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Jul 02

Schools, Offices and Governments alike like to put curbs on your freedom. For example a search on Google china would reveal considerably censored and doctored results to suit the Chinese government. Schools ban sites so that students are less distracted and use the internet for useful things. Offices ban sites to increase productivity.
So is orkut banned at your workplace or School ? , if yes we have got the perfect solution for you. We always do articles on opera Mini, thats because Opera Mini was the very first cool software me and my brother installed on our mobile phones. So how can Opera Mini help you access blocked and banned sites ?

It works like any other proxy, for people who dont know, proxies are web servers who fetch the page for you. For example, you cant go to the market, you tell your maid to get the stuff and give it to you. In the same way, when your computer is banned from accessing Orkut, you can ask another computer (a proxy) to get Orkut.com for your computer.

You may also log onto http://www.operamini.com/beta/simulator/ and browse to the site of your choice , as the simulator uses a proxy based in Norway, your sites open as though you are not sitting in your school or office, but in Norway in Europe. And here is proof that Orkut works in Opera Mini simulator even if its banned.

Opera Mini opening when its banned 1 Opera Mini opening when its banned 2

To our friends in UAE : We are looking for more such proxies which will allow you to access Orkut.com easily , the current thing we have discovered to access banned Orkut does not allow posting scraps till now, but be aware, we are working on finding new stuff to help you get over the BAN on Orkut placed by your governments. 😉

Orkutproxy.in also looks good, but always think twice before using your username and password on proxies !!!

173 Responses to “Access Orkut when its BANNED !”

  1. sana Says:

    this is sana , my worry is that orkut website has blocked in UAE , plz give me any solution so i can open it

    thanx & regards


  2. Shabeer Says:

    Hi sana

    You will get orkut thru http://www.powerscrap.com .Login this site using orkut userid & passwd


  3. Sunny Says:

    hey Shabeer

    thx for powerscrap advice , but thts blocked too now.

    Give me a solution

  4. yasmin Says:

    ppl in UAE are cursed .. damn im worried abt this action. hy ppl u know any proxy website to acess orkut in uae, even this powerscrap has gone.

  5. Trenz Says:

    I swear most of the people where using orkut to find the long lost school or college friends..but when itz banned it’s like cut out from other country people..why is it banned in UAE??even im keeping my fingers crossed to find a way for scrapping in UAE

  6. manu Says:

    i cant open powerscrap,
    they r showing an error taht ur io is blocked and u canot acses it

  7. Nisha Says:

    yes powerscrap is also blocked guys…pls find some other soultion..seriously how crazy uae can be to block site like orkut…sheer nonsense !!

  8. Manoj Says:

    I cant acces orkut in uae. uae banned orkut and lot of proxy sites. pls give me any idea to open orkut.

  9. shaiju Says:

    I cant acces orkut in uae. uae banned orkut and lot of proxy sites. pls give me any idea to open orkut.


  10. AjayB Says:

    Hi Friends

    we all ask each-other to access restricted sites….and those who block it also read the solutions….so they add proxy sites also…..

    so we will have to operated in an invisible mode.

    Tkanks a lot friends…


  11. sun Says:

    HI this is sun orkut and powerscrap is blocked in UAE. Please help me it was realy use ful site.


  12. Sandeep Says:

    hahahahha…Ajay if u were actually seriously…then tht was hilarious!!!!!

  13. anonymous Says:

    look guys if dubai blocked this site then they’ll be going through these messages and if u look at it from that point of view we are helping them into blocking orkut and its acces completely
    and sandeep ur a jerk ajay is totally right!

  14. Khan Says:

    Hey opera mini is working but I cannot send any scrap cuz it does not allow me to clik on the buttons that are present on the webpage. Does anyone knows how to do that.

  15. WiseTechie Says:

    Actually Opera Mini has a weak javascript support, but still i will try and find turnarounds, people in UAE can atleast read scraps using the Opera Mini simulator. Just hope UAE does not ban this way of accessing Opera Mini also. :)

  16. shiny Says:

    but i cannot open with opera mini also

  17. WiseTechie Says:

    @Shiny – It works and i have personally tested it , which version are you using ?

