September 4, 2007

VSNL Tata Indicom Broadband – Initial Review

By WiseTechie


Its been about 2 weeks since i installed the VSNL Tata Indicom Broadband at my place. I paid for 6 months upfront, which meant i didn’t have to pay anything for installation and the Router is also free unlike MTNL and Airtel where a rent is needed. MTNL also charges a huge installation fee.

Now initially there was a delay in the installation and the customer care was pathetic, replying after six days that the installation is done as per their records.

Here are initial reactions ::

1. The speed averages to about 105% of promised speed, which is good, considering i am a huge downloader and require huge bandwidth.

2. Sometimes connections timeout or reset but it happens pretty less, so it aint bugging me yet, just hope it doesn’t happen to often, or else i am having another outburst at the customer care people.

3. VOIP is good, the main problem with my earlier connection was packet loss, the line was too lossy for voice data communication which meant i always had trouble using Skype or other VOIP softwares. Till now i have had an excellent VOIP experience with VSNL Tata Indicom Broadband. Apparently in my area in Delhi, the service is pretty good.

But reading some of the online reviews, i really feel that the customer care of TATA Indicom Broadband really need to buck up or poor CRM will eat into their business. But for the moment i am pretty happy with my net connection from VSNL/TATA Indicom Broadband.