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Jul 02

Our Iphone for India posts are indeed the most popular posts on the blog ever with around 500 comments :O , anyway i was reading Techcrunch today and it seems that the new Apple Iphone 3G will be sold only with a contract. Moreover it will be activated in-store only. So unlike last time you wont be able to buy the phone without contract and unlock it. Apple and AT&T surely have learnt their lesson, but this strategy will ofcourse decrease total Apple Iphone sales while increasing AT&T customer numbers. This is because earlier people were buying the Iphone to unlock it, but now that wont be happening. Also more people will be forced to activate and stay with AT&T, meaning more customers for them and rivals will be losing customers. T-Mobile needs to think quick now :P

Also cancelling it will need $175 , so Iphone 3G may not be the next big thing after all. Disappointing !

7 Responses to “Apple confirms : No unlocking the Apple Iphone 3G”

  1. Ankur Banerjee Says:

    But that’s for the US market. I’m sure they won’t be selling a locked phone in India, there aren’t too many precedents of that. And therefore, since it’s not tied to an operator, it will also be much costlier than in the US.

  2. WiseTechie Says:

    They will be selling a locked phone in India like the initial HTC Touch launch (hence the ‘exclusive deals with vodafone and airtel’, however it remains to be seen if huge postpaid plans are going to be attached or not. If they are not attached to expensive plans, then probably $199 wont be able to cover the phone’s costs.

  3. Shiva Das Gupta Says:

    Bad news, Apple really is hurting its Indian prospects by limiting the launch to Vodafone and Airtel, others like Spice and Idea should be given a shot too. Also why are Vodafone and Airtel not announcing the Indian price of the phones in rupees ?

  4. Munna Says:

    I bought an unlocked iPhone last week from Croma with proper receipt, The phone is working fine with my existing Idea post paid connection. however there are few things I am not convinced with.
    1. I didn’t get a propoper ‘Warantee Card’ and procedure about availing the after sales service if required. I was told that this was a unlocked Vodafone and they will provide the service
    2. I am told NOT to update the OS version from its current ver 2.0, else it may get locked. This is not allowing me to download and use some new applications on the net.
    3. There is no built in FM radio. Is only the internet radio works with iPhone? How do I listen to local FM channels without internet connection?
    4. Phone is not connecting the the wireless at home
    5. The phone does not connect to any other blue tooth phne or device

    Anyone with some good piece of advice pls?

  5. WiseTechie Says:

    @Munna – Really shocking that Croma is selling unlocked phones, did you get a proper bill with your phone ?

    You wont be getting service from Apple, thats 100% sure, Croma is essentially providing dealer warranty.

    If you update the OS, it WILL lock your phone.

    Iphone does not have 3G

    I dont know why ur phone does not connect to wireless or bluetooth, you might want to explaint a little more.

  6. Munna Says:

    Thanks for the response. I got a proper bill and have paid by Credit card. Is it something illigal they have done? – if yes, i can take them to consumer court and also lodge a complaint with the TATA management as this is against the TATA code of conduct. I don’t want a product where I have a feeling of being cheated.

    On the tech side – I use a YouTele broadband and Netgear wireless. my phone has connected with the wireless once and displays the network name, however does not connect to the internet. It does not connect to any blue tooth device in vicinity. The store person told me that it will connect ONLY to the Apple Bluetooth and no other device. Is it true?

    One more question – recently there was a news in TOI about the IMEI no. of the ‘Chinese’ Handsets, which have 15 digits where as all other genuine handsets have 16 digit IMEI. This phone I have has a 15 digit IMEI – any reason to worry about?

  7. WiseTechie Says:

    See, it goes this way, Apple does not sell or provide service to unlocked mobile phones. Its not illegal to sell them unlocked. I was shocked as usually these are small roadside vendors who sell unlocked iphones and not superstores like the chroma. Anyway, it should not be a problem if all goes well, however in case of warranty service it might pose a problem. Dont worry you were not cheated. Infact unlocked iphones are very much in demand.

    What kind of encryption are you using on your wifi router ? WEP or WPA ? Try switching (warning : WEP is crackable)

    Also try following these steps which i took from another website:

    A) Remove yourself from your Network. Go into your network and select “Forget This Network.”

    B) Turn WIFI Off. From them Settings Menu for WIFI, you need to toggle the Blue On Button to the Grey Off Position.

    C) Reset/Reboot your Wireless Router. Wait for your Router to fully reboot.

    D) Turn WIFI back on, on your iPhone.

    E) Re-Connect to your WIFI Network. Re-enter your encryption information as needed.

    As far as bluetooth goes, Iphones have headset and handsfree connectivity and brand shouldnt matter, try connecting to your friend’s handsfree etc. They dont have file transfer profiles AFAIK.

    IMEI should not be a problem as long as a phone has a genuine IMEI, no of digits shouldnt matter with a company like Apple which is a member of GSM consortium.

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