  18. LawrieRitzGoa Says:

    Hi guys. remember the guys working for Etisalat our one of us and they have access top what ever they want. Etilasalat has hired people from different natiionalities to bug the browsing habbits. I guess there needs a forum to address the problem.Its time they start pay & browse service like they charge for everything. I got a proxy which i paid for and hoping no evil eye reaches the domain…search for sites which change domain and disguise the word search..there are plenty of proxies working that way…try and you will succeed.

  19. Ryan Says:

    hey bad news , orkut is blocked n a lot of proxies too. can ant1 give a proxy tht can work out…….

  20. priyunka Says:

    hi heetesh,have sent a mail..pls help!!!!

  21. Ravi Sharma Says:

    I saw Orkutproxy.in it allows anyone to access Orkut, including people in UAE and Dubai for whom Orkut is blocked.

    Also a warning for people whose offices have banned Orkut, there is a reason for banning orkut as it affects performance, this proxy will work for you, but make sure your boss doesnt catch you on Orkut.

  22. NutCracker Says:

    well Etisalat think they are so smart … i think it is time to pay back dont worry users i am going to gather hudge hacker team to attack Etisalat now they will go down or they will allow full access without any restrictions .. Allah Hu Akber

  23. him Says:

    how we access orkut, without this we can not meet our friends. Pls suggest any site through that we access orkut………..

  24. WiseTechie Says:

    @Nutcracker- Its not their fault also, its the UAE govt. which is banning the sites.

  25. DaKuRaJa Says:

    Way to go dude……………..

  26. kalpesh Says:

    hey guys, kalpesh here from mumbai. i m 23 yrs old and just from last 8 month, working in IT company and their also orkut is banned. but den also i can do orkutting through some proxy websites.

    1) http://www.ghost1.com
    2) http://www.safelizard.com
    3) http://www.server9.kproxy.com

    i am giving u three links only, try it, i m sure u also will able 2 login through this sites. but be careful. don’t used it for more than 30 min in continue session. because when we surfing any sites then some cookies automatically saves on server. so IT adminstrator have knowledge of all proxy servers and cookies. so if he identify ur website then he can blocked these website also.
    so whenver u gonna use these, dont use it more than 30 min continously.


    hav a rockin day!

  27. martin Says:

    all proxy websites to acess orkut is banned in uae. plz some 1 find som way to do it

  28. pradeep Says:

    pls mail me to get orkut in uae

  29. sandeep Says:

    plz tell me how to access orkut in uae. uae has blocked orkut

  30. Bunty Says:

    please send me a solution to open Orkut in Dubai. As lots of proxy sites also have blocked……..Please Please Please send me…..

  31. Ameen Says:

    Try web accelerator…it is a google tool http://webaccelerator.google.com/

    it is widely used in China and its application is not only for speeding up pages…initially it may be slow……

  32. Melvin Says:

    Hey cant acess orkut even through powerscrap in our college at tamilnadu

  33. vijay s.Ll Says:

    orkut is banned..so wht i hav to do now?

  34. turk in dubai Says:

    hotspot shield… find it load it and enjoy all banned sites…
    ps:etisalat is doing their best to ban sites which has hotspot shield, just spend some time and u will find it in a foreign site, I’m sure.. good luck..

  35. Vazzy Says:

    Don’t worry buddies. i know how U all feel by outting a ban on orkut by U.A.E. government!!
    Anyways “where there is a will, there is a way”. Please log on the the proxy link which will drictly give access to Orkut.com. just log in by clicking the below link a page will appear in which the direct access link to orkut is given just say “GO” and U r there to orkut.com. Isn;t it so simple. here is the link:


    [Note: Sometimes it will not give U the page with the orkut link, but u have to keep trying in different interval of time, till U receive that page. So keep trying.] It’s really working for me

    Luv- Vazzy

  36. nandini Says:

    tried everything, nothing is working… :(

  37. bala Says:

    instead of http://www.orkut.com try images.orkut.com this got worked out in my college

  38. sharktales Says:

    i still cannot access as everything is blocked :(

  39. sharktales Says:

    i still cannot access orkut , any other proxy??

