Thank you Sony India Customer Care, but no thanks !

A few months ago i had posted about how Sony India was refusing to honour its warranty clause on a memory stick and how one of their employees Ms. __ (the company officials know her name as i had written it in my email to them) had behaved rudely. When i let her know that her tone was not appreciated she refused to help me and honour my request.

Anyway i wrote a strong letter to their online dept. (4-5 letters actually), and pretty soon a Sony India employee called me and told me to take his name at the service centre and my memory stick shall be replaced. It was amazing to see the affect of his name on the service centre people. Suddenly the service centre people who didn’t have means to test Memory Stick Pro devices now had a card reader which could test them. Funny the same employee who had told me this had a memory stick pro with himself. Anyway they reluctantly accepted my memory stick and warned me about a long wait time. Suddenly instead of shooing me like a beggar, the guy there was chatting with me.

Last Tuesday i got a call from them informing me that my memory stick was now available, woohooooooooooo to that !

But that joy was shortlived. On going to their Lajpat Nagar service centre i was shocked to see the replacement was of a memory stick duo and not the model i had given. The service centre receptionist rudely told me that the model i gave is not  made anymore (which is a blatant lie). He also asked me to purchase an adaptor myself, if Sony gives a pro adaptor with new duo memory sticks why didnt it give me an adaptor with my replacement for a pro memory stick, perhaps they want me to spend more money. What was more shocking though was the fact that i was told the only way to seek redressal is via emails, there is no feedback form or telephone system. In short the service centre is invincible. There is absolutely no way to write feedback at Sony India’s main service centre in the capital of India (thats what i was told). Even dhakkan companies who import Chinese stuff have feedback mechanisms at service centres.

I have written another email to them, but it seems like a dead end. It seems that their concern for the customers is only till you have the money to buy the product. The minute you buy their product, they dont care less. I saw so many Vaios today at the service centre that it sort of validated my decision to buy a DELL.

On a better note, i will be writing about Dell’s Next Day onsite Warranty service which is AWESOME ! Sony could learn a thing or two.

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  1. Shame on Sony India !

    Man they are a really hopeless company when it comes to customer care, i dont think they deserve your business or mine, quoting Mahatma Gandhi :

    “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work – he is the purpose of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to serve him.” Mahatma Gandhi.

  2. I had a very bad experience in buying only,,THANK GOD I DIDNT BUY IT,myself dr ravinder tagra from panipat,went to buy a Digital camera from Sony showroom panipat on GT Road yesterday evening(26-03-2009),choose DSC-950,they coated a price of 8990,i asked for some discount,the salesmen discussed with the owner and came back to me and said 8650Rs,the talks were going on and i said i can pay u at most 8500Rs for this model,salesman said achha aaiye,he starting making the bill,instead of showing me camera 1st he prepared the bill.i asked him to give me a black color,he said black is not a good colour,silver is better,black ka colour fade ho jayega to niche se silver hi nikal kar aayega,silver ke niche se to silver hi aayega: this and that,i said u just give me black,Sorry sir we dont have black colour now,my wife wanted to buy a black one,somehow i copromised on the colour & made the payment of Rs 8500,the owner started screaming,NO NO u have to pay 8600Rs,i asked him to talk politly,told him to talk like an educated person,both-the father and the son started shouting-KI AAP EK ANPADH KI TARAH BAAT KAR RAHE,THIS & THAT,THAT WAS A HUMILIATION FOR ME.AND THE OWNER SAID TO SALESMAN- GIVE HIS MONEY BACK,WE DONT WANNA GIVE OUR PRODUCT TO HIM..SO I DECIDED NOT TO BUY A CAMERA FROM HIM,,THOUGH I WAS A FAN OF SONY BUT DECIDED NEVER TO BUY A SONY PRODUCT AGAIN,DONT KNOW HOW THESE PPL GIVE FRENCHISE TO SUCH PPL WHO DOESNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO TALK TO OTHER,

  3. Hey
    i Buyed Sony a200 from Croma Rohini 4 April of 2009. next morning when i wake up and checked the camera i found a big red dot on screen. i tried to contact Croma for this they told me this is Sony problem and they will talk with Sony Customer Care and let me Know. I Agree to this b/c i don’t have any other option left. Two Days later Sony guy come to me and checked my camera and told me this is Acceptable Manufacturer Problem as according to there rule One to Three Dots can be there on Screen and this will not get replaced. i talked to croma guys they say only Sony can do all things they cannot help.
    i feel cheated now as i have to live this Dot on Screen. All though products is working fine but i m always in doubt that something will happen to screen some time. i have to live this fear.

