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Aug 01

Ok so things seem to be heating up as the launch of the Iphone 3G in India nears, Airtel just sent a teaser email which announces the launch of the Iphone 3G on their networks but falls short of giving an exact date on which Apple Iphone 3G will be launched in India. The mail was probably meant to sustain interest in the hyped launch.

The Iphone 3G is seeing an extended wait in India, Vodafone has currently given no news as to the launch date for the Iphone 3G. There are reports that Vodafone’s exact Iphone launch dates are 22-26th August 2008 , these ofcourse are unconfirmed.

Apple has also made an Iphone India seciton on its website, the site lists the Indian operators that will launch the Iphone 3G, Airtel and Vodafone. It also however has no information on the exact Iphone India launch date.

One Response to “More Airtel & Vodafone Apple Iphone 3G India news”

  1. Sujith Sreedhar Says:

    At start, I was very exited with the news of Airtel IPhone 3G. But now, when consider the fact that, even if iPhone is released soon, they might still not implement 3G soon. I guess it will still take time. Also, like EDGE, I guess it too will only be available on selected towers.

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