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Jul 01

Apple Iphone India

I went to Nehru Place today, chatted around with a few mobile phone dealers. I asked them by when could i buy an Iphone in India. Most of them said within a week or two i will be able to get one. And unlocking i asked , they said it will be a Rs.500 job, costs them nothing once they learn the procedure. Anyway i continued going deeper and the trail got murkier. I asked a dealer how can they be sure to Unlock the Iphone, he told me that his ‘contacts’ in Apple had assured him that the Iphone was unlockable and that they would be given the process to do so.

But here i would like to warn all readers reading this, the Iphone will be officially launched in India in 2008, dunno, but the marketing team of Apple is plain dumb. India is a huge market for Smart Phones and they delay the launch forcing people to goto Grey market dealers. Now these grey market dealers are anything but honest. And they too like the Apple marketing team are plain dumb. Most of them were unaware of the new activation thing on the Iphone. They thought that unlocking the Iphone will be like unlocking any other Symbian phone. Many of the dealers actually confidently told me that the Iphone is symbian based. I almost died laughing. With such ill-informed and studpid salesmen, i would advise everyone to wait atleast for 3-4 months before even thinking about the Iphone in India, unless you see proof of proper functioning in front of you.

Many features will be unavailable even if its unlocked and not activated. Activation will require more money from your pocket and seriously i dont see this working. The Iphone will not let you use all its features unless its fully activated.

Apple Iphone India

Dont be misled by dealers of Palika Bazaar and other such places, you might regret your decision. Say iWait to the iPhone.

Later Addon –

Many of our readers have successfully unlocked the Iphone, such that the Iphone now works in India. If you too have done the same, please make a video of the Iphone working on Airtel/Hutch and send its link to use.

Its almost confirmed that the Iphone works in India now, but beware of software updates, as some of them may relock your phone.

409 Responses to “Iphone in India : Look before you leap !”

  1. Prateek Handa Says:

    Yesh, i went to Palika Bazaar enquiring about the Iphone, they leapt upon me like hawks and told me to book a phone.

  2. Alex Matt Says:

    Well we are waiting for the iPhone to be available in India by September 2007

  3. Narvinder Singh Says:

    Hi guys, Well i truly believe what u r saying but technology is too vast. might be there is no direct way to unlock the iphone but right now you can get such softwares which only works on mac like codemaster can go inside the iphone and unlock the phone through firmware system.if u have knowledge of C++ or C#.net you can understand the codes and then manuplate.Well at last i would like to tell you that grey market is not too far to unlock the system of iphone fully.because i have seen two iphones in delhi working on airtel and hutch network without any problem.thanks.

  4. Tanya Says:

    I am not in Delhi right now but my brother insists that his friend has a wokring iPhone which operates on Airtel.Apparently the dude got it shipped or something. How is that possible? I mean isnt the bloody thing unlockable and hackers are working hard on it. I have yet to see the iPhone but Im gonna defo check out my brothers friends phone,

  5. subcorpus Says:

    hello …
    we are in Maldives at it puts us as far as it goes from the US …
    but we have got our hands on iphone too …
    but guess it’ll just have to remain as an ipod …
    till someone comes out with an unlocking software or something …
    our fingers r crosses … like most of the hopeful people around the globe …
    its a kewl tool …

  6. mukundan Says:

    Buddies pls come up with an answer that one of u saw tht. Then we can go ahead with that. Its a way too far to decide with my friend of frnd and frind of brother saw that working.

  7. hypermaster Says:

    I have an iPhone with me in Mumbai & i have completely enquired with everyone…
    Its not possible to unlock an iPhone.

    No one in India is using the iPhone on AIRTEL or BPL.
    Its NOT Possible & its just a roumour.

  8. Shweta Gupta Says:

    I too enquired for iphone in nehru place but boy these guys don’t know how to say “no” ..THey told me “Mam you come after two weeks and we will have it for for unlocked and it will work with airtel” ..Funny guys :D

  9. Divitya Bansal Says:

    The iphone should be launched in india without any service provider along with it otherwise the sales wont take off….i love the phone but i will think twice before buying it as i wont be too happy about changing my cell number and paying such a huge amount for the phone…….

  10. jigi Says:

    hey pls any one tell me what is the price of the iphone in india or usa

  11. Arun Says:

    Will an activated iPhone work with Reliance and Tata Indicom sim cards (CDMA) in India?

  12. Manish Says:

    Wipro/HCL might be selling these phones in India soon. Earlier Reliance Retail was being considered.

    I’ts high time Apple realizes that India is HUGE market. I had similar experience while loking for iBook as well.

  13. WiseTechie Says:

    @Arun – i dont think so.

    @Jigi – Its around 20k in INR, but people will try to cheat , i know people asking upto 40,000 rupees for the iPhone

  14. J.B.B. Says:

    In US it is $ 499 for 4 GB
    and $ 599 for 8 GB.

    I am also thinking of purchasing one but now it seems that we should wait, if the unlock process is not finalized.

  15. Pratap Says:

    I do not think that USD499 and 599 are possible valid price for india. These phones are being sold along with 2 years necessary subscription from AT&T in USA.

    Normally if you buy a 2 yrs subscription from AT&T , you may get other Smart phones like Nokia N95 or so free with it.

    This means that Apple iPhone is USD499 costlier then N95 or other smart phones that come free with 2 years subscription.

    I do think that its price for Indian marke twill not be lesst then Rs.35000

  16. Arun Says:

    Sure it would be Rs.30k+ in India. Any iPod is almost double priced in India compared to US.

    But we can get a N95 or SE 960/850 for a lesser price. Also not many ppl will not buy in India if iPhone is sold with a subscription.

  17. shraddhaa Says:

    Hey guys, I am really keen on buying an iphone but like most there seems to be apprehension and reading all these blogs, it has left me confused and ambiguous whether this hyped up device will work, not work, whether it will be sold at all, and what price and finally when it will be launched in india. Can anyone kindly tell me straighforwardly or advise me whether one should go for it, whether all features will work when unlocked? Would really apprecite if someone talks sense here.

  18. WiseTechie Says:

    @shraddha – Dont even think about buying one, it WILL NOT work here in India

  19. sanchit Says:

    hey guys, iphone is unlocked secretly in NY,USA. i was in new york and found a mobile phone shop there and asked them about iphone. they said that they can provide me with an unlocked iphone. they took me to a nearby house where they had around 15 unlocked iphones.there are many such illegal places selling unlcoked phones which even local people dont know. its only by luck. so ifinally got my hands on an unlocked iphone but it costed me a bomb, i got the 8 gb version for $1040. and now i am using it on hutch.

  20. WiseTechie Says:

    @Sanchit – can you prove it, anyone can say i unlocked the iPhone, can you show it running on Hutch with all its features unlocked ?

    email me the snaps if you can.

  21. R.sudharsan Says:

    Guys listen carefully im telling your iphone doubts in india very clearly,
    You guys can absolutely buy an iphone from any regions from U.S but first
    you must ask the shop keeper to unlock it to work in india or take up ur hutch ,airtel and other etc.. sims there and test i saw a iphone owner opening the back panel it has 2 sim holders i dont understand i just saw it in video in so u must 1st confirm it in the shop!

  22. anuj Says:

    well read on gizmodo that 2 ppl paid 175$ to move out of the plan of AT&T and they unlocked the iphone for them by typing some codes. And told them now they can use it with any carrier hmm strange

  23. sachin motwani Says:

    hi guys,
    I just got my iphone last week. I unlocked it to use it as the BEST IPOD EVER, and been browsing net through wi-fi. the iphone will work on any network, but the process to get it unlocked is through Sim cloning. Its not as easy as it sounds, but its definitely possible. people have done it worldwide. One needs to get hold of a V1 simcard, which I have, a blank simcard, which I got through my friend who works for Airtel, now all I am looking for is a SIm reader/programmer. The softwares and step by step instructions are available on hackintosh.org

  24. ipheel Says:

    @ sachin motwani and his alikes..



  25. Belamour Says:

    @ ipheel
    Sim cloning is reality. All com128v1 Indian sims can be cloned along with the AT&T sims that come along with the iPhone into a Supersim on silver cards using a valid simreader/writer. Another alternative is using a Bladox TurboSim, which unfortunately is backordered right now due to excessive demand.
    Ignorance is bliss huh? Dont scorn at people who are passing out the right information because of ur own ignorance.

    Next time get your information right before you laugh at others and make a complete idiot of yourself

  26. Amit Says:

    Sim Cloning is very true…. sims are available very cheap at mumbai… look at the right place… talk to more ppl… n try to make frends there… u’ll surely find em… sim readers can be ordered thru’ d net on secure black-sites ! ….

  27. Gagandeep Says:

    Hi all
    i am gagandeep from mumbai
    i desperatly in need of iphone
    If any one have it in mumbai please let me know
    I wanna check whether its true that iphone is working in india
    please let me know ill call you

  28. Nikhil Seth Says:

    Iphone that is currently been sold can never be unlocked.
    Apple has put certain restoring chips in iphone , which makes it almost inpossible to unlock it. As apple is a partner of AT&T , so they have excusively launched it with AT&T. the only way to use with other network is by using TURBO SIM CARD> , These sim card make iphone a fool,

    other way is unscrewing the iphone and taking some chips out of it

    to make it work with other networks company will launch unlocked iphone itself

  29. Sumit Says:


    Looks like a iPhone unlock solution is already in sight. iphonejtag.blogspot.com has already posted a tutorial to unlock via hardware.

    It does not require any sim cloning (Turbosim or Supersim) and achives this by temporarily soldering some wires into the iphone and patch the firmware. Once the process is complete the wires can be detached and the iphone works using any sim on any GSM network.

    So, anyone ready to try this out in India? I’d like to try my hand at this, but I don’t even know where to buy the iPhone here. If you’d rather not mess with the hardware unlock, wait a week and probably they’ll release a software unlock soon.

    Anyone with news on any sources to buy a iPhone in India (even if it is locked).


  30. Mac Kalvin Says:



  31. Nanjappa Says:

    Sumit , I don’t think there is anyway u can buy iphone in India(ebay is there but prices are not good) , what u can do is that u can ask any of friends in US to buy one for u and send across by whichever means it is possible .
    w.r.t unlock i think mobile techis should able to unlock it now using the steps given in “http://gizmologs.com/post/40” any person with with some unix shell knowledge should able to work on the unlock method given in the above blog.

  32. Nikhil Seth Says:

    hey guys ,we can order iphone from yahoo.com shopping.
    they charges 70$ for shipping in india
    also their min order should be 5000$
    a 4gb iphone cost

  33. Nikhil Seth Says:

    a 4gb iphone cost

  34. syed Says:

    Hi every1 im also just waiting 4 an iphone unlock solution plz tel me if any thnx……….

  35. Hitesh Says:

    Too many people do claim of unlocking the Iphone and using it with Airtel / Hutch….
    Till date none of them has the guts to provide their Mobile numbers so that their claims can be assessed as genuine…

    So Loooong I P H O N E!!!

    Apple India – Time to re-align your management and do a world-wide co-ordinated launch … Now that you cant … atleast expedite the Launch in India

  36. dimple Says:

    hey guys ths id dimple frm us….i wud like to tell all ya ppl tht iphone is nt a tri band or a quad band phone yet…its only made for at&t(one of wireless service carriers in us) so plz dnt even think of gettin it shipped frm us coz it wud jus result in waste of time n money…jus wait for it to cum out in ind..

  37. dimple Says:

    though ppl claim to unlock it….i wud jus say one thing…tht ppl in us r also unable to unlock or use it for other service carriers…so its impossible to get it completely functioned in ind…

  38. Yogi Says:

    THis is Yogi from US, i have an iphone and would tell u some secrets.
    The iphone does not have a sim-card, so it will not work like other GSM phones in india but surprisingly it works similar to GSM technology not CDMA like reliance, the vendor it is affiliated to (AT&T) programs the inbuilt sim to work for them so no matter what the touts in Palika or Nehru Place try or promise, it will not work like a phone in india. if you buy it, it will be nothing but a very expensive i-pod. Wait for it, HCL and wipro will be authorized vendors for it and you should use it soon. Maybe September or Jan next year. Vendor not sure yet.

  39. nanjappad Says:

    Hi yogi which four wth world country r u in , who told that iphone does not have a SIM card , utube and searc how to emove SIM from iphone ,u can find how to remove SIM from iphone

  40. dimple Says:

    as far as i knw…iphone does hav a sim card slot on the top….bt it wud only wrk for at&t sim….

  41. Mac Kalvin Says:

    Yogi, r u sure, u r living in USA or U r living in india, bcoz u have much idea about reliance CDMA, HCL and WIPRO lol :)

    And Dimple ji, watch over Net these day big news, UK, Malasia, CHINA, INDIA, Phlippines many are using iPhone with other than AT&T Network, r u guys kiddign here? whole world know we can use and people are using iPhone without AT&T network, which made u to give u guys comments when u dont know about iPhone, don’t hurt iPhone lovers. we are using iPhone and we will use without AT&T

    lol lol


  42. Sanjay Says:

    Does anyone have any update when apple is going to launch iphone in india? initialy i heard that they had plan to lauch in 2008, but when exactly?
    it is worth waiting for iphone?

  43. Ram mohan Says:


  44. krishna Says:

    yaa iphone can be unlocked n many r using it in india aswell jst check out the tech2 show which comes in cnnibn thy actually hacked it n where using hutch… jst go to ebay.com n buy it thr r many sellers who r selling it unlocked bt be sure to contact him bfre u buy n only buy it frm a power seller..!!!

  45. HItesh Says:

    No one has met or seen in person any iphone working unlocked mode. everyone reads here and there or claims that a “friend” is using it….LOL

  46. Mac Kalvin Says:

    Guys who ever want to see working phone, this week ill get silver card and card writter, visit me im in new delhi, ill use with Airtel, bcz i know new hutch SIM card u will not able to find KI code, those sim cards are not v128 compatble.


  47. dimple Says:

    hey mr. mac kalvin….everyone claims to b usin iphone bt i guess ppl like ya shud read hitesh’s comment 1st n then post theirs….enjoi…

  48. krishna Says:


    jst check out the tech2 show thy showed a working iphone on hutch in india…!!

  49. Mac Kalvin Says:

    ms. DIMPLE, tell me one thing, forget about india,do u know other than USA people are using iPhone or not?

    And i promiss after i received my ordered SIM ill show u on webcam live, who ever want to see to make u belive on that.