  40. Amit Says:

    this is Amit , my worry is that orkut & powerscraps website has blocked in delhi , plz give me any solution so i can open it

    thanx & regards


  41. sevanayak Says:

    powerscraps website has blocked in delhi , plz give me any solution so i can open it

    thanx & regards

  42. thirtha Says:

    bala Says:

    August 28th, 2007 at 4:57 pm
    instead of http://www.orkut.com try images.orkut.com this got worked out in my college

    thanx bala for your tips………… even it worked for me

  43. firdaus Says:

    can anyone please email me a solution to access orkut in uae? i want to be able to reply to scraps as well. becoz all other sites i have tried do opne scrapbook but i am unable to reply scraps

  44. Ryan.alphonso Says:

    well the best solution is to inform the orkut so that they can discuss the matter with etisalat or we all have to send a feedback form to etisalat saying abt the importance of the site

  45. Ryan.alphonso Says:

    in case it does not work for ppl who have a 3g phone n gprs connect ur phone to u computer n use it as a modem u will be able to access the site n all the functions but it’s expensive

  46. bala Says:

    (regarding 42th comment)
    most welcome thirtha…

  47. reet Says:

    My college have got a big Digital Lab. Previously Orkut sites were not banned so all of our frnz cn go on with dat………….. But nw they banned it….. They have also banned Powerscrap, Vtunnel, etc…………. I need some more linksites for dat

  48. brijesh Says:

    my college has recently blocked orkut throgh fortiguard….plzzz help ussssss

  49. vinod Says:

    Bala.. a Lot thanks.. but unfortunately images dont come up

  50. nimmi Says:

    ple get me a link to open orkut in UAE.

  51. ralph2324 Says:

    don’t trust these sites..

  52. bala Says:

    vinod.. may b d probs du 2 sum settings in ur computer.. r other wise try wit images3.orkut.com.. ur queries r welcomed 2

  53. Deep Says:

    HI i want 2 acc.. Orkut but i cant anybody can help me out .

  54. sugu Says:

    Deep! you can better go to india….

  55. Mintu Says:

    Hai guys the latest opera mini 4 (final) simulator supports all functions of orkut on pc. It can scrap too, try it may be people of uae can now start orkuting

  56. shanu Says:

    hi i cant access orkut in any sites even in proxies tooo..
    please tell me some idea’s.
    i heard we can access those by using and with the help of some software’s ..
    if u have any idea’s please let me know…

  57. faris Says:

    regrding thee 42nd comment

    thanks a lot thirtha its working, however no images, anyhow something is better than nothing…..

    thanks a lot

  58. him Says:

    hi, pls help me i am not open orkut in dubai………..

  59. faris Says:

    try just images.orkut.com ( no need of www.).
    but the problem is u wont get any images,

  60. Arjunaan......!!!! Says:


    images.orkut.com worked in UAE….Thankxxx buddyyy….

  61. Arsalan Says:

    On the Opeara Mini screen after clicking to enter the website , i am not able to login orkut.com its hanging ….! aaaah
    images.orkut.com, is something better than nuffin Holla to freaks

  62. avinash Says:

    thank you guys imges.orkut.com worked out

  63. vickee's Says:

    To break orkut block in UAE

    open this and enter http://www.orkut.com and surf it enjoy the service

    but in this connection getting with kproxy is tough bcz many guys surfing through…due to this server overload msg always disturb u anyway try harde and get urs

    If u need to study urgently ur scrap means no need to wait for kproxy just


    and login then u can the home page of orkut but only difference is no images displayed..but can see all the contents …contact me if not work

  64. ash Says:

    be in touch guys!!

  65. nachiket khati Says:

    hello! dis is nachiket, hey please help me i am in dubai UAE and orkut here is banned…..wat to do if in want to access orkut in dubai where it is banned/blocked? my frnds will lose connecion with me please urgently help me. please tell some solution to open this orkut site.please
    regards nachiket.

  66. muise Says:

    hotspot is an effective software 2 access blocked site but now ethisalath(uae) has more advanced software to block its connection and also its making the hotspot sheild as sub virus tool to give your computer a slow poison and later the user’s computer will be crashed so be careful[:P]

  67. rohit Says:

    hi guys now there is no hope to acess orkut images.orkut is also not very clear and i dont know why hotspot shield is also not working. so do u have any idea what to do?

  68. Rahul Says:

    hey guys m Rahul 4rm bhopal…………m unable 2 access orkut as well as gmail using opera n firefox………..on reffering to both these sites a page appears which says “Internal Communication error” while the same sites r working on internet explorer…..help…!!!!

  69. lucky love....... Says:

    he evrbody…….plzzzzzzz help………..orkut is banned….evy proxysite is also banned……..show a way…………

  70. KIRAN KUMAR Says:


  71. Priya Says:

    Plz mail me how 2 use Orkut since they have blocked in my Office using Websense Proxy Avoidance

  72. joyal Says:

    How to break proxy settings to access orkut.

