September 4, 2007

Protecting your MTNL Triband or TATA Indicom VSNL broadband Internet account from being stolen

By WiseTechie

Triband MTNL


Yes friends, it happened to one of my friends , don’t let it happen to you, with out easy step by step tutorial, learn how to change your router password to save your account from being hacked. We wont tell you how to hack the MTNL accounts here, as we are here to protect innocent users who land up with huge broadband bills.

One of my friend who has a 400MB plan on MTNL saw that within 3 days, 380 MB had been used. So he didnt use the internet connection for 25 days, when he logged into MTNL’s site, he was shocked to see over 800MB of data usage. His account had been hacked and his password stolen.

The steps for a TATA account are given below, Before everything else, change the ISP access password by logging onto your ISP’s site. MTNL steps are pretty similar.

1. Log into your DSL router by entering your gateway address in your browser, for most users.

2. You will be asked for username and password, use admin admin , this will work on most default routers. If it doesnt call your ISP and ask the initial router password.

3. The most important step to protect your account from being hacked is to protect your router. Its your gateway to the network and your internet account. Click on advanced setup, and WAN. Then click on edit. Click on next twice and update your new internet password. Go to end and save the info and reboot.

4. Now again login to, click on management, access control and select the admin user, change the admin username and password.

You have protected your account from being used by other people.