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Sep 11

Home Shop 18 Logo

For our latest Homeshop18 review, click here !

After the Futurebazaar reviews, Indiatimes shopping reviews (:P) , we are back with another online portal to shop with. The newly launched Homeshop18 shopping portal owned by the CNBC TV18 group. It all began with my dad being an avid user of CNBC’s portfolio manager. One day while he was logged in, he got a message that he has been given a Rs.100 voucher on Homeshop18.

I told him, its free money, lets spend it and it will also tell us more about the shopping procedures on Homeshop18 and also their level of service and goods quality. So i ordered some stuff, pretty close to Rs.100, didnt want to spend too much from my own pocket and be stuck with something not worthwhile.

So i bought the stuff, i got the delivery within 3 days from my order. But i was shocked to see the huge difference in advertised goods and goods sent to me. I had opted for the free gift wrap but that too was missing. Also missing was a part of the product (a greeting card) advertised. So it really wasnt pleasant.

I wrote to Homeshop 18 about the missing card, and here are their replies, notice that they didnt immediately offer to send the card, only when insisted did they send it.

Their 1st Reply

Dear _________,

We sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Please be informed we shall take up the matter with our vendor to avoid such instances in future.

Please treat this as an exception and not as a standard to judge the quality of service we strive to achieve for our esteemed customers.

Hope to serve you better with each progressing day.

Warm regards,
Customer Care

On September 1 i told them to send me the card, they said that they will tell the vendor to do the same. By september 7 i was all out of patience and told them it seems their vendor doesnt care about what he advertises and what he sells.


Apparently the vendor doesn’t care about what he promises and what he doesn’t, i am yet to get the card for the said order. Shows the level of commitment of the vendor towards his customers.


Its then that they told me that they would expedite the process.

Dear _______,

Please note we have reminded the vendor to expedite the same.We shall get this closed at the earliest.

Warm regards,
Customer Care

And i got a nice greeting card about 2 days later.

So in the end, i was satisfied, but the initial lack of response left a bad taste in the mouth, lets see if i see a good deal there again, i might just spend some money and check their service again.


48 Responses to “Homeshop 18 shopping Review”

  1. Rohit Says:

    Beware of these Internet shopping sites, even if they are backed by big names. They are not so convenient as you might think!

  2. WiseTechie Says:

    Yeah, true

    but it seems they are trying too hard too. I mean all those ads on CNBC and tech2. Most of the products in the ads are actually cheap chinese electronics which dont really work too well.

    Looks like another site is set to go the indiatimes shopping way !

  3. gagandeep kaura Says:

    Homeshop service is so bad, I purchased one Uniden Dual coedless phone, from day one its caller id is not working and there is no reply of complaints from homeshop.

    I recommed no body should buy any thing from them

  4. Rewati Says:

    If, I knew the above, I had never try to purchased online from homeshop18.
    Now, I totally involved and I already paid the 1 st instaleent and I am waiting for product replacement.

    I am also worried, frustrated and depressed. My family is asking me about the product and money also. I assured my family , that homeshop 18 is sending the product. My neighour is laughing on me.

    But only God Knows, when i will get the replacement and my courier charges.

    I am very very depressed.

  5. Koushik Says:

    What is there email address you wrote to? I have an issue with the delivery of my ordered product and the feedback page in the website seems to be not working.

  6. Savitri Says:

    I ordered set of 12 necklaces, buy six and get six free. Homeshop 18 promised to give the delivery within seven-eight days but the delivery has never reached to me. When I enquired, I was told to talk to the courier company. The courier company reply was that their vender did not find anyone in the house when he came for delivery. This is not true, someone is always available in the house. Homeshop did not give any reply and rather asked me to place a new order as the scheme period is already over. I feel it is not worthwhile to believe such sales.