  73. Sunil Says:

    GUYS DOWNLOAD “hotspot shield”

  74. shruti Says:

    u people r so damn crooked… lolz.. anyways thanks….

  75. ks Says:

    hotshield banned too :(

  76. mukz Says:

    hey friends….

    i got problem even images.orkut.com ….is also not working

    tell me something new guys..

  77. Badshah Says:

    Hi all

    Not a single site provided in these 76 blogs is working. Someone have anyother option… Plz share.

  78. JD Says:

    the one in 35 did work & is….. cooll vazzy thanks ….

  79. cmb Says:

    the one in 35 is working but images are not opening

  80. Mrs Bruna Says:

    Thanks VAZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ORKUT WORKS now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Muuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiitooooooooo obrigada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs from Brazil 😉

  81. asig Says:

    orkut is banned in my coll guarded with forti gaurd net security help me out plsssssssssssssss

  82. diya.. Says:

    can anyone pls help me with a proxy server..none of my proxy servers are working..even ultrsurf 8.7 has been blocked..i cannot access orkut anymore..

  83. diya.. Says:

    even hotspot shield is blocked..somebody pls help..

  84. Sidd Says:

    Hey guys just use Ultra Surf 8.6 its powerfull tool for proxies, 100% working in UAE,

  85. uday Says:

    when i open the orkut following error is showing
    403 Forbidden
    The following error occurred: Access denied due to authentication failure.
    Could not open error file

  86. Ram Says:

    orkut is not working in uae its baned – hot spot and kproxy also not working
    any other sits availble

  87. L Souza Says:


    Hey guys.. For all u yuys here…

    1) You could try http://m.orkut.com … this is the mobile / cellular version of Orkut. and yeah it might just do the trick enabling u to access it using a simple web browser.

    2) You could try using Opera mini 4.2 on your mobile phones on 2G or 3G networks.. and access orkut as
    a) http://www.orkut.com or
    b) http://m.orkut.com
    This should do the trick for you as Opera uses a set of proxy servers located in Norway.

    This is for those who have some bit of better technical know how of networking.


    1) Try finding any pc on the net having port 3389 open and you can get a bounce of it.

    **2) next try to establish a RDC and just hope its not password protected.
    else use ur knowledge to crack (I wont tell you how..)

    3) and Cheers no one on earth can stop you…

    ## Need some technical know how again..

    1) Get your friend in another country where there are no restrictions on use of orkut or other social networking websites and content thereof. and the person uses any version of windows. Tell him / her to enable RDC and yeah give u their IP (they can find this by visiting sites such as http://www.projectip.com ) and you could establish a RDC to their PC.

    1) If they are not using static IP addresses ull need to find their IP address every single time they get connected to the net.

    2) Again If they are not using a multiple User Licence on their Windows OS and yeah they are not using a server OS (any one) and using OS’ s after Windows 98 SE. such as ME / XP / Vista then You will need a good understanding on how to modify ” termsrv.dll ” in windows system 32 folder to suite your needs..

    In case you need any help please get back !!!

    Deus o abençoe

  88. L Souza Says:

    Hey guys.. For all u you here…

    1) You could try http://m.orkut.com … this is the mobile / cellular version of Orkut. and yeah it might just do the trick enabling u to access it using a simple web browser.

    2) You could try using Opera mini 4.2 on your mobile phones on 2G or 3G networks.. and access orkut as
    a) http://www.orkut.com or
    b) http://m.orkut.com
    This should do the trick for you as Opera uses a set of proxy servers located in Norway.

  89. swaminathan Says:

    i am in uae. here orkut blocked. how to open this, plz help me

  90. manna Says:

    hi,i tried all of the above .nothing is working in india mumbai

  91. Hunky Says:

    Hey none of this worked for me i still aint able to access orkut any more proxies

  92. hiranph Says:

    if you want to open all sites just use hotspot sheld .

