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Jajah allows you to call people from your computer. it connects the call to your landline and to your friend’s landline.


Please make sure you sign up for this amazing product and make free calls everywhere. Indians can use this invitation link.


JAJAH is an innovative and simple way to make cheap calls using the Internet—without
headphones, microphones or software downloads. JAJAH connects users phone-to-
phone, landline or mobile, local or anywhere else in the world. An Internet connection is
only necessary to initiate the call. JAJAH is the latest brainchild of VoIP communication
pioneers Daniel Mattes and Roman Scharf. who are realizing their vision of a proprietary
application that would cross existing communication borders. Simple and cost-effective:
JAJAH opens up the benefits of VoIP to all Internet users—regardless of whether they
have broadband or dial-up! JAJAH is based in Mountain View, CA with a European office
in Luxembourg.