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Aug 10

Acer Aspire 4720

My cousin was in town lately and i got a chance to play with her Acer Aspire 4720 Laptop, only for 4-5 hours, but enough to give me a gist of its pros and cons. The laptop comes with 14.1” LCD Screen, Intel Core2Duo Processor T5450, 160 GB HDD , the laptop has a 4-5 hour battery life.

The Acer utilities were not working on her laptop though. Also when i tried to connect to my Wifi connection, it didnt work. The drivers bundled with the laptop are highly confusing, the WLAN Adaptor had 5 different drivers on the CD which left me confused. Later i was able to figure it out and Wifi worked , this was ofcourse after hitting the switch on the front of the laptop.

The laptop has a 1.3 MP web camera with a Microphone so Skype Videochats are a breeze. The laptop impressed me with its speed and clutter-lessness, ofcourse the laptop comes preinstalled with Linux  so you can use your own Windows key and save on costs if you have a MSDNAA account like me.

Anyway the laptop is sturdy and is giving no problems at the moment. So all in all i see no problems with it. Wifi and integrated bluetooth are premium features included in the laptop.

The 1GB RAM is less by today’s standards, so get it upgraded to 2/3 GB according to your wishes and budget.

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