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Apr 02

linksys router

This is our wifi router which we use to connect to the internet via our laptop. Its a WRT54G model from Linksys (which is a Cisco company). Delhi has a very high number of unsecured wifi connections. Even in my building i get 4-5 wifi networks at any given point of time. And only 2 people are smart enough to secure it. The router however easily allows one to secure his/her network.

The router features a WPA2 key system by which you can ensure that your Internet access is not abused by anyone else. Next week we will be showing you how to prevent your MTNL and Airtel and Tata Indicom accounts from being used by people who are not authorised to do so via Wi-fi.

Also i setup the router unconventionally , instead of connection the router to the Internet port of the wifi router, i chose a different way. I setup the broadband router to be another node on the Wifi router , this way all the data is automatically routed via the broadband router without changing any other settings.

Also if you are planning to get one, try and get it from the USA, the routers are pretty expensive here in India compared to USA.

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