Well last year’s experience of MCD online tax paying had went smoothly, this year was a little different, some minor glitches along the way.

Firstly MCD tells you that they issued you a password last year, my property tax receipt didnt have any password, people have suggested emailing MCD to get a password.

Anyway once you are through with registering and all, the new interface has the advantage of clubbing all your tax payments together, so you can take a print of your receipt any time you like. You might also be able to make multi property payments (not sure about it).

Anyway the payment methods multiplied this year, now you can pay online via Axis Bank gateway, HDFC Bank Gateway and ITZ Cash Cards. You can also pay with cheques by depositing them in select HDFC and Axis Bank Branches. But who uses a cheque when you got a credit card :P , they do charge a transaction fee though, to offset the gateway costs.

I paid with my HDFC Credit Card. The site does not support verified by VISA or Mastercard Secure Code which was disappointing to say the least. Verified by VISA and Mastercard Securecard add an extra layer of security to your transactions.

The payment went smoothly, but then the MCD site had another glitch. The receipt wasnt being generated, finally i realised the problem. The pdf receipt was being generated as a .do file, so i renamed it to .pdf and finally my property tax payment was complete online.