    Thanks & Regards

  50. dimple Says:

    good for u mr. mac…..bt only comment after u start usin ur ipod ok…

  51. Mac Kalvin Says:

    Yes u r right, but just one mistake, iPhone not iPod:)

  52. Hyper Master Says:

    Finally i got a call from my dealer in Mumbai & he says that they can now unlock iphones here in India for Rs.15000. They will start selling 8GB iPhones for Rs.50000 for a new one & Rs.45000 for a slightly used one (basically locked pieces bought down from someone in USA)
    I’m trying to get my hands on a piece.

    If anyone in Mumbai has a locked iPhone, let me know.. i can get it done for them. i know the price is steep for unlocking at Rs.15000, but thats what they are charging now…

  53. Rajan IT Says:

    Hi all,

    I don’t think is it possible to unlock the iPhone bocz last week i chat with customer care people in apple. They said that, they are not provide to unlock the iphone for right now. but in future, they are provide the unlock the iPhone on next years. so what i am try to say don’t belive that any one told to unlock the iPhone. We will wait for 3 or 4 four months…

  54. dimple Says:

    mr. mac comment only after u start usin one….n plz read the comment frm rajan…

  55. HItesh Says:

    Dealers in India claim that they can unlock the iphone only after seeing the photograph. After further probing them , they say it is simple and many can unlock the Symbian OS on any phone , yeah iphone kya cheez hai!!! LOL As per our learned dealers iphone works on Symian …i am laughing even while penning this comment ….

  56. Gagan Says:

    Guys, Apple has dropped the prices of IPhone 8 GB from $ 599 to $ 399 !!!!!

  57. Neil Says:

    Hi All,

    It took me a while to browse through all the post, rather intresting post I cant comment who is right and whos wrong. but for sure I can state few things:-
    1> The security feature is s/w base not H/w base in IPhone and give time and money s/w can be cracked.
    2> I dont have friend who is using unlocked IPhone, neither I have seen one doing so but that dosent mean it can’t be done.
    3> Proffesionaly speaking, I am not an IPhone fan but still have enough hands on Mac to state that its not inviceable.
    4> Still suggest when waited for such long, give some more time and have a healthy gizmo in ur hand.
    5> Things dont last forever, there are better things to come in furure, with launch of 3G in India, the teleCom world here is definetly goin to change and rise much over IPhone.

  58. andy#$ Says:

    hey guys can i get an iphone from the us right now use it as an ipod touch and then when it finally comes to india have it activated by the apple guys themselves(officially not illegally)?

  59. For Andy Says:

    That is what i would reccomend Andy – given that the price has gone down by $200.00 already – it should be a great buy. Apple does not intend to change the hardware – and given that its QUADBAND it should just be the software that will need a refreshing – plus apple will be more proactive to help you out if you are hitting it the legal way. I am certain that it will just be the software “restore” from apple @ india.

    Also, keep an ear out on when the iPhone makes it way to india. If closer to december, Wait till late Jan / Feb – another version is allready in production as well as a potential iPhone Nano! …tricky situation…so many options…

  60. KK Says:

    Hi Guys,

    These postings are sure the best of the other blogs i have gone through.

    A lil update from the conversation I had with the Apple store tech in Orange County.

    Q: I hear in india we have some distributors for Iphone sales, can i buy it here and get it unlocked there?
    A: As of now, only AT&T is the registered service provider. Users trying to use it with other providers, would have to pay up the legal fees as a voilation.
    For those who dont know how it works in the US:
    1. You buy any phone, you have to register via a local phone to make that phone usable. I have a AT&T phone, and they require the IMEI number during the registration procedure.

    As most of you know this is the number that is used to track(rather block) a lost/stolen phone. This number is supposedly registered with all the service providers.

    Iphone is supposed to be released in india in end of december, better buy it then.

    Q: Cant i buy it now and get it unloceked from Apple india store.
    A: Not sure of this, we can only get Iphones serviceed here as prescribed by Apple specs – like use it with AT&T.

    Q: Could i just try my Airtel SIM in a demo phone, If it works I will buy it, and see what can be done once its launched in india.
    A: Thats illegal, and we cannot do it here nor will we recommend that

    Q: So do u register the phone with AT&T when i Buy the phone, because i might buy a Iphone in CA and be a local user in NY.
    A: You only buy the Phone here. in the box condition. YOu can open the open and register wherever, and choose the plans later.

    Q: What is the cost of the 4GB Iphone with Tax?
    A: Its $299 and with tax it comes upto $327.

    Apple has actually shrunk the PC to a Iphone – Its a must buy for every mobile user. I dont know why they are delaying the entry into Indian market. I guess they are afraid of the grey market.

    Please post your questions here, so that i could askit at the apple store. I will be back in India this month end, i have fallen to the I phone, and i will be buying no matter it works in india or not. Its simply amazing. The revieing and postings just dont describe the phone – untill u actually touch it – feel it

    Your questions (maybe) will get us an answer of whether or not or maybe we can use this phone india.

    PS: I had sent a AT&T prepaid phone back to india last week, and my sis is using my Hutch sim in it without any problem – no unlocking done, no software reload done.

    Please post your queries, and i will try to get the answers on a daily basis.

  61. KK Says:

    Sorry for the last comment.

    She has unloked the phone at (Bharati’s for Rs. 400) (@nokia it is 500)

  62. Hyper Master Says:

    so, she just walked into any bharti or hutch showroom & unlocked it?
    or did she go someplace to get it unlocked…. i hvae one but dont knwo where to go to get it unlocked…
    please let me know..

  63. KK Says:

    Some more thoughts, for those who have already bought Iphone..
    Can wait to see an unlocked iPhone on eBay India ? Try this:

    Step 1: Buy an iPhone from any of the Apple or AT&T retail store in US.

    Step 2: Activate your phone using iTunes.

    Step 3: Call AT&T support within 30 days and cancel your contract.

    Step 4: Your iPhone stays activated with all the cool entertainment features and internet access through Wi-Fi hotspots but you cannot use the iPhone for making or receiving phone calls.

    PS: not my suggestion.. just got it from a website

  64. KK Says:

    @ Hyper Master…

    Yup, she just walked into the Bharathis store and got it done.
    Not sure if u r in banagalore – if so, the location would be jayanagar.
    Mind you that was not a Iphone (oops i forgot ot mention that) it was a nokia 630i, I just bought that up as an example (not valid for Iphones though)

    I am still digging info on the Iphone unlock

  65. HPR Says:

    I am in the USA and I have started using iPhone. You might be aware that Apple cut the iPhone price buy $300 — now iPhone comes in just one model — 8GB — for $399. Apple also introduced iPod touch, which is very similar to iPhone but it lacks the phone/camera/email feature (also some widgets like Weather, Stocks are missing). I am sure iPod touch should be available in India soon.

    Though India is a big market, it takes a lot of time for Apple to find the right partner in India. You may be aware that iPhone is yet to be made available in Europe…

    My advise for iPhone aspirants is — WAIT until 2008. It is always better to enter through the front door, and avoid back-door entries!!

  66. KK Says:

    I hate to break trhis news.. but..Iphone 4Gigs is off the shelf..
    even teh website no longer hosts this beauty..

  67. WiseTechie Says:

    Yeah seems like in response to the price cut reactions, they removed the 4GB version as Iphone owners were complaining about being ripped off with the new prices being introduced so early into the launch of the phone.

    Its more bad news for India, most Indians were planning to get the 4GB one as it was cheaper , but now its gone forever !

  68. KK Says:

    With taht comment .. I had it.
    I purchased one of the last few 4 gig IPhones..
    I hope i unviel her soon..

  69. KK Says:

    Now that i got teh phone..
    The search is more intense…

    Here’s some good news.. (copied from website)
    It’s high noon, Apple and AT&T — we really hate to break it to you, but the jig is up. Last night the impossible was made possible: right in front of our very eyes we witnessed a full SIM unlock of our iPhone with a small piece of software. It’s all over, guys.

    The iPhoneSIMfree.com team called us up to prove their claim that they cracked Apple’s iPhone SIM lock system, and prove it they did. (No, we don’t have a copy of the unlock software, so don’t even ask us, ok?) The six-man team has been working non-stop since launch day, and they’re officially the first to break Apple’s SIM locks on the iPhone with software. It’s done. Seriously. They wouldn’t tell us when and how they would release it to the public, but you can certainly bet that they’ll try to make a buck on their solution (and rightly so). We can hardly believe the iPhone’s finally been cracked. No, scratch that — we just can’t believe it took this long.

    Again: we can confirm with 100% certainty that iPhoneSIMfree.com’s software solution completely SIM unlocks the iPhone, is restore-resistant, and should make the iPhone fully functional for users outside of the US. Read on for details and links to our video, and check out the gallery of images below.

    Notes on the install

    The unlock process took only a couple of minutes. From our end it was totally painless.
    Once you put your new, non AT&T SIM in the device, you have to go through the usual activation process. This can, of course, be done by anyone anywhere with the right tools (like iASign or iActivator)

    We tested with an active T-Mobile SIM — after the hack was finished and we reactivated we immediately got full bars and the T-Mobile carrier info popped up in the top bar.
    Everything is otherwise the same, except the menu system now has a couple more options. The root menu has Carrier settings where you can select your preferred network if you don’t want to roam.
    The General -> Network menu now has an EDGE network settings area where you can input your carrier’s APN and username / password. We put in our T-Mobile info, and were immediately online. (Apparently these hidden menus were added in the 1.0.1 update, they tell us. How convenient!)

    Visual voicemail isn’t in the cards — sorry. That was, of course, to be expected because it’s a special AT&T network-specific feature right now. When you hit the voicemail button you are taken immediately to your carrier’s default voicemail line though, and that works just like it would on any other phone.
    Everything is confirmed as working on a non-AT&T network: SMS send / receive, internet (including Safari, Mail, Google maps, etc.). YouTube doesn’t work out of the box, but that’s to be expected. If you’re not on AT&T you have to manually activate YouTube — here’s the guide on how to do that. (YouTube is the only app you have to activate like this.)

    We know, it’s kind of crazy, but this isn’t a hoax.
    No, sorry, you can’t have our unlocked iPhone.
    Restore / upgrade resistance

    The iPhoneSIMfree.com guys claim this method is restore (though not necessarily upgrade) resistant. We have no way of knowing whether Apple will be able to disable this SIM unlock with future iPhone software updates, but we can confirm that it is restore-resistant.
    We performed a full restore (v1.0.2) on our iPhone and successfully activated it using an inactive AT&T SIM.
    After fake-activating our iPhone, you merely pop out the AT&T SIM, put in the foreign SIM of your choosing, reactivate, and you’re done. “Boom,” as Steve might say.

    Restoring from an iPhone backup in iTunes worked perfectly despite the lock and foreign SIM. The only thing to notice was the phone number is now listed as “n/a” in iTunes. Big whoop.

    No, seriously. You can’t have our unlocked iPhone.
    Before you get in a tizzy claiming it’s a faked video, please note that:

    We show the T-Mobile SIM at the beginning and end.
    The video stream does get cropped toward the end. That’s actually just a crop to make sure the phone number on the second iPhone isn’t shown. No frames of the video stream were removed, it wasn’t a cut.
    Just so you could be extra sure it’s real, we even left in the GSM radio noise.
    Dude, you can unlock your own iPhone soon, ok? You can’t have ours.

  70. KK Says:

    Here are the news reviews:
    CCN says: http://edition.cnn.com/2007/TECH/09/01/apple.iphone/index.html

    Please be aware you are purchasing software that will be installed on your computer which will unlock your phone via wifi. In the event Apple comes out with a new firmware upgrade which will lock your phone again you hereby agree that Wireless Imports nor its vendor will be held liable or responcible for unlocking your handset again. If your handset becomes locked you will be charged to unlock it again.

    The best way to go about doing a firmware upgrade is reading websites like http://www.tuaw.com or http://www.Engadget.com when a new firmware is released to see if it will relock your handset. Afterwards the choice is yours about how you wish to move forward. Also please ask us prior to assuming if we can unlock new firmware locks as it might not be possible as soon as the new software is released.”

  71. KK Says:


    1. Would all the same features still work?
    Yes. Except for Visual Voice mail (which is an exclusive AT&T feature), all features currently available on locked phones will be available on unlocked phones. *

    2. Is it resistant to updates?
    While we have taken all possible measures to ensure that the phone will remain unlocked, we can only guarantee the current released versions of updates (up to and including 1.0.2). With any of these versions, even if the phone is fully restored, the phone will remain unlocked.

    3. If I restore my phone will the software still work?
    Yes (confirmed up to version 1.02)

    4. Is it completely unlocked for voice and data use with any alternative carrier?
    We have tested both voice and data extensively in multiple countries, using various different carriers and have found no problems. **

    5. Do you still need itunes to activate the phone?
    Activating your phone with itunes is not the only method available for activation. In order to use our software you will need to activate your phone through the means of your choice (see question 11)

    6. Will the unlock work on phones that have been activated?
    Yes, an activated phone is required for our software to work. (see question 5 above)

    7. Can I unlock it before the AT&T registration process?

    8. Does it work with 1.02 update?

    9. Will it work on my network?
    If your network supports a standard GSM sim

    10. What is the process the end user will go through?
    Currently our initial release will require that the end user activate and “jail break” in order to place our app on the phone. (We are working toward a fully automated pc/mac application to be released shortly after launch)

    11. Is it easy to install?
    Unlike other methods currently available, our software is by far the simplest and quickest to install and set up.

    12. How many iphones can I unlock with one license?

    13. Do you offer 100% money back guarantee if the software does not work?
    The unlock WILL work. We cannot offer any guarantee should Apple Inc. choose to re-lock the phone after a future update.

    14. How do you deliver the software?
    The software will be made available for download once a registered user has made their payment.

    * = youtube may require some specific activation.
    ** = iphone software update 1.0.2 is required to enter the correct provider details for data usage.

  72. Vicky Says:

    Thanks KK and all other people for the information.
    being an iPhone fan i will keep patience and wait till its launched in india.

  73. nalin Says:

    hi all,

    i am currently in US and i was also interested in buying iphone, especially after the price cut of 200$.
    But for your knowledge, you cannot just buy it and then use in india, even after unlocking.
    that is because, currently, i phone has been designed by keeping only US market in mind and also it works only on a particular wireless carrier (At&T).
    its technology is far more superior than any other GSM phone. so, unlocking is not easy.
    also, the phone is sealed, from all the sides. that means, u cannot even change the sim card or battery yourself. you can only get it done from an authorised Apple dealer.
    so, wait, until they launch another model , which has more flexibilty in terms of the regions in which it can be used.