  7. Manoj Mongia Says:

    I had ordered a 5.1Aiptek cam corder on dated 26Dec2008.The product received on 6.01.09at Ambala city.After opening the packing it was found that the Tripod & pouch is missing.After loading battery in the product in a few seconds a meeasage appeared on the screen `replace battery’.A set of new battery inserted again same thing happened.Customer care advised me to use dura cell hy power rechargeable batteries, I did the same.But the problem remained the same .
    Then I was advised by the customer care to sent the product to the vendor for replacement.I did the same and after few days I got the parcel from TNT courier after opening the parcel I was shocked to see the product received by me is the same defective one which I had sent to the Vendor. Then customer care executive Mr.Gaurav told me to sent the product to the vendor and I will get my money back.I send the product on 14.02.09 via TNT courier .A confirmation came to me regarding receipt of Parcel on dated17.02.09.Now one month has been passed still I am struggling for my money to get back.A trust has been finished on poor and cheating service of the Home Shop -18.After reading this Many people will think before buying any product from HS-18.
    My new Case No is 1068483.
    Please send my money back.

  8. k v ramana Says:

    i ordered for remote head phones for TV sets ,their performance is pathetic , please please do not buy such idiotic products . I think they are well enacted ,sophisticated, educated, unorganiged bundle of jokers managing the business, if u not do believe this pay price to learn by your self & then write a note here…… . what they show on screen and what u get at home have no co-relation . “ its actually get looted week end offers”

  9. HomeShop18 Says:

    Dear Mr. Gagandeep Kaura,

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have had while shopping at HomeShop18.

    On behalf of Homeshop18, I would like to re-assure you of all our help to resolve you complaints as we are committed to provide our customers with a completely satisfying shopping experience.

    The details of your complaint resolution are as follows;

    We have been unable to contact you on the numbers available in the order details provided by you while placing the order regarding your complaint of mobile set not working with Airtel SIM. Kindly provide us your alternate numbers to contact you and get the product picked up and replacement arranged.

    If there is any other query or question, please feel free to write to me directly at my email id Sourabh.s@homeshop18.com

    With Regards,
    Sourabh Shrivastava
    Customer Services – HomeShop18

  10. HomeShop18 Says:

    Dear Rewati,

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have had while shopping at HomeShop18.

    Reading your issue mentioned above, we have not been able to trace your transaction in our records. In order for us to resolve your query, we request, if you could please email us your contact no. or send us our order reference to the email id Sourabh.s@homeshop18.com, enabling us to quickly understand & resolve your issue.

    With Regards,
    Sourabh Shrivastava
    Customer Services – HomeShop18

  11. HomeShop18 Says:

    Dear Koushik,

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have had while shopping at HomeShop18.

    Reading your issue mentioned above, we have not been able to trace your transaction in our records. In order for us to resolve your query, we request, if you could please email us your contact no. or send us our order reference to the email id Sourabh.s@homeshop18.com, enabling us to quickly understand & resolve your issue.

    With Regards,
    Sourabh Shrivastava
    Customer Services – HomeShop18

  12. HomeShop18 Says:

    Dear KV Ramana,

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have had while shopping at HomeShop18.

    Reading your issue mentioned above, we have not been able to trace your transaction in our records. In order for us to resolve your query, we request, if you could please email us your contact no. or send us our order reference to the email id Sourabh.s@homeshop18.com, enabling us to quickly understand & resolve your issue.

    With Regards,
    Sourabh Shrivastava
    Customer Services – HomeShop18

  13. HomeShop18 Says:

    HomeShop18 Response on Blog posted by id Savitri on 19th December, 2008

    One of our customers Ms. Savitri Devi had raised a concern regarding non receipt of her order for Sri Jagdamba Pearl Jewellery Dhamaal Offer – Buy 6 and Get 6 Free on her blog posted on 19th December, 2008.

    Her order was erroneously returned by our courier partner M/s First Flight. The matter was strongly taken up with all concerned to avoid such instances in future.

    We extend our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to her while shopping with HomeShop18.

    With Regards,
    Sourabh Shrivastava
    Customer Services – HomeShop18

  14. HomeShop18 Says:

    HomeShop18 Response on Blog posted by Manoj Mongia on 1 9th March, 2009

    One of our customers Mr. Manoj Mongia had raised a concern regarding receipt of a defective product twice on his blog posted on 19th March, 2009.

