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Oct 20

While checking my GMail storage quota, I was surprised to see my limit increased to 3.5GB yesterday. Even stranger was the discovery that today it is 3796 MB at the time of writing this post.

Gmail storage limit (2)

To add more the storage limit of my Google Apps account is even greater at 3864 MB!

Gmail storage limit (1)

Seems like Google is true to its word.

Furthermore, we shall keep giving you more space as we are able to.

7 Responses to “What’s up with GMail storage limit?”

  1. WiseTechie Says:

    I wish i had as many data clusters as google

    Anyone who is not using Gmail is surely missing out on a lot of supercool features and supercool space.

  2. anant Says:

    You are currently using 198 MB (4%) of your 4230 MB.

    i m gettin 4230mb limit…more than 4 gb!!

  3. WiseTechie Says:

    My current message

    You are currently using 820 MB (19%) of your 4162 MB , somehow i am getting lesser space than you, i guess it has to do with which server your gmail account is hosted on !

  4. Rohit Says:

    They seem to be increasing it everyday; so basically they might want to make it something like Infinite storage (like Yahoo and AOL) and also compete with 5GB mail storage offered by Hotmail. (They have one of the lowest storage size as of now!)

  5. John Gusto Says:

    Wow, cool by GMAIL !

  6. Kevin McCallister Says:

    My limit is way more than yours !

  7. Ramstein Says:

    Really Kevin, how much is it ?

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