Zoomin vs Snapfish – Indian Online Photo Printing Review

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I had been planning this online photo service comparison for a long time but frankly time is sort of a luxury these days. Here is a side by side review of Snapfish and Zoom.in India. Please note we used these services in India only.

Uploading – Snapfish sort of scores here with easy and hassle free uploading. Zoom.in was more difficult to work with. Infact i had almost given up on them telling their support that i was moving on as i was unable to upload photos. Even Picasa uploading which was all online was taking forever. Later on i was able to upload the photos. But it turns out things arent tuned for Indian broadband settings. Out of the photos i was uploading , the server would cancel about every 4th photo due to apparent break in connection (first time i noticed this happening on a website). Anyway they should have a better engine which sort of supports resume.

Snapfish [rating:1], Zoom.in [rating:0]

Ordering – Zoom.in uses cc avenue as their payment processors, being a third party their is always a chance of their server not being pinged properly about the payment and your order being delayed. Happened to me once with Tata Sky, they asked me to give a refrence number, it took me 3 days to get the payment reflected and i was without satellite TV till then.

Hp Snapfish on the other hand processes payments itself, which is sort of better for this kind of a thing.

Snapfish [rating:2] Zoom.in [rating:0]

Customer Care – HP Snapfish’s customer care is robotic. I had given them feedback on my first experience and i got a copy pasted reply. I dont even think it was forwarded anywhere. Zoom.in on the other hand has a very warm customer care, infact they gave me extra free prints after i told them of the problems i was facing. Also they tried to help me troubleshoot my problem and asked me to hang on in there.

Snapfish [rating:2] Zoom.in [rating:1]

Order Time – Snapfish overshot their estimated date by three days, Zoom.in were dot on time. Snapfish didnt even offer an apology when i complained about the order not being received 2 days after the estimated date. They replied 3 days later that the order has been delivered. You need to talk to your customer better.

Snapfish [rating:2] Zoom.in [rating:2]

Print Quality – Here Zoom.in had glossier and better looking prints, i had kept one print same in both the albums to compare. HP uses their own print paper which didnt look so good to me, Zoom.in uses Kodak Royal paper which is pretty good. Also the colours were slightly better with Zoom.in

Snapfish [rating:2] Zoom.in [rating:3]

Pricing – To the naked eye, Snapfish looks better in terms of pricing. But a closer look reveals an exhorbant courier cost associated which kind of nullifies the advantage, in fact it adds to the cost making it costlier than Zoom.in. HP does give an album, but they advertise it as free, so i take their word.

Snapfish [rating:2] Zoom.in [rating:4]

Both companies have a promising future ahead of them, just that we seemed to like Zoom.in better than snapfish. Working on their cost and customer service will definitely serve HP better. Zoom.in needs to ramp up its software (uploading) and it would be pretty good then. A lot of prospective customers must be lost by it when people have problems uploading. Also Zoom.in needs to give proper albums with orders, a few of my relatives to whom i had shown my photos were ruing the fact that the photos were not in an album for easy handling.

Final Score

Zoom.in [rating:4] 
Snapfish [rating:2]

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  1. hey thanks,

    based on your review, i have decided to opt for Zoomin instead of HP Snapfish, wish me luck in my purchase.

  2. Zoomin Service is Very Bad.I got 6 of the prints with grains.I even Send it back as requested by them.To my suprise they send it back and send me another coupon.I won’t recommend Zoomin.I found that Snapfish is far better.

  3. I would suggest you to go for Snapfish.They are far better.These days so many website have comeup with the same idea.All the best!!

  4. I agree with Binoy. Snapfish by far superceeds ZoomIn in most aspects. And, I dont agree that the print quality of Snapfish lags in any way. Snapfish uses high-quality HP print paper to print pictures.

    Also, on the delivery front, I have a colleague of mine who ordered a Magic Mug from Snapfish which was delivered within 2 working days. But, just to add here the delivery time for different products varies. On an average each product is delivered within 4-8 days.

    Additionally, would like to highlight here that Snapfish apart from printing quality pictures also has a wide array of photo gifts like Magic Mugs, T-shirts, Key Chains, Calendars and Photobooks.

  5. @Priyanka Juyal – Is Snapfish paying you for this also ?

    Priyanka Juyal
    Genesis Burson – Marsteller


    Its employees like you who further push the company down, Snapfish is a bad service, admit that.

  6. Before few days I wanted to print a collage poster and for that I tried in Udaipur Local Market but no one was ready to print a collage off 20×30 size. Then I started online hunt for a better printing service.

    I reviewed picsquare.com, snapfish.in, zoomin.com and gkvale.com. I tested the online uploader and collage designer but wasn’t satisfied. Some had fixed layout and fixed background colors, while other didn’t gave options to design the collage with the flexibilities I needed. Plus the price were not within my budget.