  74. Akash Takyar Says:

    iphone is unlocked and working in USA.

    I am an indian travelling to USA. I got an iphone and unlocked it in 40 minutes.
    I am using it with my T-Mobile connection which is fine for now. I am waiting to arrive back india and see if the phone works with airtel or vodafone.

    If anyone had seen it working in india please reply. Thanks

  75. WiseTechie Says:

    Great news Mac !!!

    Maybe you can record us a video and we can put it up on this page :)

    You must be loving the Iphone ?

  76. KK Says:

    HI Akash..

    Please pass me your number.. I would like to call you.
    When are u planning to leave for india?
    I am dying to open my Iphone..
    Currently in the buy back plan for 15 days.. i.e , if the phoen is in the box.. 100% money back.

    Please respond.

  77. hypermaster Says:

    I’m from MUMBAI.
    I’ve unlocked the iphone as well.
    Its working on Airtel.
    Checked it andbits fine.
    Even internet is working.

    Took me just under an hour to do it.

  78. Prateek Says:

    i searched and found one website claiming to sell unlocked iphone @ approx 30K
    has anyone has seen a iphone working in india.

  79. Irwin Says:

    How did u ppl unlock it? hardware or just s/w method. Pl post the link for unlocking

  80. Arun Kumar Says:

    The iPhone prices have gone down in US. Apple has announced that you can get the 599 version for 299 and the 399 version has been stopped.

  81. Mac Kalvin Says:

    who is deleting my entries ?

    Mac Kalvin

  82. WiseTechie Says:

    I guess your comments were being marked spam by Akismet Spam Filter as they had links, please post your comments again. (if possible without any links)

    Sorry for the inconvenience !

  83. Mac Kalvin Says:




    And I can use any SIM, last night free unlock software released over internet and in morning I unlocked my iPhone to use any SIM in world, who ever want to see live working iPhone with Indian SIM. Add me in messenger list I’ll show u all in Webcam o visit my site to see it


    Anybody facing issue with activating, call me , send me sms or chat me ill help u as much as i can to activate and effect everybody with Mac iPhone Flu :)


  84. WiseTechie Says:

    @Mac – The method tells you to connect to Wifi , is there an alternative to that ?

    What if i dont have a Wifi connection ?

  85. nikhil Says:

    rediff has launched apple iphone in it’s shopping
    u can shop it from rediff.com

  86. KK Says:


    Thanks for breaking the good news, but how do we contact you.
    I had a good gamble at vegas .. so i decided to open the box after seeing your comment.

    I am charging it to the max first and then proceeding with the install of the s/w to break the lock.

    Hope i too get some tips like Ms. Dimple Ji.. LOL

  87. mac Kalvin Says:


    Visit my site for more info


  88. KK Says:

    @ WiseTechie..

    Could you please email me the steps mentioned by Mac..
    The regular Activation wizard has the very first step as activation with AT&T.
    I have the screen shots if you are looking for any more info.

    Also, how do we exchange contact info.. Like if i want to contact Mac (i guess just like me he would not like to post his personal info on a blog site).

    Might sound too kiddish.. but i want to get it done right the first time itself..

    Thanks in Advance

  89. KK Says:

    Also one of the sites say:

    “I’m pretty sure the SIM card will be a standard SIM card. It might come pre-installed, but a simple press of a straightened paper clip should allow you to swap out your active SIM and put it in your older phone when you’re going water skiing with your buds.”

    Is this true.. i dont want ot try anything brutal on my lady love..

  90. KK Says:

    Sorry for raising the flag..
    Even the apple website says the same..
    I guess that the only way out..

  91. Mac Kalvin Says:


    If u will click on my name coming on blog, u will get into my own website, where u can get my all personal info, my cell no, my IM messenger id and u can contact me using my website also, send me ur email i will send u detail instruction in word or pdf format. any kind of help and question u have in mind reach me i have answer for all to make iPhone work with other network service provider sim cards.

    i already did help to many people using remote desktop to activate & unlock iPhone

    – Activate means, to use iPhone as iPod,wifi using jailbreak
    – Unlock means, to use iphone with any sim provided by ur service provider

    Thanks & Regards
    Mac Kalvin

  92. Chandan Says:

    Is anyone from Bangalore unlocked iPhone? I bought it from US now awaiting to find a dealer who can unlock my iPhone.Please help me and also give me you contact number so that I can hear from you on the features.

  93. WiseTechie Says:

    Try visiting his website and contact him from there.

  94. mac Says:

    VISIT ME ON MY SITE, i don’t know im keep anwsering ur all question but not showing here, why?


  95. Mac Kalvin Says:


  96. Rohit Says:

    The site administrator is busy these days and so is unable to clear the backlog of comments that are waiting for moderation, please be patient.

    Another Moderator ;)

  97. WiseTechie Says:

    Also we do not allow free advertising on our blog !

    Anyone selling the Iphone is not allowed to comment here, your comment will not be approved. We are not your marketplace. Moreover if you are a cheat, we don’t want to get our readers duped by you.

    If you want to share other information, share it here.


  98. Chandan Says:

    Really dont understand your reply “WiseTechie Says:

    September 17th, 2007 at 9:22 pm
    Try visiting his website and contact him from there. ”

    What do you mean by his website??? where is the website address ???

  99. WiseTechie Says:

    @Mac – If you wrote something , its here. Somehow Akismet thinks all your comments are spam and puts them in moderation.

    You never wrote how to unlock the Iphone, all you wrote was that contact me, visit my site etc.

    If you really want to help the people, write the steps as a comment and i will make sure its here.

  100. Mac Kalvin Says:


    I do agree with ur comments, but please suugest me how come i do help peoples, when u said system not allow me to put any link in post and if i ll not put my contact info, how people will reach me, that why i made my home cutomize just for iPhone users, and im doing this for people help who love iPhone and want this will work in all over world and im doing this for free, but if u guys will not let me pass this msg to user, how come i help them.

    I’M waiting for reply, please tell me how come i help user, so that u ser can reach me and i can give them suppport and let them guide to download files for unlock i Phone

    I already did 7 user’s working iphone with my help, im doing using Remote Desktop FREE

    Thanks & regards
    Mac Kalvin

  101. Mac Kalvin Says:


    See im getting all email each comments someone posting here on iPhone, and replying from same, so that i can support them so fast

    Help me, i want to help others

  102. WiseTechie Says:

    @Mac – email me the steps including the links at admin at wisetechie.com

    i will make a new post, and write down the steps there.

    I will also add a link to your site at the end of the page

    You can be a guest author on wisetechie.com , how does that sound ?

  103. Mac Kalvin Says:


    Sounds Good For Me! Bcoz I just want to Spread this Mac iPhone Flu all over world! :)

    So i can do anything to make it work for user without spending any money extra :)


  104. WiseTechie Says:

    ok so when you are done email me the article as well as any photo you want in the article, i will publish it, giving due credit to you of course.

    Thanks :)

    This way everyone will be able to know about the Iphone’s potential in India.

  105. Mac Kalvin Says:


    I’M working on PDF file, ill send u tonight, This is for all who are in India and outside india.

    Thanks & regards
    Mac Kalvin

  106. Neel Says:

    Hi all.. iphone can be unlocked according to a video at youtube which shows iphone on hutch network.. at the end of the video, you can see the guy calling hutch call centre.. i checked the video at one of iphone websites.. try searching hutch and iphone, u ll hit the site for sure..

    I am eagerly waiting for someone who can help on unlocking the phone.. if i too can get the pdf u r working on , i ll get iphone shipped immediately from my friends in US…

    Mac / Wisetechie if you guys can post a video here, with unlocked phone, that would be of lot of help…

    Thanks.. :) :)


  107. Mac Kalvin Says:


    u r right iPhone is unlock now, and i can help u to do so, I’M creating PDF file to how to Activate and Unlock iPhone, ill finish working on this tonight and ill send to Wisetech. and i hope he will pubish same day for u guys

    Just hold till tomorrow


  108. WiseTechie Says:

    Also mac send us a few photos of the Iphone with airtel and a short video if you can, i will post it ASA i receive it.

  109. tarun Says:

    I was going through ebay.in, blankly thought of searching about iPhone and while on one window I came across this blog, on another I saw this :-

    <ebay.in URL Deleted>

    It does seems that the phone has been unlocked, it could be for once a photoshop job,LOL, but this guy rather insists on unlocking the phone in front of you! And for the records, apple guys sucks! just they get a market in US they blankly ignore asian markets and hence they fail miserably every time here, be it the OS war or software war or now iPhone war.

    Admin: We have to edit links to outside sites to non-commercial ones.

  110. Mac Kalvin Says:

    Dear ALL iPhone lovers,i just gave PDF file to WiseTechie as i commited, now i hope he will pass to all very soon

    Thanks & regards

  111. Chandan Says:

    Wisetechie could you please forward me the document to my email ID please? I need that document badly. Mac Kalvin hope after unlocking this will work in Bangalore with Airtel.

  112. Mac Kalvin Says:

    Yes Chandan, u can use with any network, like im using in New Delhi with AirTel, u can see photos in PDF and in my website too. People can search my name in google.

    Thanks & Regards

  113. Chandan Says:

    I must be a big DUMBO not finding your website in google too.Is there any way to know your website? Please Mac help me.

  114. Mac Kalvin Says:

    Common Man, Type my Name “Mac Kalvin” in google. Very First Page in Google

  115. Chandan Says:

    Got it thanks Mac. I must say you are great. Now the big fight is to follow all these instructions and getting the phone unlocked. I am really nervous now.

  116. percy Says:

    Dear all,

    I plan to buy Blackberry. But u knw Black berry its not supporting Java script. very imp thing is i am offertn using Bank sites to log all our bank sites are in java scripts. pls let me knw Iphone also same.

  117. Neel Says:

    Excellent doc MAC!!! got it from your site atlast… Even a layman can unlock his iphone with the steps mentioned in idoc… now i shd get the iphone ASAP… thanks for the doc… :)


  118. Mac Kalvin Says:

    yes iPhone support javaScript. u can buy iPhone Next GenX iPhone, more than cell phone

  119. WiseTechie Says:

    Ok, i have made the post here, anyone looking to download the Iphone unlocking manual or otherwise also looking to see the Iphone with Airtel in action may see it on this post ::


    We again thank Mac Kalvin for sharing his knowledge with us.

  120. Mac Kalvin Says:

    Thanks WiseTechie….

  121. Mac Kalvin Says:

    If u r facing issue in downloading ipi2.zip, try removing “downloads” use
    /Documents/ipi2.zip path,

  122. Anmol Says:

    I use unlocked iphone with T-mobil in US. It can be easily unlocked. My friend got it done in delhi. So, its not a rumor but fact that everyone will believe soon.

  123. Deepak Says:

    You are the man.
    You are the man

    Do I have to tell you again that actions speak louder than words??
    Mac already proved it and u did it again by going into hibernation. Wake up baby wake up. I m dying to hear from you.

  124. syd Says:

    hey mac
    i went 2 the apple store they said i need to take the iphone with a 2year contract postpaid AT&T connection then how r u all managing with the contract part could u tell me or any1′

  125. dimple Says:

    hey dude….u guys cn go ahead n trust mac if u wanna….n guys plz dnt waste ur precious time n the pain to write a comment 4 me….i gotta c it to believe it…tc

  126. Mac Kalvin Says:


    I’M not able to stop laughing, to read DIMPLE JI, u r great , u r super Hahaha

    Still this attitude, wow, mam if u will see this blog owner comments 119 WiseTechie Says: he open new blog after verifing my AirTel iPhone and he posted my site url as well and in my site u find lot and a group name also which i created and poeple as posting comments who i made iPhone worked in india and other countries as well, u belive or not, but world using it, and u r still sleeping somewhere in paradise, wow! u r great, i’m saying seriouly i want to meet u and see u once may be on webcam chat, if possible for u.

    Tonight im going to release 2nd version of unlocking document, which will help to unlock and acivate iPhone in just few minute without any big steps simple like DIMPLE

    Do good take care and God Bless u

    Thanks & Warm Regards
    Mac Kalvin

  127. Mac Kalvin Says:


    Just walk into apple store or buy online from applie site, ask them just iPhone. ignore what ever they are saying pay for iPhone, and follow mine steps and do it


  128. GaryMooks Says:

    Hi Mac Kalvin
    Thanks for your wonderful contribution to this forum..
    I am coming to India for a couple of weeks ..I just unlocked my iphone here and setup everything(except youtube and visual voicemail) to work with T-Mobile.

    My q’s are:
    Does GPRS/EDGE work on Airtel?
    Can you browse using safari or google maps on the iphone?

  129. GaryMooks Says:

    Word of Caution..for those planning to buy the iphone unlocked from local vendors..
    The unlock is only good for that particular version of the firmware and the itunes version.Meaning that when itunes software gets updated..you might have issues with syncing up the iphone..also if there is a firmware upgrade ,Apple might force you to restore the iphone to a locked state..
    You dont have Apple warranty..believe me..I have exchanged my iphone twice(due to overheating when making phone calls) before unlocking..of course..
    The unlocking is basically a hack and not for the faint of heart…so if you are a technophile who doesnt mind spending hours in a day doing this sh**..go ahead and splurge!!!
    As for me ..I am tied to ATT for the next 2 years..I only unlocked my iphone for use in India..and basically Show-off to my friends:))..once I come back I will do a full restore and keep my warranty intact..
    Just some thots!!!

  130. dimple Says:

    gud 4 ya…

  131. dimple Says:

    gud 4 ya…n plz stop callin me dimple ji…im quite younger to ya…i dnt need fake respect…

  132. mac Kalvin Says:

    @hey dimple

    Why u always in angry mode. I was writhing ji just kidding. Can we talk normal over chat

    Take care mac

  133. Deepak Says:

    @Dimple(take a chill pill)
    Cool down baby cool down

    Its OK if MAC proved you wrong but for heaven’s sake atleast now admit that MAC is genius. Please learn to appreciate others. This attitute of yours won’t lead you anywhere. I have already seen the iPhone work in India. Why don’t u admit it. Its Mac’s generosity that he forgave you otherwise you don’t deserve to be treated politely.

    anyways its high time u wake up from your dreams just as mac rightly said
    Good luck and god bless you (you really need his blessings)

  134. WiseTechie Says:

    @Deepak – Are you crazy or something ? , dont deserve to be trated politely ? , why because she disagreed ? Absolutely stupid comment from your side.