    Sony Just ruined its image on me and will not buy Sony products again in life and i m writing this so other can beware from getting caughting in there cheated web.

    Grow Up Sony those who buy DSLR are not cheap Customer! Remember this.

    Asad Ali Khan

  4. Hey Asad, sorry to hear that but dots in LCD are actually acceptable defects upto the limit mentioned in your manual. Sorry for your troubles. You can always call sony on 66006600 and request the customer service to help you. Some are very helpful there, but some are arrogant people to talk to.

    You say its a big dot, how many pixels wide is it ?

  5. same bad experience for me also, I bought a LCD tv for 35000 and after 13 months it is not working. After going around to customer care for 2 months they said it will cost around 16000 to repair the TV. Can u believe this?

  6. Hi Guys
    I bought A350 and soon had a problem with the image shifting. This set was replaced with some delay ofcourse. Now the new set supplied to me was also damaged within 45 days and the flash stopped working. This time nobody called me and although I keep calling the service Centre the reply is that the model is no longer available and I will be given a replacement which is a lower version that is A330. The argument is that it is not inferior model as it was launched later. I am shocked that they cannot see the obvious difference in the resolution between the two. A350 is 14.2 MP and A330 10.2 MP. Also the standard lens is 18-55 and not 18-70 mm.
    I will be compelled to drag them to the Consumer Court is I am treated like this and I suggest that even you all do the same.

  7. 1. Same bad experience for me also, I bought a Home theatre for 30000 and after 6 months it is not working. After going around to customer care for 2 months they said it would cost around 27000 to repair the HT. Can u believe this? It’s seriously my big mistake to purchase Sony product. I’m always frustrated because of Sony HT. No thanks to Sony.

  8. Same issue with sony! They did not even repair my cd player, when the said they did. It took 2 weeks for them to do nothing!

    DO NOT BUY SONY IN INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dear Sir/ Madam 18 OCT 2009
    1. I am Major Vikas Sharma (Army Officer Presently posted in Amritsar) who owns one of your products ie. SONY Cybershot DSC-T5. The year of Purchase is 0ct 2006.(under warranty Period or already Expired yet to be confirmed as I am still tracing my cash memo).¬¬¬¬
    2. I had no complaints regarding the product till recently on 08 OCT 2009 it started giving some trouble when its screen did not illuminate but I could still click snaps.
    3. I took it for repairs to one of your authorized dealers in Amritsar ie SONY Brothers, 24 National shopping Complex, Amritsar.
    4. I am sorry to say that the services provided by them are to my horrors is not as per the good reputation of your company. I have the following complaints:
    (a) My camera was deposited to SONY Brothers, 24 National shopping Complex, Amritsar on 08 oct 2009, Job card number was 6596149. Camera is SONY Cybershot DSC-T5 (MKN on camera is 5596148- I assume it is the make number)
    (b) After two days on 10 oct 2009 I am told that the card/ motherboard of the camera was burnt. I was also advised that it was better to dispose off the camera then to get it repaired as the cost of the card itself was Rs 10,000 approximately. That set me thinking on this aspect as the equivalent or better models with same features would cost less than that.
    (c) Also my question was that if the Motherboard was burnt then how was it possible for me to click the snaps even though I did not see the illuminated image on the rear screen.
    (d) Luckily I had the toll free number of SONY India and I lodged a complaint. The Gentleman I spoke to was Mr Rais( as I heard him on phone). He noted down all the details including my mobile number. The complaint number given to me was 4404682.
    (e) I also requested Mr Rais (in toll free Customer care) to give me the number service manager of the region which he denied to give and said that there was no such data available to him and assured and promised me to come back to me on my mobile number within two days which never happened till now.
    (f) On 16th Oct 2009 the service center was again contacted and asked if the spare part was available or what would be the exact amount for the repairs. I was told to wait for their call as they will intimate the same to me on phone.
    (g) I am still waiting for a response from both the ends. (Customer care as well as service center)
    5. Now this makes me feel being robbed by some rotten staff of such a reputed company. Does this mean that all the things we say of buying brands still have a loophole for you being cheated by quoting wrong price for the spares by their service centers?
    6. It is my last attempt by the help of this mail to try to put things in order for me and for you take corrective measures towards your service centers. With the trust that I have on SONY I shall have no reason to approach the consumer court.
    Warm Regards
    Sincerely Yours
    Maj Vikas
    (mob :+91-9417800126)

