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Dec 08

Microsoft Lifechat Lx 3000

When you buy Microsoft hardware for twice the money of other products, you expect it to be good. So after my sound card blacked out and my USB sound card to flipped off, i needed a new one. Fairly fed up of the cheap Chinese ones, i opted to spend some money for a good one. So i zeroed in on this Microsoft beauty, the Lifechat LX-3000, the perfect replacement for your Sound Card. And Microsoft didnt disappoint me.

The thing looks like its from a future movie or something, i mean unlike other headphones, it manages to look slick and modern, yet not bulky. I also have Philips Headphones, which are bulky and dont look this cool. And also the Lifechat series includes integration with Windows Live Messengers which is another useful feature.

Within hours of using it, i got compliments from my relatives abroad that the voice quality on this set is much better. If you want to know, my earlier mic was of creative which is also an uber cool company, but it seems that Microsoft has overtook them in terms of voice quality while recording. I wont be surprised if the software included has a noise cancelling algorithm, as when i record i cant hear any background noises, just my voice, nothing else ! No Hum, no air noise, nothing.

The sound quality while hearing songs is also greatly improved. I would say that my computer is giving sound quality much better than that of an Ipod (isnt it supposed to anyway ?). The sound is pure pleasure, again no hums, or noise. Only the sound you play.

Verdict :


We deducted .5 for the cost, otherwise its a perfect piece of hardware.

Pros ::

  • Super Voice Quality
  • Super Playback Quality
  • Uber cool Looks
  • Volume and Mute control panel thingy on the wire itself.
  • Long Wire provided and USB interface

Cons ::

  • The pricing is a little on the higher side. Around Rs. 1500 for it is slightly expensive compared to the USB sound cards available in the market.

One Response to “Microsoft Lifechat LX – 3000 Review”

  1. Moorthy Says:

    Wow super, I think this is only best quality headset in world.

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