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Jul 28

So finally i was fed up with my earlier router which would start rebooting itself sporadically sometimes and wouldn’t calm down for hours. I filed for a change in router and my area’s engineer did it pretty fast.

telenet tata indicom broadband adsl 2+  router

Its a Telenet router TNDSL 2120 and hopefully wont fail me. It has slightly more features than my previous router, but the same firmware, version is newer. My earlier one was a Broadcom router which served me for 10 months before becoming problematic.

The last level support in my area from Tata Indicom broadband has been pretty good. The nodal officer at the top level is a horror though, if you live in Delhi, there is no use contacting the nodal officer of Tata Indicom broadband, he will never solve your queries and keep blaming it on someone else. Its such a long story that i cant even post it here. TOOOOOO LONG !

I hope the current officer is changed quickly though, people like him don’t deserve to be in such posts.

10 Responses to “My new TATA Indicom Broadband ADSL 2+ Router”

  1. jojo Says:

    Tata Indicom Broadband internet service and support is really bad – Don’t buy !

    In past 3 months my net service worked for just 30 days. The mails sent to tata indicom customer care team were not responded to for week at a time. Their nodal officer is gutless freak who says that no matter if service was not there.. I will be charged.
    Its in their policy – No Refund!

    I have exchanged some 200 mails and the copy paste working is inhuman. The response I get from them is way off the mark. They have retards working in their team who have been assigned incentive to harass customers .

    They don’t understand the word refund or disconnect! Their server shows me logged in even when their line is not connected!Isn’t that hilarious? I mean, if I can get net without their line, why the hell will I need to pay them?

    Their engineers are great ! They have been ringing my door ball at 6:30 in the evening!
    I don’t know what they do the whole day ! They close the service calls at their end and tata indicom seems to be helpless. I keep filing complaints and they either ignore them or close the calls without even checking up!

    As a customer you will be required to coordinate between the customer service and engineer yourself, and damn , you won’t get paid for it either .
    I was denied refund or disconnection! My fault – I asked the damn service to be removed as it was not working for 2 weeks and there was no response from their team !

    Just imagine – Tata indicom charging all its customers on daily basis , even when they do not provide services . Isn’t it shocking! A policy that states that there will be no refund! Even when there is no service?
    They play around to show usage on customer account to justify the charges! Damn, my system was not even switched on for a whole week!

    After wasting many a hours sending mails and trying to show them some reason , I have finally stopped . I just want you to avoid such a service company and place your hard earned money elsewhere ! With Tata indicom you will only suffer nd get cheated . Tata indicom is a fraud company . Avoid it at all cost !

    If you want to know more views – please check the links below :

    You can find endless list if you just type tata indicom service on google .
    All said and done – I just want to warn you – Please don’t go for tata indicom internet broadband services. It’s pathetic.

    Yours Sincerely!

  2. WiseTechie Says:


    Tata Indicom has a very proper refund policy, my internet was down for 4 days, i got 9 days for free. If your internet is down for >3 days you get refund. Just keep calling them.

    Yeah their north region nodal officer (didnt get the idiot’s name) is a jerk who is paid for doing absolutely nothing. I tried getting my complaints resolved through that jerk and he didnt even reply, when i contacted his seniors he lied about replying to me. File a written complaint against whatever happened and mail it to someone high in Tata Indicom and their appellate authority.

    Also file a comsumer case and claim refund. My experience tells me they will refund rather than fight in court.

    I agree it gets frustrating if your complaints arent being looked into. Sorry to hear about your troubles :(

    Hoping for a better broadband service to you. :)

  3. Himtuna Says:

    here it goes, the letter i have written to customerservice@tatacommunications.com

    I am happy to leave the Tataindicombroadband Internet. You plan out your schemes in such way that I had to bear you for the past six months,. and now validity has expired and switched to Airtel.
    My TIB id is

    For the past six months you have given me enough pain, deducted my money with all hooks and crooks ( had to buy another renewal plans because ,My Computer was shut down but modem remained on. so all the balance flowed. I contacted Customer Care.reply : sorry we cant help, modem was on! you played tricks!)

    Well there is a long list of my agony with you. Whenever ther is an important work online, I just cant control my anger, because as usual you net service wont work. Regular break down is you trademark,,,just start putting it on your site logo.

    Once I get money from tuition and i’ll develop a webisite and SEO it for ” Tataindicombroadband – the worst ISP”. Gathering all the stories that TIB users have faced, its not only me ,, but many people at college are facing similiar problems.with your services

    I am now using airtel , supperb connection. If it rains TIB will not work but with airtel i dont have to worry about it. it has been just 15 days of airtel installation, I can see the great difference b/w you and airtel. Their installation team did their job in a professional way. And yours like a kabadi wala. Dont trust my words, come to my home and i’ll tell you why. I have paid same charges for installation still yours is pathetic.
    Soon after the installation airtel people called me thrice, visited twice to know if i am having any problem.
    But when i got your installation. just one week after that, my account got blocked because the cheque bounced, i had paid the cash. and the executive paid his cheque. For around 15 days my net wasnt working. I hate you. The worst ISP.

    And there are many more stories like that, finally the validity has expired. And i am never gonna be your customer again. I hate your services. because you dont understand cutomers’ requirements, Just play with your own busines tricks.

    And one more thing you loot people, force them to do whatever you want.
    I had a quick power 240 plan with night plane activated( charges Rs.100)
    But when i asked to renew i just couldnt do that because that plan has been shut down. i am an existing customer, with an active plan then why the hell i am not liable to renew it. just a business trick
    the same plan with same features is now available at 1000 rupees more.
    quick power 360 with night plan ( charges Rs.300)
    man even after paying the 1000 extra i am getting same as QP 240. you are .i dont wanna say it.
    but i dont care any more with you
    I am gonna develop a site tag it “dont ever use TIB”

    I dont seek for a ground breaking reply, because of my earlier contacts with you and mails, i can make out what will happen.
    Last time i mailed you with proper photographs of how the installation is done at my home,but i got just one copy-paste mail saying the problem will be solved within 24 hours.

    Your poor customer
    Himanshu Thakur

  4. Hari Krishnan Says:

    Can you please get me the dirver for the “Telenet TNDSL 2120” – I can’t seem to find a link to download the driver and I don’t have an Installation CD.

    In a word —- HELP!!

    do reply

    P.S: Keep up the good work :)

  5. Jayesh Says:

    Can you please get me the dirver for the “Telenet TNDSL 2120″ – I can’t seem to find a link to download the driver and I don’t have an Installation CD.

    In a word —- HELP!!

    do reply

  6. WiseTechie Says:

    @Hari – I dont think you need any driver for the router ,it should work plug and play unless u use it as a USB router ?

  7. Rakesh Says:

    I need the router for the TELNET TNDSL 2120 , i lost my cd, thanks for the help.

  8. suresh Says:

    can i get TNDSL 2120 router frame ware /Soft ware plz plz .if u get plz send to my ID. than q

  9. paresh Says:

    i can not get driver for telenet modem tndsl 2120 in whole univers please help me to get driver

  10. sandeep Says:

    I badly need telenet tndsl 2120 drivers please send me the link to msr3311@yahoo.com. Thx in advance.

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