    On receipt of his complaint, we refunded to him his order value through Cheque Number # 497601. As per our records the cheque has been realized on 1st May, 2009.We regret the delay caused in refunding this by our business partner M/s Maxis Technologies.

    We request him to teat this incidence as an exception and not as a standard to judge the quality of service we always strive to achieve.

    With Regards,
    Sourabh Shrivastava
    Customer Services – HomeShop18

  15. Pradeep Says:

    Very Bad Experience,

    I purchased a Imedia phone by seeing their ad on TV, but when the device was delivered to me and I found that it was a typical Chinese mobile phone and when I compalined and asked for the refund the reply come back that you will get the refund only if the product is not used, you have to just look at the product at see whether you are satisfied with it or not !!

    Can some one imagine, it is their money back policy that you just have to look at the product and judge it whether you are satisfied with it or not.

    They are only cheating the people by selling the chinese products and I strongly recommend to all my friends that never purchase any product from Home Shop 18, you will feel like cheated. They are just cheating the people and nothing more

  16. Avani Says:

    I have also had a bad experience with Homeshope18, pathetic service. I don’t understnad why do they not have a customer care when they advertise so much about theire product. If i had read this blog before I would not have ordered for any product from them. I am still waiting for the delivery of my ordered product. If they are going to irritate and make the customers follow them everytime for a product, soon this online shooping is going to no more exit, with the servie they are providing. I have raised a feedback for the order not delivered. Hoping they reply and get back soon !!! A very dissapointing experience !!!

  17. Jha Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I would say don’t just go for big names. Try the service once by ordering a product of small amount and then decide on quality. I prefer shopping on small websites like Egully.com, Flipkart.com rather than big ones like Futurebazaar.com and Homeshop18. These are managed by a good team and they have excellent product delivery and customer service. Also they don’t have sellers on their websites and they manage the products on their own. You don’t have to contact the vendor instead they will take care of your complaints. I haven’t faced any such problem with these 2 sites.

  18. Priyanka Says:

    You can register all such complaints with http://www.core.nic.in. It’s a website run by Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Govt of India. It has been instrumental in resolving all my complaints so far. Hope they would help you guys too.

  19. Pallab Says:

    Wow! I was going to purchase a IFB Microwave oven from their site. Just to be sure, I ran a google search on HS18! Needless to say, I am not buying from them anymore.

  20. Richa Says:

    I placed an order from HomeShop18 for an AirFone mobile phone.
    I received it within 3 days but the phone was defective. it said Invalid SIM. I tried a no of

    Sim cards which all work on different phones but not on this one in any of the 2 slots. I

    returned the phone. after 16 days I received the replacement product and that also had the same

    defect, infact after trying 2 sim cards it just showed AIRFONE written on it and didnt go

    anywhere from there. I dont think they replaced or even fixed the phone and when I called them

    and asked for a supervisor they refused a supervisor, asked me to wait for 72 hrs and I wud get

    a call from them. They Gave Me a complaint No.3914004 and I didnt receive any response from them. when

    I called I was told that I need to send the mobile back and the manufacturer wud determine

    whether I was eligible for a refund or not. so that ways I lose the mobile and the money too!!!

    Honestly their customer service and their product policies are terrible!!! I have lost Rs. 5000

    on a defective mobile.
    HOME SHOP 18 s****!!!
    who ever read this DO NOT ORDER FROM HOMESHOP18!!!!

  21. Arun Says:

    I have great experience with Homeshop18. Bought 2 mobile phones in 2 different dates.
    Both arrived to me as per description and within 4 days of time. Both are running well.
    one is VOX Full Touch Screen Dual SIM Mobile Phone Model No: VGS-505 and another is Intex QWERTY Keypad Dual SIM Mobile Phone Model No: iSmart.

  22. WiseTechie Says:

    Nice to hear that arun , hoping you are not a homeshop18 employee which I very strongly suspect you are the way you write the model numbers with descriptions of the phone instead of just 2 phones.