  93. harsh Says:

    heyyy frnds me muself harsh here my college also blocked orkut i think abt reaching to it i found tht instead of typing http://www.orkut.com typing http://www.images.orkut.com is the solution for the same
    so keep trying it
    & njoy frnds …………..& if any new thngs got discovered get it be known 2 othrs also plzzzzzzz

  94. Rohan Says:

    i cant access orkut here how do i do it

  95. Rakesh Says:

    I cant able to access.. It has been blocked by sonic firewall.. don’t know wat to do… I tried al the above solutions… But is now working…
    Tell me good solution to solve it.. Pl

  96. amit Says:

    hey guys u can open orkut in small window wid help of site m.orkut.com. have a nice day………..

  97. gaurav Says:

    sir pls tellme the way to open orkut because it is baned by blocking most sites by which we can open orkut.
    i think u help me na?????????????

  98. Harnad Says:

    thanx frnds 4 ur valuble suggestions but images.orkut.com is not working it asking username and password it showing redirecting in task bar thats alll…. blank ……anybody help me plz…?

  99. Ram Says:

    In India at my workplace orkut is blocked so kindly suggest how to access.

  100. Mahesh Says:

    i cant access orkut here, any1 help me.

  101. sumit Says:

    there is a software comes to open the banned sites please contact any software person because in my collage also orkut is banned so i use the software and open orkut.its good for u.a.e people.

  102. anupom Says:

    how i can open orcut.com. our administrator blocked that site. plz give me a solution like power.com

  103. Rashi Says:

    how i open bann site orkut and gmail.suggest how i open ,any proxy.but many proxy are bann too.

  104. Jessy Says:

    can anyone please tell me a solution to access orkut in mah office actually when im opening the orkut im getting through do home page bt as im feeding mah id n password dat the default sit which mah administrator has crated is opening , i want to be able to reply to scraps as well. becoz all other sites i have tried do opne scrapbook but i am unable to reply scraps plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me if anyone noe


  105. ravi thakur Says:

    if u wanna open orkut, you can try power.com. u can send or receive scraps but u can’t edit or update ur profile

  106. Muskaan Says:

    Not a sigle proxies are working here in our company. Send some unknown and rare used site if anyone nows.
    I have tried almost 100’s of proxies, but none are working.

  107. Ahmed Says:

    Hello Guys…. Dont worry you can use Ultra surf (U89) and HotSpot Shield to use orkut in UAE…….. Its one kind of VPN Connectivity to other proxy servers.. thts why it not easy to blcok this kind of software.. …..

    Best luck for every one…

  108. aluskynt Says:

    my orkut is banned… in india..plz tell me any solution..urgent

  109. VCP Says:

    wHY ORKUT IS NOT WORKING IN UAE. plx sent alternates solution

  110. Anish Joseph Says:

    Please help me to unblock orkut / yahoomail / inbox.com as all these site are blocked in my office…. I have tried all the above mentioned ways and none of them is working……

    I am able to open the main page using :-


    but still im not able to operate it further…. Please help!!!!

  111. Ashutosh Says:

    access to orkut blocked by WEBSENSE…earlier m.orkut.com was working but now it is also blocked now, please provide any other solution as proxy are also not allowed..


    access to orkut blocked by Wnow it is also blocked now, please provide any other solution as proxy are alsoEBSENSE…earlier m.orkut.com was working but not allowed..

  113. pooja Says:

    hey thnx people 4 ur proxies n valuable suggestions…i luv this site as it has solved all my orkut problems yaar….

    very very much much

  114. Earl Says:

    Does the one in post 35 work properly cuz orkut is blocked in U.A.E and still trying to find a good site to open it! does hotspot shield work cuz i heard thats blocked too!

  115. The Don Says:

    hi guys ….. u can opend orkut with help of “hot spot ” proxy open in google & download & enjoy …………… its free

  116. ATUL Says:

    vtunnel works

    orkut is working in kerala.

  117. ASHISH Says:

    my orkut has also been banned in my college plese send me a solution to open through proxy

  118. JAY Says:

    thanks buddy no. 111 is working in abu dhabi.

  119. shanky Says:

    its realy great site

  120. aditya Says:

    if every thing is banned and you do have any thing to try of open block site with aal level and no solutin left……….the try this…………
    this problem has only 2 solutions both don’t cost you..
    this is for indian…………
    1. The first method is for those collages or office where you have user id is given to access internet….
    download your-freedom software from the link and get register to the site
    by this software you do not need to login any time to net client in your office and collage……..

