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Sep 28

Ok now this is hilarious, Headphones with upgradable firmware. I wonder if i should buy the headphones and then sue Futurebazaar :P

Futurebazaar headphones

7 Responses to “Headphones with upgradable Firmware”

  1. Fareeq Says:

    Wow, wonder if it has an operating system too ? , and RAM !

  2. nirzar Says:

    lol dude m lmao =))
    man nice idea m gonna sue futurebazar now
    its only 99 bucks..worth a try [:P]

  3. nirzar Says:

    man theres another comedy thing written on it
    AUDIO FORMAT SUPPORTED =)) i didnt c dat

  4. WiseTechie Says:

    Also on their cellphone pages, everything is copy pasted from various internet sites. They really need to fire their content team before they get a flurry of law suits against them.

  5. Ronn dennis Says:

    Wow, you mean they support MP3 !

  6. ralph2324 Says:

    this is awesome!!

  7. Ramesh Says:

    Probably they need to change the name from future bazaar to Future Bizarre!!

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