  135. dimple Says:

    hey deepak everyone has a rite to express their views….i didnt say nethin wrong abt mac or u…its jus abt the iphone….i wud really appreciate if u stop comment’n on me….tc

  136. dimple Says:

    thts really nice of u mac….i hav no probs wit ya…i jus hav my own views abt the iphone…

  137. Mac Kalvin Says:


    Hi How r u doing?

    Yes EDGE work so good in india with AirTel and Hutch and I’M able to use all features like Safri, you-tube, Google Map, Weather, Stock, EMail (Yahoo & GMAIL) using EDGE.

    If u need any help to configure EDGE in india, let me know, u can call me anytime when u will be in India

    And U r Welcome to India, and let me know if u want to see any place in India. I’LL be Happy to Guide and Take You

    Thanks & Warm Wishes
    Mac Kalvin

  138. Mac Kalvin Says:


    I’m sorry if my anywords make u to feel bad.

    Have a good weekend, i would like if u will visit my site

    Take Care

  139. dimple Says:

    hey mac…im sorry too….i did visit ur site….hey r u frm seattle too??

  140. Mac Kalvin Says:

    @dimple u must got my email id on my site, send me ur’s, we will talk there. i was there to celebrate ne year 2007 with one of old friend in settale


  141. dimple Says:

    hey mac….i sent u an email k…tc

  142. Mac Kalvin Says:



  143. eklavya Says:

    can anyone tell me straight forward…will an iphone and all its features work in india…

  144. Mac Kalvin Says:


    Hi thanks to write here and anwser for ur question is Yes it working in india with all GSM providers, u can call me and see guide how to make iPhone work in other poin 119:

    Thanks & Regards

    Need any help let me know,im ready and doing iPhone flu every where in world FREE:)

  145. Dinesh Says:

    Its available in Pune already. No Palika Bazar type dishonesty here.

  146. GaryMooks Says:

    Thanks Mac.
    I will take up your offer and call on you if I am stuck on configuring my iphone.


  147. Binz Says:

    There are other places to chat…This my friends is a forum to discuss the iphone and its function in India…
    So lets get to the point:




    For anyone who has the answers many thanks…

  148. vbhamb Says:

    Hi all,

    I’m in US. I’m from India & carrying my Indian sim (IDEA service provider) on international roaming. I bought the phone from apple store & cracked it too. At the moment I’ve out IDEA sim into that phone & I’m in US. ITS working fine.
    I’m still in US.
    I’ve called on my cell & msgd & everything. Its good with indian sim provider. its not just IDEA, I can make it work with any sim provider.


  149. Deepak Says:

    May I know where in Pune is it available.
    can i have ur email id

  150. Roshan ali Says:

    hey guys i already have 2 iphones one of them is on my airtel network and the other is on bpl mumbai thy work perfectly fine go ahead and buy iphone it rocks u really dont wanna miss on this gizmo ………….. this is serious piece of beauty and echnology come together………….its worth spending on thi baby

  151. GaryMooks Says:

    Hi all
    Apple has just released firmware 1.1.1 for the iphone.What does this mean to iphone-buyers in India?
    First off..DO NOT UPGRADE to the new firmware..Your unlocked phone will be bricked..you cannot unlock the iphone at all(atleast till we get iphonedevteam to come up with a hack).
    Secondly,if for some reason you have to restore the iphone through itunes I believe(from reading on forums) itunes will first download the latest firmware and then do a restore.This again leads to a bricked phone as the sim will not be recognised..
    Take care

  152. WiseTechie Says:

    Hi Gary

    Thanks for telling us about the new Apple Iphone software upgrade, are you sure it renders the iPhone useless ? i.e. locks it again ?

  153. Hermit Says:











  154. Hermit Says:

    hi wisetechie,
    Yes the new updated firmware 1.1 cannot be unlocked….
    people are working on it to unlock it.

  155. Fareeq Says:

    Just give the hackers a little more time and they will be able to crack this new iPhone too. Apple may try, but it will not lead to the decline of cracked iPhone users in India.

  156. kam dave Says:

    anyone tried with bsnl i will be visiting india and going to be staying rural south gujarat where bsnl is king . hope it works. thanx in advance

  157. NIKHIL SETH Says:

    is their any way to roll back firmware 1.02

  158. Mac Kalvin Says:


    We can downgrade 1.1.1 to 1.02


  159. nirzar Says:

    ok i read all stuff
    i got question for hermit
    if m buying from apple and shipping it to india by any means, i will get it at 399$
    but what abt at&t contract
    how much i have to pay to get rid of at&t

  160. satish Says:

    U know the I phone is available in bangalore Grey markets and is priced at 27 k…not a bad deal…

  161. dimple Says:

    hey nirzar….if u buy it directly frm apple store then u dnt hav to pay ne kinda fee to get rid of at&t…so its jus gonna b 399 plus tax n shippin…

  162. nirzar Says:

    @ dimple
    wow really?
    i mean for example see this condition>
    i got my contact in USA, so he can pay at local store and a buy a iphone at 299$ 4gig and 399$ 8gig (with 1.0.1 firmware)
    (no extra price for at&t) cuz he wont activate it thru itunes.
    i pay him thru any means
    he ships the phone to me here in india
    i get the phone
    i will put my vodafone(formerly hutch) sim in it
    i connect it to pc and run the unlocking software for 1.0.1 firmware
    and wolahhhh
    i think it will work 😕
    what u say??

  163. dimple Says:

    yeh….n also if u hav sumone whom u knw in us…he cn get the phone unlocked frm here itself….for abt $50…

  164. nirzar Says:

    r u sure abt this, cuz i am about to do the above steps..
    i got the software from ebay..to unlock 1.0.1 and 1.0.2
    i think kids will break every firmware apple will release in future also,

  165. WiseTechie Says:

    If he ships you the iphone and the customs open it, you will have to pay customs duty. I dont know the fine details, someone who is in the export business will be able to tell you !

  166. dimple Says:

    well hav no idea abt the custom duty n shippin stuff…jus knw tht u cn buy it frm apple store for $399 plus tax n no fee for gettg rid of at&t

  167. nirzar Says:

    i have shipped ipod nd stuff before
    while shipping u have to fill the form in which u have to state that the item is a GIFT and not for commercial use that way u can skip taxes
    so i think i will do this all shortly as soon as he finds the iphone with 1.0.1 firmware

  168. GaryMooks Says:

    You do know that if the iphone has any technical issues..it is under USA warranty..meaning you have to go to a apple store(in US) to get it repaired or exchanged..or have a friend living in US do the needful..
    This is my 2nd iphone(first one exchanged due to over-heating)…

    Trivia:After 3 years when you have to get a new battery you have to send the phone to Apple(in US) to do so..(You might have got a new phone by then.!!!!)
    All the Best

  169. nirzar Says:

    hi gary
    i thought of this first before thinking abt buyin iphone from US
    while surfing net i got phone number of iphone service center in mumbai
    and i guess iphone is coming to india JAN 08.. they must take care of indian customers
    so they will open service centers in india too
    what u think??
    and if any bad case like my warrenty says that u will get free service from where u bought phone then i guess i will have to pay indian service centers dat wud be worst case
    hey everyone check this funny stuff abt GETTING RID OF AT&T CONTRACT
    its way funny =>>

    Ever thought of getting an iPhone but can’t get out of your existing contract? Well, Consumerist points out 6 ways for you to get rid of your At&T contract so you can buy that nice upcoming iPhone.

    1. Sell your current contract. For this you can use CellSwapper, CellTradeUSA or Resellular.

    2. Start complaining to AT&T like a little girl about everything you can think of and force them to end the contract. Also, a mention about some government agency wouldn’t hurt.

    3. Wait for a change in rates, like text-messages rates, and then you have the right to cancel the contract.

    4. Move somewhere outside the plan’s coverage area. Ok, this could mean you must move to Cambodia but hey, it’s the iPhone we’re talking about.

    5. Joined the armed forces. If you are called to “active duty” you can automatically cancel your contract. No comment.

    6. Fax in your death certificate, or, to be more realistic, have someone fax it for you. This is extreme but, remember, you must get the iPhone, and nothing can stop you.

  170. dimple Says:

    or a better option…jus buy the iphone directly frm the apple store 4 no contract…

  171. Hermit Says:

    hi nirzar,
    Basically just but an iphone from the APPLE store in america anywhere.
    It you get it shipped to india somehow nd if customs open your box you have to pay a maximum duty of 30% that will be 120$( rs 4400) NO FINE at all only duty.
    Ok about the At&T forget that man. once u get the fone log on to http://iphone.unlock.no/
    and follow simple instruction to UNLOCK and use.

  172. Hermit Says:

    Also regarding selling iphone is think they will tie up with HCL as they are currently doing the servicing for the Ipod also.
    I dont know when APPLE will open their own stores and service center in this country. right now everything works on dealership . there is no OFFICIAL APPLE STORE in our country.
    Also iam waiting for the day when APPLE store delivers to india.

  173. nirzar Says:

    ya hermit
    all are authorized retailers here not APPLE STORES
    dont worry india is nice place for their business ,, they will come soon
    abt the iphone duty stuff
    actually i buy products from ebay many times.. from usa and hong kong mainly
    last time according to USPS shipping tracking my ipod was in customes for 15 days, they even opened up the package and saw the ipod box and then closed it again with INDIAN CUSTOMS Seal..the red hard one…which one they use to seal houses when ppl dont pay off their loans :P
    but i didnt pay a single penny more than what i paid to the ebay seller
    idk much abt it.. but this is what happend

  174. nikhil seth Says:



  175. Mac Kalvin Says:

    A typical iPhone will have a serial number in the following format: 7T727XYZWH8

    The serial number is made up of several blocks which have its own meaning, as explain below:

    Digits 1 to 3 (7T7) = Year / Batch code
    Digits 4 to 5 (27) = Week of manufacture
    Digits 6 to 8 (XZY) = Unique identifier part of the S/N
    Digits 9 to 11 (WH8) = 8Gb model

    So if your 4th and 5th digits in iPhone serial number is less than 39 (38 or lower), it’s almost certain that the iPhone as firmware 1.0.2. If the number is greater than 39 (40 and higher), it’s also almost certain that the firmware in iPhone will be 1.1.1 or newer,

    You can check what firmware is preinstalled by going to the emergency call, entering *3001#12345#* then pressing “Call”. Under Versions you will find what revision firmware is on the phone out of the box.

    03.12.06_G Is firmware 1.0.0
    03.14.08_G Is firmware 1.0.1 and 1.02
    04.01.13_G Is 1.1.1


  176. Raju Says:

    Dear Friends,
    The rumour is over.the i phone is working beautifully with airtel.on activating GPRS one can even all the features.

  177. nirzar Says:

    @ nikhil
    i guess if u buy it at apple store offcource they gonna give u 1.1.1 cuz apple never sells OLD stuff :p

  178. Mac Kalvin Says:

    HI ALL





    NO BODY UPGARDE TO 1.1.1 Firmware, its still inprocess to unlock once its done we will let u know,

    1.1.1 firmware downgrade not allowing to make any call or sms and not advisable to do so, bcoz may be it will lock hardware for froever

    India = don’t go on only news, no body know when they will lunch in india, if u want to wait do that. to apple to come but the one we have its complete iPhone and we r enjoying. we r not expecting big change in indian model. And if there will, we can upgrade anytime when it will come

    To get oder from USA and get her by shipping may turn u to ay custom duty, so better ask somebody who is coming from USA

    About version read @175 still in usa u can find old version boxes 1.0.2, i just got today. only thing u need to find out by get help from @175 entry in blog

    Unlocking is free, legal bcoz u r doing with ur own item, like u can make ur Maruti car to Sports car, and garuntee will still there, till u r not opening iPhone hardware. or if u r not selling or doing unlocking for money. its like u changed ur maruti to Super car and selling with ur name , may give u problem from maruti company.

    Apple Guys are so good, they don’t work to hate customer, they r like us between from us only, they will do help u all own limits they can. Like got my 100$ cr. store over phone, bcoz im in India, u just need to make them

    iPhone i working in India with full function inlucding GPRS, SAFARI, WEATHER, STOCK, YOUTUBE, WIFI, EDGE WITH ALL GSM PROVIDER

    Thanks & Warm Regards. I Hope everybody will undersand me. don’t take me wrong, i just want to help u out

    Happy iPhoning :-)

    God Bless U All

  179. Nimesh Says:

    hi nirzar, i wanna to buy some costly headphones from Singapour around 300$,can u give me brief info on the customs or tips and tricks to clear all without any penny.
    my mailid is nimesh2ind@yahoo.com

  180. nirzar Says:

    hi nimesh,
    i have shipped few things from singapour too
    like Transcend JETFLASH and table lamp :D
    actually i bought it from eBay
    everytime i see the package, theres a Light Green Sleep pasted over the packet
    on that there are few checkboxes saying
    Gift | Commercial Item etc etc
    and everytime i get item GIFT is tickmarked on it
    and they dont even open up the packets from singapour,china and honk kong
    my USA packet was opened by customs and not any other
    and they did not charge any duty on that either
    i have bought like 10 items yet from Honk Kong,China,UK,USA,Malyesia and singapour and i havent paid a penny extra
    i think its bcuz of dat GIFT remark
    so from whom ur buying the item tell him to send it as a GIFT
    thats what i think.
    IMP NOTE: The above stuff is totally true and not a work of fiction, its ur problem that you believe it or not, i do not take any responsibility of any events occur in future. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME. i am no expert in customs, m just customer sharing the experience. i guess it was not coincident that my packet was slipped out off customs luckily.you can take second opinion if you want or can do what i said..its your decision. i dont get paid to misguide ppl and neither i enjoy it :p. i can post photo of the sleep if anyone having doubt over me.
    happy shopping!

  181. Gagan Says:

    Hey Mac!!!

    Thanks for the detailed PDF. Using that I was able to activate the iPhone. However, as Mine came with 1.1.1 I had to first re-strore to 1.0.2. After doing that it worked fine YouTube, Wifi working fine.

    However AnySIM does not seem to be working it throws an error after about 2-3 minutes of isntalled that this iPhone is already Patched and anySIM will now quit. Any Ideas on how to unlock it further using AnySIM.