    2)This method can be used if your speed of your net is slow and no solution to access block site then……..
    try this yaar……..always working but some time svr busy..
    donwload the software toonel.et from the site
    always use and 8080 as poxy setting for your net bowser…..

    and one thing more…
    freedom can be block by your collage if ther catch you………

  121. m @ >< i..! Says:

    this is maxi from india….i cant open orkut in my collge where it is banned..
    i tried powerscrap,images.orkut,power.com……nither any of one open nor workin….so plz plz plz giv me solution..!

  122. Alice Says:

    I am from vizak, India. I have tried accessing orkut via power.com, images.orkut.com, some other proxy sites…..but none are of help…my college administration has banned alll…….so please provide a solution and help me in working out orkut for me.

  123. Devesh Says:

    hi guys n gals….
    Guys trust me yar….I tried all the sites bt i m not able to open my orkut account in Dubai…Earlier i ws using U89…bt it is also nt wrking nw….
    cn any one help me….

  124. nebu Says:

    35 will work ,i am using that
    will any other work

  125. singh Says:

    Hi frienz
    I m from India
    In our office all the sites like facebook, Orkut, youtube.etc all the sites are banned with help of firewall. I tried many sites but……… now I tried https://www.server7.kproxy.com website it displays only login page and when I entered username & password it accepts but doesnt display anypage. can anyone help me
    If anybody has anyother option plz let me know
    & u people can mail me also at poonam.singh343@gmail.com

  126. rose Says:

    hotshield banned. wat cn i do 2 access orkut again

  127. pradeep Says:

    this is pradeep , my worry is that orkut website has blocked in UAE , plz give me any solution so i can open it

  128. Sheikh Jikar Says:

    hi to all,

    if you are trying to open orkut outside the UAE and it is banned then try using Ultrasurf it will open all banned website for you, enjoy your grouping with orkut

    or if you people are in UAE you have Read only access of orkut through power.com/orkut.


  129. saurabh Says:

    orkut is way to chat with friends

  130. anish Says:

    please help me to access orkut any how! i am a student of a stupid engineering college. hich uses Resnet firewall. which doesn;t allows me to access orkut.
    i tried all above mentioned proxies. yet i am able to access gmail n gtalk.; but i want to access orkut even. please helt me put as soon as possible.

    waiting for reply from any helping person!
    please mail me onto under given email

    thanks and regards

  131. kishore Says:


    Any one please help….!!!! :( i tried all the above steps and no option works. after entering the login name i am getting same page as cannot be diaplayed which is blocking in proxy.

    need help.. how can i access orkut from office. is there NO WAY .

  132. bushra Says:

    orkut is banned in my college through netguard filter…
    plz help me out

  133. anuj Says:

    @bushra: try ultrasurf or ultravpn softwares(easily available on internet).then put ip address of your server. it is running sucessfully in websense and netguard also.try it.i will make sure you that it will solve ur problem

  134. Ranjana Sharma Says:

    I’ve tried many proxy orcut sites but no one is compatible.Please give proper softwares and site addresses.I’ll be very grateful to the person who will help me in this regard.

  135. Tia Says:

    Hi….I am in UAE, its terrible when you cannot scrap, when my friends left a scrap to another Tia Pius in UAE thinking that its me….

  136. tina Says:

    thanks vazzy

  137. Jebz Says:

    images.orkut.com is not working here in Saudi Arabia

  138. shiv Says:

    guys 35. works for me :)

  139. Siam Jihad Says:

    I am From KSA..Orkut is banned in my country still i open it through http://www.power.com…I hope you guys will enjoy
    Siam Jihad

  140. Amit Mehrol Says:

    Dear All,

    to acces orkut when it is blocked trying to cath some sulution about this topic I’ve a great collection of proxies but still I am unable to solve the using the solution cause our company using a secure connection every thing is banned.

  141. arun Says:

    in ma college a firewall name seraph is installed can u just tell me how to access orkut or crack this firewall

  142. surya Says:

    thank u very much ………its really works…………wowwwwwwwwwww

  143. Nish Says:


    In my office they have put “Websense” to prevent login to orkut.
    Suggest something that could make the access possible.

  144. syed Says:

    orkut is banned in saudi so please hepl me to open orkut profile to see scarps

  145. Ritesh Says:

    Hi Vazzy,

    Thanks Buddy!!! its working……Thank u so much.

  146. ram Says:

    i cannot open orkut

  147. Sanjoy Says:

    i can’t access my orkut account, this site has been blocked, in my office they have put “McAfee”.

