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Jul 06

I guess Rohit got a taste of the Indian BPOs when he contacted the AOL Tech Support. The Tech Support guy was totally dumb and incompetent like people in most Indian BPOs. He told Rohit that AOL only supported registrar edited MX records because thats what his Helpfile told him.
Pathetic actually !, but funny too.

In the end, the the support guy told Rohit that he couldnt receive messages :P

And then the most classic thing, just like you say “hello… hello…” on the telephone line when you don’t want to talk to the other person, this person starts types in quick succession (actually 2 seconds, then after a mandatory pause by the system, the last line).

Not to rush you, but are you still with me?

Please send a message that you are still with me, or I will have to end this session to help the next person in line.

Unfortunately, we are not able to communicate for some reason. I will have to end this session now.

LOL, Really hope someone from AOL reads this

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