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Jun 06

ESPN attacks Tata Sky
Rate comparison
ESPN issues in public interest

We were the first to report on how the alleged price decrease by Tata Sky seemed to be an increase in disguise. ESPN Star Sports too realised this, and when its their channels which were left out, they wanted to kick some Tata Sky behind.

So they released an ad comparing the rates before and after the alleged decrease and confirmed what our readers knew for a long time. That Tata Sky tried to make us believe that there was a price drop. In fact the alert fooled us into thinking that a price drop had happened, but actually the price has increased for the same amount of channels as the ad by ESPN Star Sports clearly shows.

Now we too subscribe to Tata Sky and would want to see them in the green as far as profit goes, but not at the expense of its subscribers including us. The figures used by ESPN Star Sports seem to be correct.

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