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Sep 03

This is sort of a repeat post, i was chatting with my friend yesterday and he was really clueless about sending free sms to people. One thing which i dont get is, why is it shameful to use a free SMS service ?

I mean, am i cooler if i pay 1 rupee to Airtel for each message i send. So, when you are at home, save some money and use free SMS services to send SMSes to friends. It works with almost all Indian operators and is free, what have you got to lose ? I use the service by Mginger.

Also you do get the option to receive ads and be paid for the same, again the money there aint great but occasionally you get discount coupons which have to be shown in shops on your cell screen, although i must confess i have never tried them.

So sign up here to start sending free SMSes

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