    Also, there seems to be an update on to unlock even the 1.1.1 I could see that there are a few developments on the same…

  182. Jingy Says:

    Hey guys
    its not a bad idea i got an unlocked iphone and it is working perfectly.. the edge connection is great and i can browse on the go. the only things that dont work are youtube, and visual voice mail. There is a hack to watch google video so it can make up for the missing youtube… and visual voicemail is an exclusive ATT service. But it works wonderfully

  183. krishna Says:

    hii i jst got an unlocked iphone….bt i’m nt able to use he gpre and edge… i dont know how to make it work.. i cald up the coustmercare but thy say tht thy cant tell me the settings manually n if i try to get the settings automatically i get a msg tht settings could nt be sen plz contact custemercare wht should plzzzz…..some one help me…. i need the edge settings…..!!!! i tried contacting mac but i did nt get any response…!!! plzzzzzzz some1 help..!!!!!!!

  184. Mac Kalvin Says:

    Here r GPRS settings for all



  185. Reza Says:

    hey guys i figured out the way to unlock 1.1.1

  186. Vinay Says:

    Hey Mac…were u able to unlock the 1.1.1 Firmware. Am planning to get one iphone frm my US friend..so can u plz suggest me wat are thing i need to ask him to check while buying the iphone, so that it can be unlocked here.


  187. Priya Says:

    Hi, I plan to buy an iphone, which is the best way to get one- someone getting an unlocked phone from the US , ordering one thru the net or the grey market and then unlocking it ?

  188. Reza Says:

    @priya, please dont order it from the net, they will ripp you off….they are all charging not less than 600$ and also the in the grey market you will get it not less than 24000 Rs….its better if you can get a locked phone from the US and unlock it india, cause that will cost you 420 $ including taxes from the apple site and the unlocking charges in india is around 2500-3000 bux which is around 50$…so your iphone sums upto 470$ which is the cheapest you could get.

  189. vivek Says:

    hi.is your iphone working completely (with gprs and edge), did you unlocked your version 1.1.1 with any software..??I

  190. vivek Says:

    hy does 420 usd includes custom duty for india too….??

  191. Nigel Says:

    @vivek……yes the phone works completly fine with the gprs and edge settings….you need to get the settings from your service provider to make it work……..and for the unlock yes i unlock phones myself for a couple of places in Mumbai…..to unlock 1.1.1 u need to be familier with unix or you might end up damaging your phone…….and as for the custom duties…i guess u can bring one phone in your hand….you might not be charged for it……if u gettin it in bulk youl surely have to pay those guys..

  192. vaibhav Says:

    hey mac, need to get in touch with you with regards to iphone… can u give me your number plz… or i would appreciate if you can call me on 932356656. i’m located in mumbai, india.

  193. Brat Says:

    Hey guys ,..today morning i saw an IPHONE in Hyderabad,..he simply unlocked it in 5 mins,..no hardware adjustments , no software adjustments just need to type a code ,..i am trying very hard to get it ,…my close friend got it ,.am planning to get it toomoorow ,..in case i get the code i shall publish it ,..and be surprised the price he asked 24K ,..awesome ,..atlast ,..guys get it ,..its awesome shall post the screen shots of it by tommorow,…cheeers to IPHONE ,..

  194. Nigel Says:

    You cannot unlock by typing any code….its simply not possible….the code you have seen is *3001#12345#* and press call (all this is done when u slide for emergency call)……this code will give you just the information of the phone so you can check your version to unlock…..the process of unlocking is diffrent depending on the versions….1.1.1 for sure doesnt take 5mins its a long and crucial process and it must be done with an experienced hand or else you end up with a BRICK….

  195. nikhil seth Says:

    I would be very gladfull if someone gives yahoo voice promontional codes

  196. vivek Says:

    Am going to get an iphone shipped to India in coming 5-10 days.
    Need to clarify certain things.
    1)would i be able to downgrade 1.1.1 into 1.0.2 , gagan you did it, can you advise me on it .
    2)Does the iphone purchased from Usa have international warranty.
    3)Freinds, have we unlocked the iphone wid 1.1.1 version?Is the crack out?

    Pls freinds do help me out in it,i need to make a decision in couple of days.
    Meanwhile neone here from ahmedabad havin an iPhone?


  197. Nigel Says:

    1.) Yes you can downgrade 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 by downgrading the baseband which is not easy and you need to be familier with UNIX

    2.) When u unlock an iphone ur warrenty is void

    3.) The crack is out but i would say not exactly out (GUI Version is not out), it needs to be cracked as i said before by a person who knws what he is doing or else you can end up with a bricked iphone

  198. vivek Says:

    @ Nigel
    Thanks for all the info.
    But by warranty i mean,if something gets wrong in the hardware or so , will the service station repair it , regarding warranty void by unlocking ,we can again download 1.1 and the phone will be locked.wont it ?

    And i agree that it would be a tough task to downgrade to 1.0.2 for a non technical guy, moreover I dont think even the local techno guys in abad can unlock 1.1.1,
    Lets see if i can find someone here in ahmedabad who can unlock 1.1 as apple store are only selling the latest version!!!!

  199. Nigel Says:

    @vivkek the service station wont repair it and even if u lock it back again using 1.1…they are preety smart to identify which phone has been tampered with the software, so its basically a risk unless you wait for it to release it in india and there are rumors going around that relience is tying up with the iphone …lol…….god save ussss…..well if u dont find anyone who does a 1.1.1……..dont worry am located in bombay and i very much unlock 1.1.1……so if anyones comming down from ahbad u could send ur phone with him
    @Hermit yes i saw that am in touch with modmyiphone, the problem is, thats made for OSX not for our Windows :(

  200. Nigel Says:

    @vivek i just got info that there is 1 year (from date of original purchase) worldwide warranty. But the iPhone needs to be restored to the original setting :)

  201. sahil Says:

    got the iphone unlocked and in perfectly working condition …works smooth on n e network in india.The only problem i`m facing is tht i`m not able to recieve sms on my phone though i`m able to send…
    and i know there exists a software for tht

  202. Nimesh Says:

    Hi Nighel, i stay in mumbai,just saw my friends new iphone which he bought yest,at the first look,it was absolutely stunning masterpiece,instantly fell in love with its slim body,sensitive touchscreen,music is damn good compared to other phones and its Edge simply awesome.
    iam thinking of replacing my W810i with iphone,
    Nigel since u stay in mumbai and is experienced in iphone i need to know where can i buy the iphone.(hera panna,Alpha etc..)
    the version would be of course 1.0.2 and the price limit for 8GB model.
    i wanna to buy one fast before diwali.

  203. Hermit Says:

    @ Nimesh

    In bandra the 8gb i avaibliable for 24k. Yes unlocked. I dont believe it as the phone are box pack pre-unlocked. That is insane. The Iphone still has the crytal clear platic seal on it and its unlocked. That means the phone are getting imported with a lock on it. i was supprised.

    Oh yes you can go to decent collection( opposite cheap jack on hill road).

    Anyone knows where there are good rubber cases for iphone. i have been looking for one since got my phone.

  204. vivek Says:

    Hy hermit thanks yar, even i got info that they are providing 1 yr warranty.n thanks for that site info too,looks really helpfull, i dont know any computer language but though could understand and work a bit wid technical things. I seriously doubt if neone in abad can unlock the iphone ,but i dont think that i can resist the tempetation to get hold on one , I probably would be getting mine by 7th nov….and would be trying all this unlocking stuff miself…..let c….in worst case i have to send it to mumbai for getting it unlocked….i guess these chances are worth taking for an iphone ….wat say..!!!!! :)

  205. Nigel Says:

    wow 24K is an awsome rate guys, trust me thats even cheaper than alfa and heera panna…..thanks a lot hermit

  206. Nigel Says:

    @vivek……if your on 1.1.1 please dont try any jazz or u might end up makin ur iphone useless…call me <> if you wanna get it unlocked…..am in mumbai….i unlock all versions :)

    Admin Edit : Phone number removed to protect your privacy !

  207. vivek Says:

    @ Nigel.
    Bro got ur no …will definately contact you if i fail to unlock it ….dude do ya know neon here in my city who can do your job ….we can negotiate on the charges.

  208. vivek Says:

    @ Nigel.
    Bro got ur no …will definately contact you if i fail to unlock it ….dude do ya know neon here in my city who can do your job ….we can negotiate on the economics

  209. vivek Says:

    Dear did ya tried da method mentioned in modmyiphone …were you succesfull in unlocking n downgrading tat way…

  210. vivek Says:

    Hy ppl m shocked y no one mentioned the methods mentioned in U-tube..
    guys just check it out …..u can find live demo of unlocking version 02
    moreover you can see how to downgrade to .2 fr. .1 just do lil search and you could see somve videos ..
    the one i saw was frm the guy named mokujin21
    he has shown wonderfully..
    its a dam dam easy process.
    check it out freinds..


  211. Nigel Says:

    @vivek i have no clue of anyone in ur city and as u said there are numerous videos which can get ur version for 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 but that wont help u cause u need to do a baseband downgrade which is the tough and risky part.

  212. Hermit Says:


    I dont suggest you post your mobile number on public forums……Its dangerous, email address are always best! then via email you can sen over your number.

    Anyway just a helpful note!

    Yeah iam waiting for the easy downgrade of 1.1 for mac to realease. It should be out by this weekend. Then iam gonna upgrade to 1.1 and unlock.

    I really dont see the use of an upgrade though. Except for itunes music store any more feature anyone find import enough?

    Also whos planning in gettting the leopard? what the price gonna be here?
    iam planning to get the family pack as i have 4 in my family using the MAC..

  213. itsme Says:

    hey all,
    I bought an iphone just yesterday and its a 1.1.1 version.Is there any way to unlock it and use in india?

  214. Nigel Says:

    @Hermit even i dont think anything besides the music store is important in the 1.1.1….

  215. Nigel Says:

    @itsme if your located in bombay i could help you with the 1.1.1 unlock, do let me know.

  216. Ben Says:

    Hey guys need help, have no idea, who to go to get my iphone unlocked am not a techie either. can u recomend any trustworthy guy in delhi

  217. Mac Says:

    @Ben im in delhi, call me if u can.

    thanks ill try my best

  218. hari Says:

    hi guyz.

    iphone rocks. here in chicago itgs just 376$. it has all the amazing futures. make sure u buy from US or get it when officially launched in india
    the only stupid thing in iphone is inserting the sim. u have a pin hole to eject it and place the sim. other than that it rocks

  219. itsme Says:

    thanks a lot Nigel but actually I am coming to delhi on the 26th…..Can i get any online kind of support or anybody who can help in delhi?

  220. iPhoneMac Says:


    its me Mac , im also in Delhi, if u need help regards to iPhone


  221. Nigel Says:

    @itsme contact Mac…..he might help u in delhi……if your in bombay am very much here :D

  222. bal1961 Says:

    what is price of iphone as of today..
    what is ur email id..to contact..
    another q. Reg. Bluetooth ..file transfer, stereo Ad2p profile is there/
    kindly clarify..

  223. Nigel Says:

    @bal1961 the rates have hiked to 25 today ………yest it was 24.5k……..my email is cuteprick at hotmail.com ….bluetooth file transfer isnt der but i got to knw its possible with 3rd party apps and what u mean by Ad2p profile ?

  224. bal1961 Says:

    ie stereo bluetooth headphone support…
    what is ur opinion..
    should i buy now or wait till indian launch..

  225. WiseTechie Says:

    @Nigel – Are you selling iPhones ?

  226. Nigel Says:

    @WiseTechie…..yea i do sell them…….actually a frnd of mine got some frm states n am helpin him sell it…r u intrested in buyin ?

  227. Nigel Says:

    @bal1986 ……bluetooth head set is not included in the box….ull have to buy one and it works fine……..its better if u buy it now…..no point waitin for so much time cause there are rumors that relience is tying up with apple……..and if u ask me i rather use my vodaphone than relience…….i feel the charm of the iphone would juss fade if relience is taking the monopoly….so go for it now…if u wanna use the latest piece of technology

  228. WiseTechie Says:

    No actually we do not allow this site to serve as a medium for people to sell the iphone !, thats why i asked !

  229. RAJ Says:

    I GOT A IPHONE ……….


  230. bal1961 Says:

    where did u buy?
    kindly inform..

  231. Eye fone Says:

    Guys, just one, just one of u have the guts to show us a functional iphone on any indian telecom network service provider. Just make a video of ur working i-phone n post the link on this blog n m sure all this nonsense n repeated arguments wld cum to an end. In addition to this, people will b out of all the perplexity once they will c it to believe it.

    Enough of claiming pertaining to individual’s intelligence- i did this n that now what we all need is just one post with a proof which can shut this utter ongoing nonsense.

  232. WiseTechie Says:

    @Eye Fone – We already have proof of an iphone running !

  233. Nigel Says:

    @Eye fone ……..yes we all use our iphones on indian GSM networks….even Steve Jobs didnt ask for proof that ur asking……lol..:P

  234. Hermit Says:

    @WiseTechie , have you figured out a way to use your iphone edge connection and surf the internet on your mac?

    Has anyone figured that out yet . i have seen alot of forum with details on how to do it and i have tried all the ways but it doesnt seem to be working.
    Yes i can use the basic functions email fucntions but if i need to download files then i need to use my laptop. i use a macbook

    Someone can help maybe?

  235. Avishek Says:

    Hi All,

    I have unlocked the i-phone from US and using here in Kolkata. I am using Vodafone connection. I am able to do everything except the Net features. My GPRS was activated in my previous phone, but I can not do the same in my iphone. Whoever is using GPRS, please help me out the with the detailed procedures please. Looking forward to your help.


  236. Nigel Says:

    @Avishek…..ull need to call vodaphone and tell them to send the gprs settings since….it has to be saved on the phone

  237. Mahesh Says:

    Hi Nigel,
    It seems you are the best person here to ask anything about iPhone. Pls drop me a mail on mhkabra@yahoo.com. I would like to get in touch with you.

    I want to know whether it is possible to forward an sms in iPhone and secondly whether the send and receive of data/files is possible through Bluetooth.

    I am planning to buy an iPhone but salesperson has highlighted these problems. Pls let me know if they are a common features. else if its a problem would I be able to fix it up???

  238. Nigel Says:

    @Mahesh At the moment iphone lacks the sms foward feature and file transfer on Bluetooth is lacking, but rumors say that the bluetooth file transfer should be cracked soon. On the whole the iphone is a beautifull piece of latest technology except these small features lacking. Other problems besides these are all fixable.