  10. Hi Folks

    i thought I willl be the only one around with a complaint on SONY ( trust me that was my assumption ) out of my eagerness to lodge a mail complaint to SONY and landed on this site. Now I feel that “SONY is like this “, have no intentions to serve the customers. They are just bothered about fleecing our hard earned money. Its time we INDIAN’s realise the crookedness of such MNCs.
    well back to my sad story, I had purchsed a HandyCam HDR-XR 100 E ( this is my second SONY HC in 5yrs ) , I had the option of buying SAMSUNG at almost half the price , still I went for SONY bcoz of the deep rooted trust factor that I had in my mind for SONY. This purchase was done more than a month before fromCROMA (TATA venture ). Myself and CROMA team had umpteen times tried getting a demo arranged, even after 1 month, my demo is pending.
    CROMA on the otherhand send me an apology and send a collection of DVDs along, but SONY seems to be in no mood to listen.

    My suggestion please dont buy SONY, their Products are expensive, quality is much lower these days ( I have other SONY products which failed many a times ), Service Charges are high as compared to others. Have only limited service centers where you will have to wait for long.



  11. I have buy a sony vaio laptop of price 52000 .After 1 year only,the laptop take suddenly switch off.Service cost will be 25000 on sony service center.Sony really have a worst service network.

  12. i had buyed a sony home theater cost rs16500 on 8thjan 2010 he said me they would be delivering it tomorrow at about 12:30 i had asked them for apack peice they said oh and had made a marking on the disply peice and the next day they gave me the disply peice so i said them that you have not given me the freshpeice they were saying that no this is the packed peice but i didn’t agreed so they agreed to give the newpeice i said ok. but the delivery boy said me that that was not the fresh piece. he told me that when i went from the showroom yesterdaynigth they packed the disply peice and put the new peice in disply he told that they try to bluff many customers and many of them are getting bluff.i never accept this from sony. i had suffered manier times from sony instend of paying so much.i have started hating from sony.

  13. I had bought a Vaio and it refused to start in the sixth month. The service center told me the the processor was shot, said it was due to exposure to liquid. This sure as hell had not happened at my end. They then said that this was not covered by warranty and then it dawned on me that they were trying to wriggle out of warranty. Why would any one want to buy any Sony product when their service sucks. When I buy an over priced product its my fault but not to receive any service is the last straw. As they say fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
    I am never going near a SONY product again ever.

  14. Same bad experience here. Vaio laptop taken for service 4 times with same problem – a flickering LCD screen. They never call back, never inform, it is upto the customer to run after them. Even then, results are not guaranteed. The people I talked to were not rude, just indifferent. Sony’s SOP – once you have the customer’s money, cut him loose; make more money that way. I learnt my lesson- do not buy Sony in the future, especially Vaio. I regret not having bought Dell.
    By the way, my experience is with the service centres at Lajpat Nagar and Mohan Co-operative place, Delhi, and of course the telephone support people who mouth standard phrases without actually knowing anything.

  15. sony is a useless service provider. after sales service is hopless. never to buy any sony product ever.

