The Department of Telecom in India wants you to help it. Everytime you get an ISD call and the number you see is an invalid one or a local one, someone is cheating the Indian companies of their money. I myself have noticed sometimes when i get calls, invalid numbers are displayed, like 00310 or 911123456 etc.

So i received an ISD call, the number was invalid. I decided to be a good citizen and report it, i had received the following SMS recently

Dear Customer, if you receive an international call 4 which the CLI displayed is similar 2 a local or national number, please inform at toll-free number 1800110420 – DoT.

I called the number 1800110420, you yourself can hear the message, earlier i was hearing an engaged tone. The engaged tone was recently replaced by a temporary disconnection notice, the kind given to people who do not pay their bills. so what happened , did the Department of Telecom run out of money ??? The nation is being cheated out of valuable foreign exchange by operators of other countries, and such essential numbers aren’t even working.