  239. Raj Says:

    Hi Nigel,

    I got iphone and would like to know how to transfer songs and videos from my PC to iphone….

    thanks in advance!!!


  240. Raj Says:

    Hi Nigel,

    I got iphone and would like to know how to transfer songs and videos from my PC to iphone…. also i would like to know how de internet connection works on it… will my carrier provider will give enough info regarding de same??(cause its not net released officially)

    thanks in advance!!!


  241. Nigel Says:

    @Raj, Music and video transfers are all done by syncing your iphones with itunes (Warning: if your currently on 1.0.2, itunes might ask to update to 1.1.1. DO NOT UPDATE) and ull get options to sync ur music and videos, GPRS and EDGE work fine with the iphone, youl have to call the network customer care and tell them to send you the gprs settings, EDGE works great on the iphone.

  242. Mac Says:




    Welcome to AppSnapp! AppSnapp is the easiest way to enable third party
    applications on your iPhone or iPod Touch running the 1.1.1 firmware.

    Getting to Safari on Unactivated Phone
    1. enter *#307# press call, now use the back button on the top of your
    screen to remove *#307# , now enter 0 , press call, press answer,
    press hold, press decline. And you get to the contact list. And
    thereafter every time you push the homebutton you just slide the
    “emergency call” slide, then enter 0 , press call, press hold, press

    2. Push contacts, end call and you get called again, this time hit
    decline and you access one of menus with favorites, you can edit
    contacts, do a test ride on keyboard, take photos etc.

    3. Now edit a new contact and type in jailbreakme.com as web-

    4. When you tap the address safari opens but only displays an error
    saying that it cannot access the website, it also looks like safari
    freezes up.

    5. Now press the home button, and for a split second the iPhone shows
    a screen where you can select wi-fi networks. Now you have to be
    really quick and select a network before the phone freezes.

    6. Next you get Back to the “emergency call page” and every on screen
    button has frozen so the only thing you can do is turn off the phone.

    7. Turn the iPhone off then on again

    8. Now you can go back to the contact list by Dialing 0, push call,
    then answer, then contacts, then hit that web address you typed in.

    What’s in AppSnapp
    1. Jailbreaks iPhone/iPod Touch on 1.1.1

    2. Patches Springboard to load third party apps

    3. Activates non-AT&T iPhones automatically, while leaving already
    activated phones alone

    4. Fixes YouTube on non-AT&T iPhones automatically, while leaving
    already activated phones alone

    5. Installs Installer.app v3.0b5 on the iPhone/iPod Touch

    6. Fixes Apple’s TIFF bug, making your device MORE secure than it was
    without AppSnapp!

    The best part? No hacking required!

  243. Mac Says:

    why its not allowing me paste biggest news HERE




  244. Nigel Says:

    yea thanks to all those guys who made it so easy for us……Jailbreakme.com rockssssssss……..i juss did 12 phones and counting lol

  245. bal1961 Says:

    whether we can able to open site like icicidirect,icicibank…financial sites..
    whther java script works ?
    can u clarify…

  246. Nigel Says:

    @bal1961, i tried my phone with icici bank and it works just fine..

  247. Abhishek Says:

    iPhone is now available in India in grey market for 24k, this may be old news but suprising that even people in UK haven’t got hand on it, yes some have though who have got it from usa.

    Apple is really losing big sales from India. Right now there are already 250,000 iPhone unlocked, and spreaded all over the world. So people enjoy your new iPhone unlocked. Some featues are disabled.

  248. Rishi Says:

    hello,i m rishi i m staying at bhubaneswer i got a iphone from usa ,and its working fully fledged and i unlocked it myself with software from net n i can assure its work with full feature as in usa market.i m using reliance n airtel which both work nicely.

  249. Nigel Says:

    Steve Wozniak: I think it could be more like a computer. It should be open like a computer. Anyone should be able to develop their own games and programs on it. And keep the phone and the phone services off guard so it’s protected.


  250. Raj Says:

    HI rishi,

    this is raj from bangalore. even i got a mobile with airtel network and want the gprs or edge connection and how to i get it….. if airtel guys help me in getting that????

  251. Sachin Dube Says:

    Hi Guys, got lot of information about launch / unlocking of iPhone in India, but what if you buy unlocked iPhone from UK or US , will it work in India? I would appreciate if any one has any thoughts to share on this approach…..

  252. Josh Says:

    I got an IPhone and using it over IDEA network… but my GPRS/EDGE settings isnt working… says “not subscribed to EDGE” or “Cannot find server”… but internet works super cool using WiFi. The phone is good… but lacks “advanced” settings for the most simple things… no right click menus… no cut copy paste for texts… no sms forwarding… :(
    Anyways, anybody who got their EDGE/ GPRS working on IDEA, lemme know.

  253. Ahmed H. Sayeed Says:

    I just retuned from Mumbai to Dubai with my new iPhone that my sister brought as a gift for me from US.

    After contacting a couple of grey dealers and discouraged by the 500 Dhs. charge, I set about doing it myself and I now have a working iPhone that I am able to use either my ETISALAT or my Du Sim cards.

    I first wasted almost 3 hours on the http://www.hacktheiphone.com site and after a couple of crashes and road blocks I abandoned that approach.

    I then followed the http://www.modmyifone.com and after almost 2 hours of very careful step by step following I finally managed to unlock my iphone.

    Guys and Girls, It is Doable. Dont listen to any one telling you that it is impossible. Tell them ‘Impossible is Nothing”

    After I did it, I thought I can proudly take credit for the first one in UAE to have done it myself but alas, a little googling revealed that there are several others who have done it and posted videos on youtube with the ETISALAT and Du Operator Logos.

    Strangely enough, this afternoon I tried visitng the site http://www.hactheiphone.com but ETISALAT have blocked it. Fortunately the http://www.momyifone.com site is still active.



  254. michelle Says:

    i just bought and i phone but need help could you give me number or email id of mac kalvin

  255. Nigel Says:

    lucky u ahmed

  256. Veeru Says:

    MAC..please help me out….

    This is my first time. I have an unlocked iphone…now have a Installer message which is asking me to install 3.0b8…what should i do….

  257. Gaurav Says:


    iPhone in UK is being launched with version 1.1.2 (saw in videos)

    1. Can this version be unlocked
    2. If i have activated the iPhone in UK/USA, can i unlock it in India?


  258. michelle Says:

    would it be pssible to open microsoft word and excel files which come in as an attachment on e mail ?

  259. Josh Says:

    @ Veeru, installer message is just for an upgrade.. you can leave it like that… its not gonna harm your fone.

    @ Gaurav, 1.1.2 sounds cool.. but I would wait for a few more months.. then we can be really sure what all works. Right now even with 1.1.1 it doesnt have enough features to really risk updating…

  260. Ateet Says:

    hey guys,
    i just bought the iphone today….. its working!!
    i would just like to know abt the folling if someone can pls help me….
    1) how can we transfer contacts to the iphone from my old phone that was n70
    2) i have a idea connection and they said to use the internet on the phone i shud download the settings from the net, how and where can i do it…..
    3) i read somewhere that we can activate bluetooth…… how and where…..

    Thank, in advance…… help would be really apriciated…..

  261. Josh Says:

    Welcome to the iphone world…!! there is good news and tehre is bad news :)
    Good news is that you bought the phone… now here is the bad news…
    No way to easily transfer your contacts… It doesnt read sim card readings. And the Bluetooth isnt compatible with any other device. I tried pairing it wth my motorola sets and my Laptops…and it pairs.. but it doesnt transfer anything.
    I had to manually enter all the contacts… or I copy pasted the contacts into an sms and send it to myself.. and then saved the phone links. Even Transfering V-Cards doesnt work.
    GPRS Settings is still the same for IDEA, but then it wont connect coz you have only 3 options APN, Username and Password… and no settings to enter Gateway IP etc… so lemme know if you get it working for your set… right now I am using only Wifi internet for my phone.
    Lemme know if you have find any other way…!


  262. Gaurav Says:

    If i buy an iPhone (in US/UK) and activate it in US/UK to use it here…

    When i bring the phone to India, can it be unlocked?

    In simple words, can an ‘Already Activated’ iPhone be ‘Unlocked’ ?

    ***Leave the version for now :)

  263. Josh Says:

    @Gaurav : You mean can it be locked…?
    I would assume no… or worse come… it would say Doesnot Support network…
    If you use the same sim card, it would probably take roaming… and your phone will still be active… but it wouldnt detect or be compatible with other networks unless its “fiddled with” :)

  264. Nigel Says:

    @Gaurav…yes when u bring it to india it can very much get unlocked even if ur not activated u can unlock it here..all the iphones i unlock are from usa obviously…..so there is no issue……..and yea i would suggest buyin it from US cause in UK iphones are comming up with version 1.1.2 and that hasnt been cracked as yet…so my suggestion to buy the iphone would be STATES.


  265. Josh Says:

    @ Gaurav… As long as you have wireless access at your home/office… you have 101 ways to unlock your phone or make it network supportive even if it accidentally goes to brick stage :)

  266. Hermit Says:

    i need a good tutorial on how to use my edge of my iphone on my macbook.
    Basically tethering my iphone.

    I have tried a few methids but they dont seem to work for me.

    Anyone tried it and is it working for them. pls post the link here.

  267. Ateet Says:

    thanks Josh….
    so does that mean that we shall not be able to use the internet without wifi…. i read somewhere up here only that they have been able to open all websites without wifi and only using gprs…..
    cause if u can really use the net without wifi that would be a big set back for the phone….. if someone has used the the net without wifi pls share it with us, how did u manage that…..

  268. Josh Says:

    I am using Wifi now and it works fine.. no complaints….but my GPRS or EDGE as iPhone calls it.. isnt working at all…!! I tried going under the hood to check the edgeconfig files…to see if there is anyway to enter proxy details in there… but I couldnt get it to open right.. and just returned some junk charcters.
    Wifi works for Airtel and Vodafone I think… but I havent read any sucessful attempt with Idea EDge… and ofcourse I call up IDEA customer care.. and they have no clue what I am talking about..!!! Ofcourse they havent heard of Apple’s iPhone either :) so what can i do..!!

  269. Ateet Says:

    yeah josh, thats true man….. idea ppl had no clue of iphone as such…
    but i have not been able to get connected to wifi too…. the phone searches the connection being present but nothings happening when i try and check mails or try and open any site….. as u would have made out by now i am not so fluent with these techno stuff so am facing problems so if u can explain to me how i can connect to wifi too (may be i sound dumb but well)….
    thanks a ton dude…

  270. Josh Says:

    Wifi connection was quite easy.. is the wifi network yours? You will have to know a little bit about what security you have been using to get the wifi configured with the router.. like WEP or did you use a Password.. how many characters.. what was the password etc.
    You wifi network should be straight away be detectable if its in the close distance range. All you have to do is enter the password if any and its connected… and Edge network will be disabled. (Edge is a major defect in the iPhone.. they say even if the edge is active and you are browsing the net.. it totally disable incoming calls…!!! Who Ever Programmed the iPhone..!!!! seeesh)

    If its not detectable then i am assuming its somehow related to your router settings. Login to your router and check it up if there is any limitations to detecablity or how many systems is allowed to be connected etc.

    Hope that helps.

  271. GURVIN Says:

    i had just made up my mind to get version 1.1.1 when i see on the net that version 1.1.2 gettin launched in uk and other countries will follow soon…Heres is 1.1.2 review stating that its going to be harder for hackers to hack this one

    First off, there’s support for dozens of languages, so if you happen to be a fluent Cantonese speaker, the phone has all the relevant character sets so you can display your language properly.

    OFFICIAL LINK OF REVIEW: http://www.t3.co.uk/news/247/communications/mobile_phone/iphone-firmware-update-2

    There’s full support for French and German, with special keyboard lay-outs on the ready to tackle accented characters – perfectly understandable, of course, what with the phone heading for launch across the channel this month too.

    And then there’s access to The Cloud WiFi hotspots, which is already available to iPod Touch customers. This exclusive iPhone deal will let UK punters get onto the web, and use wi-fi to download tunes using the iTunes WiFi store, or just zip around the web at broadband pace, all for free!

    Undoubtedly, 1.1.2 will send the hacking community into frenzy – the previous update certainly did. We’re not advocating hacking your iPod in any way, of course, but some gentle experimentation shows that the TIFF exploit (described over at MacNN) which could be used to jailbreak and hack the 1.1.1 iPhone has been closed, rendering the latest attempts to jailbreak the phone obsolete.

    It’ll all become clear this Friday when the iPhone finally launches here in Britain – and when the 1.1.2 update starts being seeded out to iPhone users all over the place.

  272. Nigel Says:

    1.1.2 Unlock is already out ……..wowwwwwww……..gonna try it soon on my phone :D

  273. Gaurav Says:

    could you please give me details of 1.1.2 unlock

  274. GURVIN Says:

    @Nigel Where did ya read bout it? the reason iam asking is because at the hackint0sh forums there appears to be a big mess…But theres is a GREATER issue i need help with…Iam gonna buy the iphone but the only place where i can pay for it in installments is shopping.indiatimes.com and they are giving it for 24000…Whats ur advice regarding this? also i wanted to know whether we get the ORIGINAL AT & T sim when we buy an iphone here in india? Sorry 4 all the questions, i am just a lil excited…

  275. Nigel Says:

    @GURVIN juss google ……ull find it…….24k is a nice price since ur gettin the installment facility……you do get the original AT&T sim when u buy a brand new piece….but i dont knw about indiatimes cause they might be removing it since ur gettin it unlocked…..and anywayz even if you dont get it…..its alright since the at&t sim is of no use unless your going to states and u might wanna activate ur at&t service with the iphone…..

  276. GURVIN Says:

    @Nigel The reason i wanted an at&t sim was for revirginizing and updating to version 1.1.1 One of my friends is getting an iphone from the states…Will his sim work in ma phone to update software after i have revirginised 1.0.2?

  277. Nigel Says:

    @GURVIN u dont need an at&t sim for revirginizin….and updating….and for ur notice…updating is a diff ball game altogether….where u from ??

