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Oct 02

On road navigation is a great advantage to have while on road. New satellite systems from Garvin such as the new Nuvi 660 offer convenience of not having to know the way alongwith value for money. The Nuvi currently does not come preloaded with Indian maps, but with maps from USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. The device offers clear and crisp voice instructions to you when you are navigating on the road.

But these days GPS receivers are not only GPS receivers. This baby comes with a MP3 player so that you can listen to your favourite songs while driving. Also included is an inbuilt JPEG photo player , so that you can reflect on your memories while driving through the traffic. The set is highly recommended for those looking for a GPS navigation solution. It can help you find routes with parameters such as Shortest Time, Shortest Distance, Least/Most Use of Highways, Avoid Toll Payment.

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