  16. I Brought one Sony LCD television 26 inch(KLV 26BX300) on 7.07.10 from a shop named Adams electronics situated at Inda,(near LIC building) Kharagpur,West Midnapur , West Bengal,Pin ( 721305). Though I had an option to go for other brands but I choose Sony because of reputation and prompt customer service ( which was not true at all)and did not mind to pay more for the same product compare to other brand. But I am very much surprised to see the poor logistic management system at Sony. As I was promised to get a football free along with this television ( as world cup offer) but after purchasing ,with my surprise, the dealer informed me that he is running short of free gifts and he will hand it over to me in few days. But days passed by (almost over a month) till now ,and I am getting the same reply from the shop… “Sony is not supplying free footballs any more”.
    For me, being a 40 years man perhaps a FREE FOOTBALL does not carry any big sense.. but it values al lot for my 9 years old son ( truly speaking ..he perused me a lot to purchase your band of TV just because of his dream football ..).Now its become a routine for me to answer my 9 years old sun every single day “ about the status of his free gift” and every day I had to dishearten him telling that..No.. Sony did not send it yet..
    I make on line complaints ( their auto generated complain no:5701397.) but no body bothers to call me back…

  17. Thanks.. finammy I got the ball. Last wk. a person called me from Soney and informend me that they are sending it…Thanks a lot..

  18. I admit all this commetments becaz i m suffering now …..i purchesd a Sony Vivo laptop . within 10 days in laptop got hanged…they says bad sector come in hard disk now they replacing hard disk ..but its 15 days my laptop in service center ..i m calling again and again they say part will come from delhi and waiting for part…i m going crazy …plz any one will suggest me wht i have to do now ????

  19. This is regarding the very bad service being provided by Sony company regarding the Bravia LCD TV. The SONY TV, product model number KDL32EX700 has been purchased by paying FULL AMOUNT and delivered on 21.Sept.2010 and asked to call the customer service centre number 1800 103 77 99 and the request number given was 5989813. As per the customer service, the installation should have been done within 48hours. but till today no body from the company has turned up. When verified with the customer service personnel, they are giving various numbers to get in touch and no body is taking responsibility. the CUSTOMER CARE PEOPLE ARE VERY RUDE IN BEHAVIOUR. I hope, there is no responsible person in the company to attend the customer service request. The company is selling only the product and making money and when service to be given, it is failing miserably. The customer care personnel are very rude and they are not even attending the calls. They are misleading us by giving various other numbers and not able to install the bravia tv.

    It is very surprising that SUCH A RENOWNED company does not have proper customer services and it is more surprising that with such a bad service, it is still selling its products. the company is advertising its various product in all the media in a vibrant manner but it seems that it does not have proper personnel to deliver the services.

    I hope, I have a very bleak hope to get a proper answer from the customer care personnel and required service will be delivered by today, 24.Sept.2010. If it is not able to deliver the service, it is better for the company to stop selling its products and it is a very clear indication for its customer NOT TO BUY ANY PRODUCT FROM THE COMPANY.
    Another ridiculous thing is, the customer care center given Bangalore Customer care personnel number NONE OF THEM WORKS!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAA…. All the number say the number does not exists. The customer care center personnel who sits in Delhi had been made heard this voice through the mobile and care personnel was HELPLESS and also was HOPELESS…hahaa..pls do not buy SONY PRODUCTS at any cost….

  20. Hi,

    I am dealing with one of the products of Sony, can you share where i can put my compliant. I am fed up calling the workshop, there standard answer is the product is not being manufactured anymore so parts need to be ordered from Singapore.
    Pls help if you have the right contact to call to get my work done. mail me

