Sony India (who are yet to reply to me regarding the issue). But the fact is that companies who genuinely care about customers or those who genuinely care about their reputation do solve matters which are posted publicly online.

Also worth noting is an article in the Business Standard dated 3-Oct-2008, the headline reads “Bloggers trashing your company? Online reputation managers are here ” , i have quoted some text from the article :

Most companies refused to divulge what they called “trade secrets”, but Communicate 2 Managing Director Vivek Bhargava said the first thing is to identify the source and if possible to pull the site down with the creator’s permission. If not, these companies create more content to confuse the search engine, so that the crazy blog doesn’t come up on the first page.

Its a very saddening quote, companies whose aim is to dilute genuine feedback are cropping up. They make pages to confuse search engines so that feedback cant be found about the company. I would love to know which companies employ such organisations. What i found hilarious was that they try to pull down sites. I mean if someone contacts me to pull down an article i wrote i would probably post the email transcripts here. Also if a company does infact solve the issue after i report it, i write a proper thank you post for them.

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