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Sep 06

Quite frankly my plans to review the Iphone 3G in India went haywire as i cant afford to spend 31000 Indian Rupees on a piece of Junk which sells for 8000 rupees in the United States, i would much rather pool in another 10000 rupees and buy a new laptop.

Its been quite sometime since the phone has been released and i am yet to see an Iphone 3G in anyone’s hands. Not in college, not on the Delhi Metro, heck not even in the fuel guzzling cars that pass by enroute to the airport. The Iphone 3G seems to be a flop due to its high pricing.

I read in the newspaper that an Airtel spokesperson had said that Apple was responsible for the pricing of the Iphone 3G in India and not the companies themselves. Seeing the slow sales, EMI schemes were launched to incite people to buy the Iphone but it seems to be too little too late.

The high pricing made sure that the initial hype was discarded. The Iphone could have been a resounding success had it been promoted and priced in a better fashion. Apple marketing teams keep making mistakes, last time they didnt launch the Iphone in India , so people got ’em from abroad.

This time they have priced it so expensive that volumes will be extremely low. Too bad for you Apple !

One Response to “Apple Iphone 3G in India : Yet to see any”

  1. Rahul Says:

    I read an article that Airtel and Vodafone together have sold only 10k mobile phones.

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