    However, your experience is an exception and not the norm.

  23. Arun Says:

    @ Wise Techie, I’m from Kolkata and not connected with HS18. Probable I would not have bought a thing from that shop if I read these review before I made the purchase!
    The model nos. are in the list of HS18 purchased list and copied the model from there.
    Really I got the excellent service.

  24. sameer shsrma Says:

    i had ordered rebok kit from homeshope nd my order no. is 704422324 but i m still waiting for my order to be deliver to me after nearlly 12 days. This is really very bad on ur part that u gaurantee that order will be place frm 7 to 8 days of working. it is really regretfull to inform u to rectify nd in future if i had to place some order to u ,I will think twice before making any order.

  25. SUNIL Says:

    i am sunil i buy too many product from Home shop18
    This is really very bad on ur part that u gaurantee most of product is outdate
    or scrap of company
    i had buy fee things and condition now
    1) mobile sciphone Rs 5999 after 3 months stating porblem and now it is not working
    2) Nonstick cooking appliance condition is bad come my home see
    Rs 3000
    3)Home decors only use on last Diwali now it going to scrap
    Rs 1500
    3) Reebok kit bag is total damage Rs 3999
    @@@@@@@@@@@ALL PRODUCTS@@@@@@@@@@@@

    BE AWARE OF These Product these are only outdated product and china made

  26. Ashish Pimple Says:

    I have booked one nos of “Olympus 14 Megapixel Digital Camera Model No: FE-47 “ Online TV shopping channel “HOMESHOP18” on dated 30/08/2010 (Order No 900447531).
    For which I have paid Rs. 5,999/- (1,999/- X 3 Installments) thru credit card at the same day & time as confirmed by their tele caller executive.
    According to their TV advertisement and tele caller talk at the time of booking they had committed me to dispatch the material within 7-8 working days.
    Today is 7th working day after the day of booking. Aafter considering the holidays of Janmastami , Saturday and Sunday. Still I have not got any communication from their end regarding the dispatch of material. Over and above I myself continuously follow-up with them by calling on their toll free no (1800 1800 918).
    Today when I talked with their tele caller executive on the said toll free number, the very 1st she said that the payment verification is not been done then I replied that myself made it verified with their verification department (Tel No 0120-4691944) then again she said that there is a stock problem that’s why they are not able to delivered the material on time.
    My simple question to them, when there was no sufficient stock was available with them, why they have booked my order. And the last 5-6 days they are just taking me very casually by saying you will get the delivery on time. Even they have never given me any firm or confirm answer.
    Now I am come to a conclusion that they have just making me fool or using my money by giving me false commitments.
    You honour, behind, there was a very special purpose to purchase the said camera, if I won’t get delivery on time they what is the use of that camera to me?
    Request, please look into the matter and do the needful.

  27. Rahul Srivastava Says:

    i ordered 10.2 MP samsung camera on 13th sep 2010 by using my friends crdit card where i told Mr. bhupinder (CC agent) that this order would be deleover on my (Rahul srivasatav)address , i got call frm vrfctn team on 16th and theerfater cntnsly i m cllng to HS18 bt i m not getting any status of order and they r syng to call on some dffrrnt number to Mr abhishek parihar(store incharge) this is being 3 days but not getting any update n nu,mber of calls i made to abhishek n HS18, i need to give this product to some1 bt i dnt knw hw lng will it take..its 1st time and i had really bad exprnce wid HS 18 n i dnt thnk so i wud suggest anyone to go for online shpng wid HS18 or will nt do in future myself…

  28. shamim. Says:

    Now im another victim.i orderd 1 kurti on 17th . sep. order status shows shipment handed over to courier. now after 10 days i enquired about the product. homeshop says the product is not available. what a joke. this is my 1st and last time to order from this site. forget about my money. what a shame.