  278. GURVIN Says:

    I know i dont need the sim for revirg…But Ill need one for updating right?, and and I still havent found a way costumers can contact the sellers in indiatimes so i dont even know whether ill get the sim…i am in delhi…But u still havent told me anything bout this – “One of my friends is getting an iphone from the states…Will his sim work in ma phone to update software after i have revirginised 1.0.2?” :)

  279. rakesh Says:

    should be byu apple i phone unlcok phone or we should wait for official launch in mumbai
    i am getting for Rs.25000 in mumbai should we purchase
    will i be able to download songs in apple i phone unlocked phone

  280. Nigel Says:

    @GURVIN……..u dont need the at&t sim for updating…..dont worry about that……even if you dont get the sim its perfectly fine unless ur planin to go to states and u might wanna start the at&t service out there…..well as i told u before u dont need to SPECIFICALLY have the at&t sim to update…..even ur airtel bpl and vodaphone work just fine :)

  281. Nigel Says:

    @rakesh….there is no point i see waiting for the official launch……25K is too much ….and yea u obviously will be able to download songs in an apple unlocked phone

  282. mahaveer Says:

    if we buy a i phone from us than how can we charge it in indian power supply(220 v/50 hz)

  283. mahaveer Says:

    i got my answer that i can charge it by usb

  284. Gaurav Says:

    Is there Genuine & tested Unlock for UK 1.1.2 iPhone?

  285. Deepak Chander Says:

    Hi.. I tried out a friend’s iPhone with my Airtel Connection. He had bought it from the US, used it with AT&T for a few months and returned back to India. He has unlocked it here and it is working fine here. I tried to even access YouTube on GPRS. It works superb. Of course, you have to click the pause button and wait till the video loads fully. It was reasonably quick. Slower than WiFi. But the safari browser had decent browsing speeds over GPRS. Overall, I’m impressed with the iPhone’s working capability with my Airtel connection and am gonna ask a friend in the US to fetch one for me. :)

  286. Pankaj Says:

    Folks, I just moved to Delhi from New York and brought my unlocked iPhone with me. Everything is working except EDGE/GPRS. Does anyone have the settings for Vodafone Delhi that I can use with my iPhone?

  287. rachan Says:

    Hi, I bought an unlocked iphone from philippines and I have been using it here since a month and it is working great with my airtel connection. However, I couldn’t access Internet from mobile (not through WIFI). Airtel WAP is active on my connection. However, I m sure as to what settings changes I have to make in the EDGE. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Regards..Rachan.

  288. Nax Says:

    Hi Mac,
    since so many iphone lovers are asking almost similar questions is it possible to create a FAQ kind of document and upload. It will be helpful for all of us.


  289. Pankaj Says:

    Jailbreak’ing for 1.1.2 is available and works. however, if you’ve unlocked your iPhone, I wouldn’t suggest upgrading to 1.1.2 for a little while longer.

  290. rajinikanth Says:

    Hi friends,

    I hv bought an iPhone from usa. i hv unlocked it and used there with T-Mobile sim card. but when i try to use the same with AirTel, i am getting “iPhone can be used only with approved sim card” .. in usa, i tried with various cards and unlocked using the jai break.

    can you help me? due to this, im not able to use it for the past 20 days. THanks.

    – Rajinikanth.

  291. Ateet Says:

    hey guys,
    i dont know if this is old news or new, but edge has been enabled on my phone and i am able to use safari very easily on the iphone…..
    procedure was…..
    go to settings, then VPN, there u will find edge go in it…… there will be APN… write internet next to it…… below will be VPN in which put the server umber (thats for IDEA)
    and here i am able to use well and the speed is not that bad specially for emails and all…….
    hope this helps as i am so kicked abt internet finally working on my phone….

  292. Josh Says:

    Hey Ateet, I tried configuring VPN for idea.. what did you put the username and it asks always for password… whats your exact settings?

  293. Dev Says:


    I am planning to get an iPhone in December with my aunt, returning from US.

    Can u please clarify me on these:

    1. Is it ok to buy only the iPhone from the apple store (for $400) without opting for any AT & T plan and then activate and unlock it in India, or do i need to buy a AT & T subscription also.
    2. Can the iPhone be activated & unlocked safely in India itself or it need to be done in US.

    Please clarify me on the above.

  294. Pankaj Says:

    290. Rajnikanth,
    You’re problem is very weird. Have you done an upgrade to a new firmware version since using the iPhone on Tmo? If you unlocked it and were using it with Tmo, it should work with airtel w/o a problem. If you’re on 1.1.1, i would suggest revirginizing your iPhone and unlock it from scratch after restoring your baseband. Please let us know what happens.

  295. Pankaj Says:

    293. Dev,

    1) You can buy the iPhone from an Apple Store w/o signing up for an AT&T subscription. Apple has now placed a limit of 2 iPhones per customer, and you must present ID as well as a credit card to purchase. No cash purchases anymore.
    2) The iPhone can be unlocked on any Mac or PC in any location if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t know how to unlock it, I wouldn’t suggest going to any third party guys who claim they can unlock the phone in India. Do it yourself, or if you need help, ping me.

  296. Deepak Says:

    @To all the active members in the discussion

    One of my friends is returning from US. I have asked him to bring an iPhone for me. Iwant you guys to please tell me what things does he need to keep in mind before buying one from there?? ( I mean which firmware version can be easily unlocked??, whether to go for AT&T contract or not?? and all the other things u guys suggest. Please help me.)

    Also will I be able unlock it myself??
    what if it doesn’t gets unlocked??
    Can I still use it as an iPod even though it is locked? (ie play songs and watch movies??)
    Can you guys help me?

    Thanks and Regards

  297. Raj Says:

    Hi Mac,

    Is Mundu chat software compatible for iphone use in india???? come on dude dont take much time to reply this simple question…..:)


  298. GURVIN Says:


    I finally got an iPHONE version 1.0.2…Super expensive but dad agreed so is ok (Rs26,500!!!!) and i already lost the box, dock, connecting USB wire, manual etc etc in a Rikshaw lol…

    297.Raj – Mundu chat is NOT working…Ive tried Google talk and yahoo on it..As far as i know Mundu is a WEB application accessed via iphone.mundu.com.But there are other native chat applications like mobilechat and appolo but i havent got mobilechat 2 connect either and appolo connects but does not show any contacts lol.

    296. Deepak – One of my friends is returning from US. I have asked him to bring an iPhone for me. Iwant you guys to please tell me what things does he need to keep in mind before buying one from there?? ( I mean which firmware version can be easily unlocked??
    -Version 1.1.1 is getting unlocked easily…

    whether to go for AT&T contract or not?? and all the other things u guys suggest. Please help me.)
    -u dont need a contract…I got one Suggestion for u…Tell your friend to get TWO iphones!!! One you keep, the other u sell in palika for 25000 bucks. i am serious…When i went to buy mine, all the shopkeepers gave me their contact cards when i told them iam gettin an iphone for 24000 bucks lol

    Also will I be able unlock it myself??
    -U will be but u will need a wifi connection, that is a wifi hotspot…See hackint0sh.org forums for complete indepth tutorials and all the attached files :)

    what if it doesn’t gets unlocked??
    -very very very low probablity…Just start the process all over again…

    Can I still use it as an iPod even though it is locked? (ie play songs and watch movies??)
    -I dont know bout that…

    Firstly 291.Ateet, .Those settings are totally screwed up…Had me fukin around for lotsa time.

    To get gprs/edge to work go to SETTINGS>GENERAL>NETWORK>EDGE>APN ,In APN(Access Point Name) enter the Access point name..Duh.Example – for idea users it is “internet”…Working beautifully for me…

    @282.Mahaveer U can use the charger to charge your iphone like any ordinary phone…But the pins of the plug on the iphone charger are a little different so u will need to buy a small extension(Rs 15) :)

    All 3rd party app can be downloaded directly via the iphone using an application called installer

    -U can delete Single SMS es using an application SMSd and single calls from the log using CALLd

    -All ur contacts can be copied from the sim using the app called Simport…Dont feed all contacts MANUALLY!!!

    -If your iphone hangs, Press the home button+on/off button for 10 seconds to restart the iphone…Dont wait for the battery to drain…Similarly, just pressing the home button for about 6 seconds closes the currently opened application…

    -modmyifone.com maintains a list of all the available applications for the iphone…

    LIFESAVING TIP: The first application to be installed via the installer.app SHOULD BE “summerboard (old)” for version 1.0.2 and summerboard (new) for version 1.1.1 The reason is too long and i will get tired typing it out but trust me, summerboard should be the first application or u might end up in a sticky situation causing u to RESTORE ur iphone…

    Leave all ur queries here and ill try my best to solve em…Cheers
    Delhi folks, the iphone is available in gaffar for 25 to 26 to 27 thousand…


  299. giridhar Says:

    Hi Gurvin,
    I’, thinking about getting unlocked iPhone from US for $520.
    Is it worth it? means can I use all the features? any thing that I cant use?


  300. Nigel Says:

    @giridhar 512$ is too much. The actuall cost is 434$ including the taxes…..well for 17000Rs the phone is worth it…..and yes u can use all the features provided its unlocked by a person who knows the phone in and out……


  301. Raj Says:

    Heard a news that Unlocked Iphone will be launched in India officially in jan 2008.. Any Idea??? Normally which make is IPhone?? The ones I saw in the stores were from China.. And are anybody having any Hardware problems such as Overheating or something???

  302. Agent Hunt Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Dont scratch your heads anymore just follow up that website and you get your IPhone that works in india or globally without depending on the network,

    Its only a fools play who says that it does not work in india.
    I have an Iphone which works on HUTCH or VODAFONE.

    Stay Tuned with Technology and grab it…cheers :)

  303. Nigel Says:

    @Agent Hunt…wow…well advertised…..now we will surely go ahead an buy the phone from your site :P

  304. Josh Says:

    @Agent Hunt, Nigel : That is kinda hillarious :)

  305. Josh Says:

    cool Captcha thingy..!
    Anyone have any luck with GPRS EDGE settings on IDEA network?

  306. Raj Says:

    Do Original Apple Iphone come from China???????

  307. Nigel Says:

    @Raj its made in china and designed in Cali

  308. Ajax Says:

    Guys, I bought an iphone in US and guess what, I got the 1.1.2 OTB with bootloader 4.x. Nobody in Palika can crack that! I have jailbroken it so everything except the SIM functions work but then again its supposed to be an iphone and not an ipod! :-( Let me know if anyone can help!

  309. kay Says:

    hey guys
    m gettin an iphone 2mrow from the US.it is a locked 1. plz let me know how to proceed after i get it. step by step procedure. consider me a dummy and guide me guyz……….
    anxiously waitin for both the fone nd the tips guyz

  310. Hermit Says:


    Just google about jailbreakme or log on to modmyifone

    They have everything.

    Its 2 easy steps and your done!

  311. giridhar Says:

    The new iphone can’t be unlcoked.
    They upgraded their baseband firmware so phone can’t be used, but it can be used as ipod and web browser thats all

  312. josh Says:

    funny how people just post the same questions over and over again..!!! read the comments fellas and save some webpage length :)

    On fresh unresolved questions : ANYONE got a working EDGE connection for IDEA network on thier iPhones?

  313. Nigel Says:

    @josh…..ur so right bro…..the lengths juss increasing by the day…..i think a FAQ section should start out here…. :D

  314. WiseTechie Says:

    if anyone can compile it into a FAQ, it would be great for all the readers, email me at admin at wisetechie dot com if anyone can compile the Qs and As

  315. Pankaj Says:

    There are plenty of FAQs on iPhones.

    Noobs: http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=14352

    OTB 1.1.2 (with TurboSim): http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=17738&highlight=turbo

    How to check Bootloader (Windows but Mac version is really easy to figure out from this):http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=16285

    FAQ and 1.1.2 info: http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=18493

    There’s plenty more.

    BTW, my cousin just dropped off his week 41 production phone. The box is the old style box (no iTunes icon), and week 41 should be shipping with 1.1.1 and the old bootloader but guess what – new boot loader and firmware 1.1.2 – NOT going to be able to unlock his phone for him so I told him to find out if he can pick up a TurboSim at Palika or Nehru Place

    I hope this helps.

  316. Mahesh Says:

    Can someone give me a contact for getting Iphone unlocked. I just got one from US and I think it is version 1.1.2. I am in mumbai .

  317. tarun Says:

    I have a few queries, would like ur suggestions,

    1. Where can I buy an iPhone in Delhi and for how much?
    2. (important one!) Do I need to keep anything in mind before buying it?


  318. Madhav Says:

    anyone has edge working on vodafone/hutch(delhi) ??????????
    pls tell me d settings.. pls help………

  319. Hermit Says:


    i think the Vodafone all over india the setting are the same.

    just type www in the server
    no username
    no password

    should work fine…

  320. RoyalKarthik Says:

    Apple hasn’t introduced iPhone officially in India but you can grab one from Palika Bazaar of Delhi or Heera Panna shopping complex of Mumbai

  321. aman Says:

    iphone is a real gud thing

  322. Shyam Says:

    How much will i get an 8gb iphone for in mumbai??
    people are saying 25000-30000
    shud i wait 4 the official launch?

  323. kush Says:

    sir what launching programe in india i phone and prize range specility and indiane market avibility in indore and other city

  324. Mr.MAC Says:

    Alright guys, as a user of an iphone in India, Bangalore with Airtel and using Airtel GPRS as my edge for my iphone, one piece of advise is this. The iphone is just one piece of equipment however there is a whole bunch of stuff (feature upgrades et all) going into it through Firmware upgrades. If you buy an Iphone, you need to look for one which currently has a patch. A patch is for free, just google “Jailbreak iphone” and the process even for a technical Duh should not take over 10 minutes. Current iphone revision is firware 1.1.3 and the jailbreak for that isnt out as yet. Will be by Feb 2008 when apple releases the SDK for third party app support. Again for all you wannabe official iphone owners, bad news is Iphone will not release in end till even 3 Q, 2008. One solid piece of input is, as much as its a great phone and the interface is quite unlike anything on any phone yet, it has its own shortfalls. Several things I could do with my Nokia’s and Sony Ericsson’s of the past , I cant with my iphone, simple things such as bluetooth transfer of a song from a friend. So evaluate your priority given the equipment isnt cheap. I got mine shipped in from US for 17k INR and patched it at home. For that price I can get a SE P1i in india officially which has most of the features and maybe more….. So like i said, its not abt holding the fancy thing in ur hands, its what you intend to do with it…… thanks

  325. Mr.MAC Says:

    Yeah and answering Raj above, all Iphones are “designed” in California and “made” in China…. So is all ipods and MAC’s and anything apple you can buy in India. But…”Made in China” doesnt mean its a poor quality equipment, mind you.

