July 1, 2007

Iphone in India : Look before you leap !

By WiseTechie

Apple Iphone India

I went to Nehru Place today, chatted around with a few mobile phone dealers. I asked them by when could i buy an Iphone in India. Most of them said within a week or two i will be able to get one. And unlocking i asked , they said it will be a Rs.500 job, costs them nothing once they learn the procedure. Anyway i continued going deeper and the trail got murkier. I asked a dealer how can they be sure to Unlock the Iphone, he told me that his ‘contacts’ in Apple had assured him that the Iphone was unlockable and that they would be given the process to do so.

But here i would like to warn all readers reading this, the Iphone will be officially launched in India in 2008, dunno, but the marketing team of Apple is plain dumb. India is a huge market for Smart Phones and they delay the launch forcing people to goto Grey market dealers. Now these grey market dealers are anything but honest. And they too like the Apple marketing team are plain dumb. Most of them were unaware of the new activation thing on the Iphone. They thought that unlocking the Iphone will be like unlocking any other Symbian phone. Many of the dealers actually confidently told me that the Iphone is symbian based. I almost died laughing. With such ill-informed and studpid salesmen, i would advise everyone to wait atleast for 3-4 months before even thinking about the Iphone in India, unless you see proof of proper functioning in front of you.

Many features will be unavailable even if its unlocked and not activated. Activation will require more money from your pocket and seriously i dont see this working. The Iphone will not let you use all its features unless its fully activated.

Apple Iphone India

Dont be misled by dealers of Palika Bazaar and other such places, you might regret your decision. Say iWait to the iPhone.

Later Addon –

Many of our readers have successfully unlocked the Iphone, such that the Iphone now works in India. If you too have done the same, please make a video of the Iphone working on Airtel/Hutch and send its link to use.

Its almost confirmed that the Iphone works in India now, but beware of software updates, as some of them may relock your phone.