  29. mehak Says:

    I purchased a kodak camera from HS18. It soon started showing software errors and didn’t work. We contacted HS18’s helpline but were not given any useful inf ormation by executive. After a fortnight of heated arguements between us and executives we were informed to courier back the defected product on an address in Delhi-3. We contacted their executive after a couple of days of sending courier but he denied of recieving it. We were informed that he recieved the product on fifth day as if we have send it through postal service. he also said that we will be provided with replaced article on 15th working day. We helplessly contacted them on 15th day but they again gave lame excuses..The result is that we have missed all festive occassions without a photograph. And still suffering….PLEASE CONSIDER MY WORST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE BEFORE HAVING ONE OF YOURSELF…

  30. Nihal Says:

    i have purchased a intex DVD player with 5.1 speakers and the speakers are broken and won’t even connect to the player, i launched a complaint but no response, i have informed my credit card to stop payment and i am going to file a fraud on homeshope18

  31. rita Says:

    i wished to purchase a set of jewelry for gift from HS18. before finalising just casually opened this blog. lucky me! now i know what to not to do. feeling sorry for u guys. and thanks for sharing.

  32. farrmeen Says:

    evem iam d victim of homeshop18…i hav ordered a melamine storage set of 5 five pieces worth 700 INR..which was buy one and get one free…but when it reachd my home thr was only one set inside that box…really very poor service…i dont understand y do dey hype it so much in there channel whn they cant serve properly…

  33. Mamatha Says:

    I had ordered order microwave of whirlpool on 12th February from homeshop18. I don’t know whether you people take it serious about customer and service.
    I’ve already paid money in advance and product not reach. When I call customer care( for more than 7-8 times )always they have one answer ready to tell “your product will reach in 3-5 days”. Got SMS for delay and they put status of my order is cargo ready and order forwarded to courier from very first week. I’ve still not get my order and I’ve already paid money.

    Please can you tell me when we will i get my product.
    Product order number is: 902353897
    Sub Order Number is: 32570267
    Please let me know when will I get product or refund the amount paid.

  34. Archana Says:

    Even /i wished to buy salwar set from HS18, but luckily I got to see this blog. I feel lucky. Now I am not going to order anything.Thanks for sharing ur comments…





  36. Naresh Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I too had a very bad feeling on HS18. I placed an order for a bean bag on 1st july 11, Still iam waiting my product to deliver. when ever i call to customer care they keep me on hold and atlast they use tell to wait for 1 to 2 days. the same answer was giving from last week. even the supervisors are also also telling the same..
    Plz find the below feedback which i given them.

    2011-07-11 – Very Very Bad in delivering the products.I had placed an order on July 1 and it was shipped on 5th and still 11 july.I ddnt received the product.Customer care people were always telling to wait for 24 to 48 hrs

    2011-07-12 – The same answer from customer care people.Agin and again asking me to wait for 1 to 2 days.they even not able to track the courier people.when i ask to cancel the order they r saying it will not possible.I even speak to floor supervisor but no use..

    RashiK->2011-07-12 16:50:47->Dear Naresh, We sincerely apologize for the delay caused in the delivery of the product. Please note we are arranging delivery at the earliest on top priority. Warm regards, HomeShop18 0120-4455918

    2011-07-13 – Again the same answer from floor manager Santhosh.Now he is asking me to wait for 2 to 3 days.you guys are directly telling that u cant track the courier.Guys i am tired and feeling shame to call u again again,plz cancel the order and return back my money.I am placing my feedback in internet so that people can understand how the worst service providing HS18

  37. Tushar Says:

    I have also purchased a i-media camcoader from HS18 it was delieverd to me in 10 days but it wa china made

    So I request from all my freinds tat do not purchase any thing from HS18*#*#*#*#*#**#*

  38. vijay Says:

    My Dear Brother/sister,

    Please don’t shop on these portal and get bothered about your money. Customer service is worst and you don;t know whether your product which you have purchased is in stock or not. You are in middle of sea with no light if you book your product on this portal.

    Please be AWARE , you are a customer paying money for a product/service. It is their responsibility to provide you with service. It is your right to ask if the product is not good/are you are not satisfied.

