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Sep 12

Web Camera Monitoring
Homecamera.com offers a great service and what more is that its free for people who sign up now. home camera offers an easy to use and simple home monitoring solution for everyone. There is no need to buy expensive CCTV cameras, recorders and other surveillance equipment, Home camera offers a solution to take care of almost all your needs.

You can hookup your web camera easily using their software, you can assign different names to different cameras which can make monitoring pretty easy. For example, if you have a camera in your bedroom, you can label it ‘Bedroom’ and you can label the camera in the Kitchen as ‘Kitchen’. Its as simple as that. In short you can monitor your whole house using this service by home camera.

Once you have setup your camera, you can view it from anywhere in the world.

In our opinion, the USP of the product lies in its simplicity, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to configure your camera and its easy to use from there onwards too. The service is thoroughly useful for all and one can imagine everyone from small businesses to home owners using it.

Also for current beta testers the basic service will remain free, and credits are pretty cheap too. All payments can be easily made via Paypal.

The service supports advanced functions like motion sensing applications and sharing of web camera feed. Also you can configure your camera to record videos to a server and then access the recordings from there, so you dont even need expensive Digital Video Recorders.

Last but not the least i would say, i will definitely use this service whenever i go out of house. Its a great boon to your home’s security. God forbid, even if your home is robbed while you were away, if you had recorded the video, you can give it to law enforcement agencies who can then easily track the thieves.


2 Responses to “Monitor Your Webcamera Remotely”

  1. Ronn dennis Says:

    Sound like a great service, will try them on.

    My web camera is pretty old though, an ancient logitech something, just hope i can identify faces in it.

  2. WiseTechie Says:

    Logitech, must be good ?

    I have a stupid Chinese one, but it works pretty good and i got it pretty cheap too :)

    I guess all you need are good lighting and VGA resolution minimum.

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