  21. Ref to my complaint in sreial 11 above. The camera has again gone bad.. I am (Now) Lt Col Vikas (Army Officer Presently posted in Dimapur) who owns one of your products ie. SONY Cybershot DSC-T5. I had got this camera repaired with great dificulty last time under waranty. The complaint number given to me was 4404682 and at the SONY Brothers, 24 National shopping Complex, Amritsar on 08 oct 2009, Job card number was 6596149.. (only for ref of the case of 2009). I had finally got it back repaired (FOC offcourse) from Ishmit enterprises in Dimapur (NAGALAND) . The other Sony Officials who would be aware of the past history of the case are Mr Subratoo (in Dibrugarh), Mr Ashok Sanyal (NE Zone), Mr Vishal Mathur, Mr khan (Punjab) etc… as I had spoken to all last time in my effort to get it Repaired. The MKN on camera is 5596148- I assume it is the make number will give you the exact past History of the camera…. May I request you to give me an alternate solution as this camera is giving the same problem again and agiain. Which is causing me a lot of trouble again and again ????? I belive the company has stoped making this model now and hence the service back up is not proper…. otherwise there is no reason for Camera to give same fault again and again….

  22. I bought a home theatre system from sony for rs.20000. I dont know how these guys manage to brain wash their customers. I wanted to buy 5.1 inch speakers only ,but my family insisted upon buying the full home theatre my home theatre system is just 4 days old and my subwoofers and centre wont work. If i ask them for an replacement they wont agree. but they do not respond . I have registered complaints for more than 3 times but there is no reaction from sony . I am helpless.:(

  23. Sony is a good brand in the market but the way they provide the service, it really generates doubts.

    I Lodged a complaint with the customer care with the complaint number 7019877 for repairing of SONY Bravia TV on 26.2.2011 and I was promised to get this attended within 48 hours. When after 48 hours past and I had no response then I tried to contact customer care as well as local service centre appox, 10 mins before the closing of their offical timing. There was no reponse. I called customer care on 2.3.2011 to know when service engineer will be coming, they replied that today service center is closed being their weekly off, they will visit tomorrow.
    When SONY INDIA customer care office is not able to keep promise to 48 hours, then why customers are being fooled

  24. I agree the worst Customer relation Centre in the world. I have written several concerns about the PS3 The dealer removed 2 Sports DVD game that came free with the sealed BOX, I logged complaint t Sony Customer care by Email. However have not heard any thing from them despite many phone calls. Now the time is to report to Mr Keki Chairperson of Sony India and Chairman of Sony Cooperation Sir Howard Stringer to do something about Sony Customer care department in India. No Doubt that Sony Products are very good and I am one of the loyal Customer for last 30 Years. It may be a time to rethink to buy other products.
    It is the leadership behaviour those who understands Customer concerns that reflects the image of Sony at Customer relations Level. Looks like Customer relations at Sony India needs a big Shakeup and Employing

  25. I some how broke the DVD to TV coneector cable.
    i want new cable.
    contacted three dealers and one service center at surat.
    dealers send me to service center and service center says the cable is not available with them. can be found from dealers only.
    so now i’ve to purchase new DVD to get the cable?

    Plz. guide me.
    my mobile number is +91 8866466775

  26. I bought one LCD t.v(KLV-32V400A) 2 years back(15-1-20009).
    I got some problem that is some negative picture are found while running the television. When i contact the Sony dealer they send service engineer. he checked the LCD TV and taken some photos(i,e., negative pictures and serial no.) he suggested that LCD control panel has gone…
    he told after receiving the parts from Singapore and he will make a call to me… it costs Rs 11,000. and he told that they will change the control panel and the LCD screen completely. I feel the screen is in good condition. But they are telling may be it will be good… but, we’ll change both the screen and panel as per Sony tech. rules.
    we always love Sony products. we are having Sony LCD TV. Sony vaio, and Sony cyber shot camera. so, try to under stand our problem and minimize the amount…
    M.Yeamakumar(+91 7418145800)

  27. DEAR SIR,

  28. I lodged a complaint for LCD bravio TV on 18.4.2011 and I was assured that within 48 hours, complaint will be taken care. To my surpirse, no body appeared till 21.4.2011. Again I have to rang up for the reminder and I was told that complaint will be cleared today. But again no response. Again I called today and I was told that no complaint has been registered. Then I told that yesterday, there was record of complaint. Finally after the discussions of 30 mins this was agreed and I was told that complaint will be attended today. Now it is 8:00 p.m. and no body responded.
    This defect in SONy TV was attended in March 2011 in 120 hours with assurance of 48 hours given by customer care people. This defect occurred again after the one month of attending the problem.
    I donot understand when they cannot attend the problems in 48 hours, why false promises are being done by them.
    This is SONY brand which is known for their quality in the world but the quality of service. It is ????????????????. A hopeless company