    Please help others in getting true picture of this portal.



  40. Rakesh Patel Says:

    Never buy any phone from homeshop 18

    I bought lava b8 from homeshop 18 , but after 2 months the started giving me problems so i called homeshop 18 and according to their advise i

    gave phone to service center at vadodara . after 3 week my phone was not repaired ….

    Then i called homeshop18 and ask them “is this the type of product u sell ???” they promised me that they will do the needful and said to give

    phone back to me ….

    since than it has been one month and i didnt get my phone back nor any communication from them.. the only thing i do daily is call the service

    center and they promise to solve problem in 24 hrs. but it has been 60 days since and the problem is not solved …

    Never buy from homeshop 18 ..

    Rakesh Patel


  41. Swadhin Says:

    I wish I had read these posts earlier. HOMESHOP18 is a fraud company and should be closed immediately. I have bought a i ball phone which was sent in not working condition. I had bought it as a gift for my friend’s birthday and they said it would not be replaced immediately. HOW CAN THEY SEND A USED PIECE???????

    I went to the i ball service station in Ahmedabad and the service station guys were kind enough to change it but, they confirmed that HS18 had sent a USED piece. The bastards at the call centre are very polite when selling but not ready to listen when we call for complaints, they blandly say ” someone will call you in 48 working hours “. If it is a gift to be given to my friend tomorrow, should I have to live on their mercy to call me. Are we customers IDIOTS?

    I request you all DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HOME SHOP 18. You will pay for new and will receive someones used item from the CHOR BAZAAR.

  42. Hi Guys, Says:

    Homeshop service is so bad, I ordered one samsung cell phone, from 12 of oct.11 but dont received till date and when i complaints to homeshop 18 there is no response and there is no reply of complaints from homeshop.

    I recommed no body should buy any thing from them otherwise will you loss payment



  43. aditya Says:

    customer care is so dammn rude as if the are paying us for purchasing
    spending 15,000 then also u r not sure for ur mobile color what every they might have will give u
    shit people with very bad functionality

    flipKart.com is good

  44. Manjunath Says:


    I too had a worst experience with the hs18.I have ordered reebok swift shoes on 1st december,2011 and they had assured that the product will be delivered with in 5-6 days.I had put a ticket regarding to my order asking for a tracking Id(they are unable to provide the details) .
    every time i put a ticket they will simply reply with a joke that
    “Dear Customer We really appreciate your patience and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you,We request you to treat this incidence as an exception”.
    Atlast today i got a call from customer care that my shipment was shipped today and i will get that in 2-3 days.
    Bloody Hell, what were that guys doing since the last 10 days..
    The customer care guys dont respond properly.
    If you put a ticket today, u can come and check it after 2 days. By this time you will not get any response and it is useless to check.
    By reading the experiences of people, i can’t put any expectations on my shoes.
    I am determined that i will never shop in HS18.

  45. karthick Says:

    Don’t buy any product in home shop 18. They will not deliver the product in time. The service is too bad. If you need a good product and correct timing of delivering of product just go other website. My kind request is that don’t visit home shop 18. There is no safe to the product and I hate this website. They deliver after one month only till they will not send any information about the product. Try other website.

  46. Appreciation Says:

    I am leaving this comment here for the excellent service provided by Mr Someshawar and Mr Ram from Delhi site, and perhapes the understanding of the issue can not be more understood than it was by Mr Ram, he even went out of way for customer satisfaction, he surely deserve a raise.

  47. Sikta Says:

    I was just about to place an order of 2000/- at HS18 when I came across this website and thank goodness I am saved of the horror of agony, cheating and non-attendance (I am presuming a bad service since not so many people can be made to look wrong with more or less similar complaints!)


  48. Amit Says:

    They dont delivery on time and cancel products even for New Delhi saying courier not available for the place. Customer support is bad and offers are just to hoodwink people. I got two reasons for one cancellation and found that both are wrong.

    Never buy anything from HS18 if want mental peace. I am a victim of their unprofessional services.

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