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Jul 03

Opera Mini Beta 4

Well i dont remember when the switch happened, but Opera Mini 4 Beta has Yahoo Search instead of the traditional Google search which has always been present in Opera Mini. Also the bookmarks have a Yahoo weblink by default apart from BBC news and the Guardian. This is quite a shock to Google who have been fighting for rights to be the official search partner in Internet Explorer 7 and it seems long time ally Opera too has dumped it. Only Firefox is left.
What i noticed was that the browser didnt ask me to punch in random keys, something which Opera Mini 3 had, it used the random combination of digits to create a key for encrypting your data with its server.

I decided to investigate the reason for this change. I thought they might have shifted parsing to the phone only like in some Opera mobile versions i have seen in Nokia N series, i was wrong. Maybe they now have in-built keys , otherwise Opera Mini is insecure again. Because as you can clearly see the IP is owned by them only, which means the phone opens sites through their servers.

IP Location: Norway Oslo Opera Software Asa
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Proper Review with Screenshots to Follow !

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