  148. Mr.Arfat Says:

    Orkut is banned in Pakistan xplain me how to unblock it…..???

    I tried many proxies no one is working…..!

    Plzzz help me…..:p

  149. nithya Says:

    hai guys here in ksa orkut is banned hw cn i acces plz rply meeeeeeeeeee

  150. RAMESH Says:

    iam in UAE
    Thinking to download a “proxy”

    y dont we all send an email to google that these problems.

    i think we would get some solutions……


  151. sham Says:

    orkut is not working in uae its baned – hot spot and kproxy also not working
    any other sits availble
    what i will do

  152. sanal Says:

    orkut is not working in uae its baned – hot spot and kproxy also not working
    any other sits availble
    what i will do

  153. Rashmi Says:

    Hey I am not able to use orkut using any of the proxies, Please help…..Din bhar bore ho jaati hu….

  154. Arqam Says:

    I use Astrill it blows up the great china firewall 😀
    I can access Facebook,Youtube Twitter,Orkut and almost any site that is blocked 😀 Hulu.com too 😀
    Also they support Iphone/Androids which is a plus point.
    As low as $10.95 a month 😀
    its better and reliable than free VPNS !!

  155. DILEEP Says:

    i have used all these tips which are proviede..still im not able to access ORKUT in my pc..is there any other tips..plz let me know

  156. Dr Munna Says:

    How i can access a orkut in the saudi arbia, if any softwear plz tell me so i can get connected with my dear and near ones.

  157. arun Says:

    how can i open and gmail in my office they have blocked. i tried in many ways. can u plz show me some way to open it.

  158. kannan Says:

    Hey in my college orkut is banned using fortiguard security….so pls friends tell me a solution…….plsss…..

  159. Jawaid Says:

    I m working with a networking company.
    can u let me know how to open orkut and facebook..?
    I tries powerscrap.com, but it showed “content blocked”.

  160. akram Says:

    i am an engineering student.my college has banned orkut website through proxy servers.pls tell me any solution to open it.

  161. Vijay Says:

    hi guys,

    please use epic browser and you can go through orkut which is a built-in application for that browser…it also has many other applications like facebook etc..

    I am able to use it even though all the orkut sites/proxies are blocked ….Hats-off to EPIC

  162. Bhu-1 Says:

    Hi ths is Bhuvan i’m studying B-tech 3rd year and her our faculty blocked Orkut,n we r opening systems in guests account so we cant able 2 inistall any brouser.

    So, please try 2 give me any solution for opening Orkut.

    I’ll wait for ur reply…Thank you.

  163. afees Says:

    how can i open orket in dubai

  164. VVK Says:

    Man Vazzy Gr8 man it wrks !!
    i ws using hotspot shield den ultrasurf !! al opera an all th stuff mentioned here !!
    thanks for th link man !!
    guys try it out !!

  165. pradip Says:

    hi ! frnds i am pradip studying in 2 nd year IT..
    if you want to use it only for overlook than use m.orkut.com

  166. raibin Says:

    can i get hotspotshield newversion to open orkut in uae when it is banned here.
    with hopefully………….

  167. somi Says:

    am from iran here most of populer sites are blocked filtered and i cont access to my facebook account.
    i got a freegate software for a while it was working but now its stop if u have a solution ill be thankful to u if u guide me…thanx
    best of luck

  168. Arun singh Says:

    hiii.. orkut is not working in my college.”The requested URL could not be retrieved. Access Denied.
    Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.” tis information is popping up. what shall i do to access orkut in my college??

  169. dilip Says:

    my orkut is not working i want access in my office pc for my email id only

  170. shinoj Says:

    hi, plz advice me hw 2 open orkut in uae?

  171. Billa Says:

    Hey shinoj,my advice is don’t open orkut in uae.
    Use facebook in uae and use orkut in india.
    problem solved.

  172. A Stranger Says:

    Dear frnds..

    Still i’m wrkng in saudi arabia.. here orkut is banned.. i used the above tricks… bt i couldn’t access orkut.. nw i’m using Hotspot Shield.. Bt sum times it will nt wrk.. plz gve me an easy way to access orkut..

  173. durai Says:

    i am working in HCL chennai.my concern they ar blocked social netwoks.i cant login my face book,orkut.i dont know how 2 unblock.any buddy know pls reply 2 my mail Id

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