    Kamal K. Marwah

    Mobile no. 9958887092

  29. Going through above service or non service provided by Sony which one used to buy because of name brand and reputationion, Iam totally disillusioned and am in full agreement with others. I had registered a complaint no. 7302185 on 16/4/2011 about my Sony LCD. After a reminder that 48 hours of registering a complaint are over it was mentioned jockingly its 48 working hours and I did get a representative from JP Electronics. He diagnosed the problem and said if the defective replacement is available in Delhi it would be repaired in 2-3 days but if the part has to come from Singapore it will take one week. I was asked to give about 50% of th part cost as booking which was given. Good, after 8 days I got a call from dealer that it may take few days more. Giving them normal delay tendency of Indians I waited till yesterday exactly 2 weeks, I was told that the part is still awaited the time dimension of the repair cannot be given. Today I rang up the customercare call centre and the gentleman said I appreciate but his appreciation does not solve my problem. He asked me to wait on line so that he can give the latest position. He disappeared from line why disappeared it gave an impression that after putting me on hold music he seemed to gone away from the place. I am still awaiting for feed back from a no.1 reputed company of the world.

  30. Their management stratagies is to respond immediately asking to contact the dealer from whom defective goods are purchased. You feel happy and appreciate their sincerity(?). The dealer will have standard reply ” Come again”. Finally you get tired & stop chasing. So SONY is Happy by selling defective piece, dealer is Happy passing on to you. And you are UNHAPPY. But who cares? And they say SONY is Japanese company & Japenese are honest. It needs rethinking. In my case they over charges me & their promise of repayng overcharged amount is till awaited.

  31. The result of making noise on phone, net was that got a call from Sony saying that the said part was not available on the supplier whom they had contacted. After the noise they placed an order on that day and expected in 7-10 days but they replaced in 3 days only.This could have been done in first instance only and avoided inconvenience to everyone. I have to say perforce Grahak Jago and dont let things lay as they are.

  32. its a good but customer servise is very bed sony is a big brand in world but products is not avalble i am using sony trinitron series tv sonds parts is crashe i was call on costomer care and servise canter. he said that parts is not avail i cant help it i am alrady info. (mail) but nobody is responding this is very bed

  33. Dear sony care

    there is really socking for us there are no service support in sony product i had buying a home theatre system last feb 2011, there are many problem like sound plate totally damage, and i call the sony care, they arrived after one week and repair it after two month, after this home theater woofer not working proparly, so that i call him, today is 10 days to go for this,
    sony only big name, service is 0000000 and the indian are big fool, we are not accept indian product just because of faith. we are faith sony, philips and multinational brand. home theatre series is SONY HOME THEATRE DAV-TZ21 DCE12.

  34. it is really a pathetic situation for me that I bought PS3 along with SONY TV and I tried to put first 3D movie through PS3 but DVD did not work then I called customer care they advised me to install the software so I did it but it was throwing an error, immediately, I called sony care and was told me to install some software from my pc/laptop through pen drive and try to install but it did not workout then they told me to take to service center, as usual (in kormangala) they took their own time after rejecting first time to accept and finally after repeatedly following up with service center they told me I have to pay 8k to get it replace since the warranty over ie. 50 : 50 share basis, wondering without any my fault why should I pay? and I have requested through sending an email to sonyservice head but not even they bother to response to my email and after follow many time again forward mails to sony care, next day some lady called up and told me nothing they do from their side and I have to pay 8k and take the replacement….what a answer rudely she replied and surprise to see this….I am thinking everyday that did I make any mistake by buying this sony products as I have all electronics from sony…not sure I get any fair decision, still waiting their call!