Access Orkut when its BANNED !

Schools, Offices and Governments alike like to put curbs on your freedom. For example a search on Google china would reveal considerably censored and doctored results to suit the Chinese government. Schools ban sites so that students are less distracted and use the internet for useful things. Offices ban sites to increase productivity.
So is orkut banned at your workplace or School ? , if yes we have got the perfect solution for you. We always do articles on opera Mini, thats because Opera Mini was the very first cool software me and my brother installed on our mobile phones. So how can Opera Mini help you access blocked and banned sites ?

It works like any other proxy, for people who dont know, proxies are web servers who fetch the page for you. For example, you cant go to the market, you tell your maid to get the stuff and give it to you. In the same way, when your computer is banned from accessing Orkut, you can ask another computer (a proxy) to get for your computer.

You may also log onto and browse to the site of your choice , as the simulator uses a proxy based in Norway, your sites open as though you are not sitting in your school or office, but in Norway in Europe. And here is proof that Orkut works in Opera Mini simulator even if its banned.

Opera Mini opening when its banned 1 Opera Mini opening when its banned 2

To our friends in UAE : We are looking for more such proxies which will allow you to access easily , the current thing we have discovered to access banned Orkut does not allow posting scraps till now, but be aware, we are working on finding new stuff to help you get over the BAN on Orkut placed by your governments. ;) also looks good, but always think twice before using your username and password on proxies !!!

173 thoughts to “Access Orkut when its BANNED !”

  1. orkut is not working in uae its baned – hot spot and kproxy also not working
    any other sits availble
    what i will do

  2. orkut is not working in uae its baned – hot spot and kproxy also not working
    any other sits availble
    what i will do

  3. Hey I am not able to use orkut using any of the proxies, Please help…..Din bhar bore ho jaati hu….

  4. I use Astrill it blows up the great china firewall :D
    I can access Facebook,Youtube Twitter,Orkut and almost any site that is blocked :D too :D
    Also they support Iphone/Androids which is a plus point.
    As low as $10.95 a month :D
    its better and reliable than free VPNS !!

  5. Hi…friends…
    i have used all these tips which are proviede..still im not able to access ORKUT in my there any other tips..plz let me know

  6. How i can access a orkut in the saudi arbia, if any softwear plz tell me so i can get connected with my dear and near ones.

  7. how can i open and gmail in my office they have blocked. i tried in many ways. can u plz show me some way to open it.

  8. Hey in my college orkut is banned using fortiguard security….so pls friends tell me a solution…….plsss…..

  9. Hi,
    I m working with a networking company.
    can u let me know how to open orkut and facebook..?
    I tries, but it showed “content blocked”.

  10. hello,
    i am an engineering college has banned orkut website through proxy servers.pls tell me any solution to open it.

  11. hi guys,

    please use epic browser and you can go through orkut which is a built-in application for that browser…it also has many other applications like facebook etc..

    I am able to use it even though all the orkut sites/proxies are blocked ….Hats-off to EPIC

  12. Hi ths is Bhuvan i’m studying B-tech 3rd year and her our faculty blocked Orkut,n we r opening systems in guests account so we cant able 2 inistall any brouser.

    So, please try 2 give me any solution for opening Orkut.

    I’ll wait for ur reply…Thank you.

  13. Man Vazzy Gr8 man it wrks !!
    i ws using hotspot shield den ultrasurf !! al opera an all th stuff mentioned here !!
    thanks for th link man !!
    guys try it out !!

  14. hi ! frnds i am pradip studying in 2 nd year IT..
    if you want to use it only for overlook than use

  15. hi
    am from iran here most of populer sites are blocked filtered and i cont access to my facebook account.
    i got a freegate software for a while it was working but now its stop if u have a solution ill be thankful to u if u guide me…thanx
    best of luck

  16. hiii.. orkut is not working in my college.”The requested URL could not be retrieved. Access Denied.
    Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.” tis information is popping up. what shall i do to access orkut in my college??

  17. Hey shinoj,my advice is don’t open orkut in uae.
    Use facebook in uae and use orkut in india.
    problem solved.

  18. Dear frnds..

    Still i’m wrkng in saudi arabia.. here orkut is banned.. i used the above tricks… bt i couldn’t access orkut.. nw i’m using Hotspot Shield.. Bt sum times it will nt wrk.. plz gve me an easy way to access orkut..

  19. hi
    i am working in HCL concern they ar blocked social netwoks.i cant login my face book,orkut.i dont know how 2 unblock.any buddy know pls reply 2 my mail Id

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