We have not received the book till Monday afternoon (3rd day after Harry Potter Release), 2:15 pm, someone from TNT India Courier has offered to help after reading this post as you can see in the comments, we will keep you updated.

Dont use TNT Couriers in India, they are THE worst courier company in the whole wide world. Just look at the stats of my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book. Looks like the delivery person might have stolen the book or delivered it someplace else. I remember the person delivering my TNT couriers looked like a street side vendor. Compare that to DHL’s couriers who are always smartly dressed.TNT Courier’s Delhi office is closed today, lets see what happens tomorrow, but please punish this company for its irresponsible attitude by choosing some other logistics partner. My experience with DHL has been awesome in comparison.

Its high time companies in India owned up to their responsibility to consumers ! , Spread this info plz, lets make India a consumer friendly place. Also if you have any complaint against any company in India, feel free to write to us.
xxxxxxxxx Details
Reference xxxxxxxxxxx
Pick up date 20 Jul 2007
Destination New Delhi
Delivery Date

Date Time Location Status
21 Jul 2007 09:09 Out For Delivery
21 Jul 2007 09:05 Delhi Consignment Received At Transit Point
21 Jul 2007 08:49 Shipped From Originating Depot
21 Jul 2007 06:42 Consignment Received At Transit Point