    Then I came across iTasveer. With its DoodlePad, I could resize, move, rotate, skew images, and I could select custom background themes. I was able to assign borders and frames to the images and a shadow effect too. There were custome emoticons/clip art shapes to fill in the gaps. I got the 20×30 collage delivered at my home within 3 days and for Rs. 590. :) And believe me the paper quality and the print of the collage was awesome. A perfect glossy finish !!!

    I bet you cannot find a better online printing service than iTasveer.

  7. Zoomin Order Date : 12 th Jan 2011
    Still not received. Although I am not sure about the Snapfish..but if they take less then 30 Days for order shipment..i would any time go for Snapfish…. Zoomin do not have a customer care … they have a “customer don’t care”

  8. ordered on 27th march… status says that it has been shipped… now the bluedart says that the address is incomplete( i had written 4 lines in address… i doubt it can be longer than that) … wondering if i will ever get my order.. the order before that took 20 days to be delicered.
    5 times of dealing with zoomin and five different problems… specially when they are out with some promotional offer….
    doubt i will stay much longer with zoomin.

  9. I’ve recently started using ZOOMIN and I’m pretty impressed with their timeliness and facilities provided for upload and server responses. However, this has to be put in context that I’ve not used any other service (snapfish etc) so far.

  10. I have ordered prints and collage mug from snapfish and collage 14 x 18 from zoomin, after placing the order snapfish immediately processed and sent for delivery the next day, I placed my request today for zoomin.. i would again comment once i get the pics from both, will comment on the processing time and the delivery time and the quality these deliver.

  11. I got what i have ordered recently.. these are my observations :

    Both the orders were shipped pretty fast.. Processing took a day and shipping took 2 days time..

    Items taken from snapfish : 4×6, 5×7 photo prints and a collage mug
    prints and collage mug were good, 4×6 were high quality but 5×7 were a lil disappointing when compared with 4×6 but am happy tho.. collage mug was good but thought could have done better with the pics tho the mug looked great

    Items taken with Zoomin : collage 14 x 18
    Was just awsome… It had a great quality of pic printed on.. I loved the print quality…

    Both are good Zoomin provides with an option of express delivery with Fedex which would reach within one business day else they refund the shipping cost as coupon.. where as snapfish uses first flight… Both were very good with packing esp’ly the mug i was worries abt… I would recommended these two..
    but there are much more to choose from.. and quality might vary on other products too…

    My overall rating :
    Zoomin ****1/2(4.5/5)
    Snapfish **** (4/5)

  12. Letter To Zoomin :
    Request #154502 ,
    Hi Zoomin,
    This is the worst ever service that can be delivered. You guys are seriously pathetic and insanely mentally challenged. I ordered a total of 143 photo prints from you guys for Rs. 1138.00 with extra charge for Express Courier to be delivered in 1 working day and it’s been 5 days and I am still waiting for the prints to be delivered. Believe me if I d…on’t receive the photo prints by tomorrow then you can trust me that I will drag you all in a really dirty suing match, are you all out of your mind and think that reverting back the Express Courier Service charge off Rs. 66.0 is going to put things at rest. I wanted the photos to be delivered on time because of Diwali and now, Diwali has been over and out. How much do you all think Rs 66.00 counts in an order of Rs. 1138.00, it’s just nothing….

  13. The express delivery doesn’t work. They take a minimum of 4 days to reach the customer. The fine print is express delivery reaches you in one day AFTER they ship. i.e. if they take ten days to ship it will reach you on the 11th day. The way they make it sound on the website is that it reaches you in one day flat

  14. I was a happy customer of Snapfish, UK and was expecting the same in India. Uploaded 100+ photos and got the delivery in 2 weeks but the quality of the prints were worst :( All the photos were too bright, faded colours. Registered a complaint with their customer care but got just a standard pre-formatted reply. Then complained on their Facebook page but there too similar response. I took one more copy from a local color lab, the quality was 10 times better than what snapfish delivered. Being an HP company I was expecting at least a good customer care but they are just copy+paste machines.

  15. ZOOMIN REVIEW>…………………I ordered a Canon SX150 Camera on Zoomin portal on 07.02.2013. vide Invoice # ZCI-651668 for Order # ZCS-1180618 , as they have started to sell Camera very recently. I am a regular customer of FLIPkart but this is the first time i ordered something on ZOOMIN …. Guess What ….. i order a Camera worth Rs 8200 and I got an Old rusty LOCK in a sealed package from Zoomin . The package was intact with the ZOOMIN tapes with no signs of Wear n Tear..and when I contacted ZOOMIN they were not ready to agree to this fact. Called them up as soon as I received the parcel but no help.have not received refund till date ..


  16. Zoomin is the worst online shopping experience I have ever had, This site literally made me cry. 15 days and Not even correct tracking details I have received yet.

    They delivered my personal photos to someone else and Till den I am trying to get my order But they have the worst attitude you will ever see.

    They matter how many mails you do, How many times you say its urgent, How many messages you do. Nothing will make any difference.

    All you can do is sit and regret your decision of ordering something from zoomin.