  326. Raj Says:

    HI Mac…..

    Can u suggest me some software for formating Mpeg format to iphone video (mp4)format??? is there any site from wher i can download for FREE!!!!!!

  327. Mr.Mac Says:

    Hi Raj, well there are so many apps to convert video for iphone. Free one being Itunes of course! But thats as long as the video you’re wanting to convert is a compatible Itunes format. Then there is this one thats free, “Videora” iphone coverter – > http://www.videora.com/en-us/Converter/iPhone/ – > Thats the link. Several other “Shareware” ones are there as well. I use something called Xilisoft converter, pretty neat and fast but you need to buy a license. Again if you know what i mean you can get a “Licensed” one from Torrents…. thx

    Ps: Pirating software is illegal. Use torrents to try a piece of s/w. If you use it and its good, please buy it :) Software costs like 10 USD and 20 USD and the phones we buy are like 400 USD!!!

  328. Abhishek Says:

    I just jailbreaked 1.1.3 using iBrickr 1.1.3 special edition. Ringtones,new google maps,new wiggle feature in springboard,etc all that stuff works! If youre familiar with jailbreaking, etc go for it. You may have a couple of glitches, but there are fixes for all of those in BigBoss’ repository.

  329. tarun Says:

    Hi Abhishek! Congrats for your jailbreak!! I have some queries and I guess you or any other expert here would help me out, I am getting an iPhone ver.1.1.3 from USA in a week, Will I be able to jailbreak it and use my vodaphone connection on my iPhone. Or are these methods only for upgraded sets only? I am in New Delhi. Please revert, thanks!!

  330. tarun Says:

    There is another important thing I want to ask is, do I need to to buy ‘anysim’ card I read about at some forum or any such thing or just software unlocking is enough? Thanks.

  331. dhaval Says:

    Hi, ive seen many guys buying iphones in alfa & heera panna in mumbai, can some one tell me is it possible to use GPRS on voafone? or i need wifi, secodnly, what happens if it again unclocked?? is it a paper weight? or can it be unlocked again?

  332. Pankaj Says:

    331. dhaval,
    all your questions (from what I can understand of your wonderfully written english) have been answered multiple times not just all over the web but in the comments right above. You might want to try researching before asking questions that have already been answered.

  333. Pankaj Says:

    328. Abhishek,
    Google Maps Location service will not work. This feature will only work with official carriers like AT&T, O2, etc.

  334. Nitin Says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    I gotta Iphone from US & get it unlocked from Gaffar market in delhi…They hv downgraded it to ver 1.1.2 but I am facing Network problem…It goes off for 2-3 seconds & that happens approx 5-7 times a day…moreover if someone call me during this period, then I dont receive any call but other person can actually listen to my caller tune & beleive that I recd the call.. I would appreciate if you can provide any help….

  335. tarun Says:

    334. Nitin

    Nitin, I am in Delhi too and I am getting an iPhone next week, which will be out of the box version 1.1.3, could you please forward me the contact of the guy you got your phone unlocked from? I don’t feel like going there just like that coz I think you would be a better person to guide me. My email ID is born_star_tarun@yahoo.com, please revert back! Also let me know how much you paid that guy etc.

  336. Abhishek Says:

    Google maps location feature DOES work. All you gotta do is run any other location app like Navizon or Locateme and then try google maps. It DOES find the location. I’m on 1.1.3. It works. Plain and simple.
    1.1.3 OTB is unlockable right now (even hardware) so you will not be able to use it as a phone. For hardware unlocking you need the secpack of a higher firmware. so u will have to wait for the next firmware to be released.
    its possible that your baseband is corrupt. Please specify details of your phone, the bootloader version,etc, and whether it was OTB 1.1.2,etc. If your bootloader is 3.9, it can probably be fixed by redoing the unlock.

  337. Mr.Mac Says:

    Jailbroke into 1.1.3 yesterday. But google maps doesnt work and Navizon and locateme time out as well…. If you got your google maps working, let me know what settings you got if you will pls. Carrier? GPRS enabled?

    FYI to all… Personal experience in 1.1.3 – > Bad. Recommendation : Dont yet. Couple of things… a) No Summerboard (themes for iphones). b) SMSD, ISMS doesnt work – > SMS management to delete independent SMS. c) cannot install Customize and sendsong – > tools to customize iphone and set mp3 as ringtone from phone. Plus once i got into 1.1.3, my phone stopped ringing….! Freaked but found out that the update wiped out my ringtones. I got them back in. But you need to deal with tools like WinSCP, which isnt too bad, but not for a tech duh for sure and plus you NEED a wifi network to SCP into the phone. Plus I had to tweak around and fix my EDGE settings for it to work, which worked great on my 1.1.1. Also support for .mp3 format as ringtone ceased in 1.1.3. Needs to be .m4r.

    Bottomline : Thru personal experience I advise to stay off 1.1.3 for now. Most features are available as apps on 1.1.1 or 1.1.2. So not a great deal. Also if you upgrade to 1.1.3 and hate it, the procedure to return back to 1.1.1 is tedious.

  338. AMIT Says:

    i have apple iphone version 1.1.1. and have airtel connection, I wan to know how to activate WIFI and EDGE in airtel
    2) I want to transfer songs from pc to my apple iphone and i have apple itunes 7.6 but how can i transfer the songs. When i connect USB which i received with the phone what need to be done after that. there is no option of sync. I have to transfer songs, videos from pc to my apple iphone pls help

  339. Shankar Says:

    Hey guys,

    I have got myself an iphone from the US. I am based out of Mumbai. Where can I get the phone unlocked in Mumbai?

  340. Raj Says:

    Hi, I bought an Unlocked version of Iphone in India. Firmware version is 1.1.3. which version of itunes software can i use safely for this phone? It should not upgrade the firmware directly…

  341. Hermit Says:

    Guys They’ve just released the 16gb iphone…

    Bloody idiots…. and its for 499$ + 8% tax…

    Dream on guys….

  342. Hermit Says:


    you have to transfer the songs into your itunes of your machine and make playlist for each album/genre you want.

    Once your done with that connect you iphone and click on the iphone in itunes, on the right you will see different tab’s, click on the music and click on the playlist u want to sync to your ipod.

    You can sync only iphone to only 1 itunes libary, that means you cant connect the iphone to different computers to transfer music. just 1 computer…

    take care and done update the firmware when itunes ask you to. SAY NO…

  343. avinash Says:

    hi all,

    I am planning to buy 8 gb Iphone from US .. I am just afraid what if they give me 1.1.3 firmware.. Can we unlock it in India easily and use all the cool feature it has.. ? .. Once If Iphone get release in India. can we make my current Iphone in workable condition with all the functionality. Will Apple refuse to get it serviced ?

  344. Raj Says:

    Hi Mac,
    I have a iphone and i m located in bangalore… my version is 1.0.2 and when i connect it to itunes it says… there is a new version 1.1.3 and it asks me to upgrade… can i upgrade or should i wait….

  345. AMIT Says:

    I am not able to connect to EDGE. I have airtel network and gprs and mobile office is activated and I am able to use GPRS service on another handset. In general>network>Edge when I tye APN address airtelgprs.com and when I go bank and I try to use edge service I am getting error message; ” Edge is not activate. You are not subsribed to EDGE service’

    My wifi i also off when i use EDGE Pls help me

    There is an Icon on my phone Edge service and when I click ‘ON’ not proper setting and i got 4 option
    1) AT &t
    2) T-Mobile Communication
    3) T-mobile and T-zone
    4) other

    Pls hep me

  346. dhruv Says:

    iv jus got a iphone 1.3 version and have no idea as to wher to get it unlocked from ….. ??? help…..

  347. Nigel Says:

    @dhruv where u from ?

  348. Vijay Says:

    When is the iPhone officially available in india?

  349. BB Says:

    yea…my dumb wife bought me one from the US along with a AT&T subscription…. :-( …typical dumb daughter of a rich father…..

    Anyone interested in buying back from me?

  350. tarun Says:

    Hi BB, Which version it is? where are you located? can i see the phone before i buy it? and how much you are expecting?

  351. Nitin Says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    I cannot find the bootloader details on my phone… where can i find it???
    Moreover, is there a possibility of cloned Xsim used, which is creating network problems….

    Kindly advice

  352. Adil Says:


  353. Abhishek Says:


    You can install a package called bbinfo or install bbupdater and run “bbupdater -v” from the terminal or ssh to check the version of the bootloader. If your iphone was a 1.1.2 OTB (week 45 or more) or above then you can be sure that its bootloader 4.6.
    And regarding these turbosims,xsims,etc, dont even bother using them. U can unlock the phone no matter which firmware you are. Use ziphone (ziphone.org) for activation,jailbreaking, unlocking (or even downgrading bootloader to 3.9 if you want). Seems to be the easiest tool around.Hope this helps.

    LOL I didnt know the iphone had an “Anti Virus Update” :D and I guess everyone knows that every version in unlockable (even 1.1.4 now! see iclarified.com for details). Enjoy!

  354. ateet Says:

    has anyone been able to get ringtones for the phone? please let me know…..

  355. mohan Says:

    this is mohan from hyderabad.
    i have many queries to pst u.i think u will clarify my doubts.
    1.does iphone in india works?
    2.I heared that some of the features does not support in india.suppose if the latest verson is released,does the features support?
    3.what will be the cost od the iphone in india/ usa?
    with 4GB/8GB…..

    waiting for ur reply.

  356. Nitin Says:

    Hi Mohan,

    – Iphone works perfectly alrit in India
    – All the features support…no probs…
    – It will cost $432 (17,000INR) for 8 GB in U.S but any unlocked Iphone will cost u arnd 23-25K in India

  357. Shakeeb Says:

    FYI to all…

    I phone is able to configure exchange server mail….


  358. Rahul Says:

    Surprising to see such a HUGE thread on iPhone. I am in New York City and the date now is Mar 17, 2008. You guys figure out what version of the software Apple has on it’s iPhone on this date.

    iPhone has 2 features to be unlocked -SIM card & Software.

    SIM card – has to be unlocked as the default iPhone comes with a AT&T data plan

    Software – has to be unlocked to be able to use the phone to download utilities from the internet and use them on the phone.


    My friends all have unlocked both, there are some tools available from some of the Chinese websites to unlock the iPhone.

    Note: I don’t own the iPhone, I’m not fascinated by gadgets. I am not visiting this thread anymore.

  359. kamdave Says:

    one of u wise techie come up with a indian flag icon for slider or better yet make a indian theme for the phone. i hear unlock phone is coming to Hindustan.

  360. Sam Says:

    any idea wen the iphone will be officially releases in India ?

  361. anki Says:

    hey guys i go an unlocd version of ifone frm 6months back n its wroking perfectly in india with airtel network…but just 2 days back i dropped my fone by mistake n its power on-off button got pushed inside n now tht button is not functioning…my phone is functioninly perfectly well but just tht button has stuck inside n m unable to press it…can anybody in india help me out with me problem…plsss replyy…

  362. aashish Says:

    hi, i am from delhi and i am about to buy an 8gb iphone , can you guys advice me from
    1)where should i buy it ,
    2)how should i get it unlocked,
    3)can i use my existing vodafone sim
    4)are there any long term problems on it
    5)can i install any software on it
    6)does it have pdf reader.
    i will be highly thankful if somebody replies me at earliest

  363. Mohit Anand Says:

    Got my iphone from US, unlocked it myself at home using ziphone software and it’s working great with my vodafone connection. All features active. But I am unable to configure EDGE services, vodafone says no settings available for this mobile yet.

  364. mayank Says:

    hey dost plz sumbody help me,,
    i hav a i phone,but could not configure its EDGE setting,i use IDEA netwrk in up,allahabad..
    customer care dont hav any idea about apple iphone,they says your set dosent support EDGE,and near call center says this phone is useless,
    now you pepol tel what the hell they say,,
    plz sumbody help me,,

  365. Rocky S Says:

    My frend Mayank
    U do Not Require edge as such for any use
    just b in a place with wifi and everything will be fine

  366. Adil Says:

    Dear Mayank
    I have iphone and i m using in Agra (U.P.), my edge is working perfectly just go to edge setting and type APN name (internet) an then restart the phone, ur problem will fix. Enjoy !

    can anyone tell me the gmail or yahoo messenger for iphone, i dont wanna use meebo, beejive and others, apollo don’t have it, so any other extra.

    Thanx in Advance.

  367. Anshul Says:

    u can use Fring on your iphone….here s the link..

  368. Adil Says:

    Thanx Anshul. that’s really great…

    can u also tell me free working of IDEA GPRS. really appreciate.

  369. Anshul Says:

    sorry dude…i’ve never used IDEA

  370. Adil Says:

    ok anshul do u know any site for iphone from where i can download application to my iphone to access my firewall or server via gprs or wifi.

  371. Anshul Says:

    I did not get your question..what do u want to do? please explain in detail…

  372. Anshul Says:

    which firewall or server u want to access??…what i can understand is that u’ve created a server on your PC and want to access it using iphone?? am i correct?

  373. Adil Says:

    I need some RDP application in iphone, from which i can access my server via global ip and and access the desktop my of server.

    i hope now i m clear.

  374. Anshul Says:

    here s an application for remote desktop…


  375. Nandha chitturi Says:

    I Have a iphone 8GB my sister bought it for me and I unlocked it by my self by talking bit risk but confident enough to unlock by using Jill breaker …etc software’s available in some torrent sites it was working perfectly with out any issues I also upgraded OS using my Mac air Note book with 1.1.2 OS version bcos 1.1.3 got some OS crash issues before it was 1.1.1 OS ver now Latest was 1.1.4 .I want to say that iphone is not CDMA phone it was 4th generation GSM
    With Quad band .I am able to surf internet very easily. I have never faced any problems with my iphone. I am thinking to upgrade my iphone with 11.4 OS ver bcos it coupled with some amazing plug-in’s .

  376. Karthick Says:

    I got an iphone :-)

  377. WiseTechie Says:

    Congrats Karthick !

    What operator are you using it with ?

  378. Vic Says:

    I had read from some reliable sources that iPhone would be LAUNCHED OFFICIALLY in India around Diwali Season i.e. around Oct- Nov 2008.

  379. goswami Says:

    myself goswami
    i am using my iphone with airtel i bought it from U.K and also unlocked it there only Iused it there for 1month and now i am using it in INDIA With Airtel and iam going to buy one idea postpaid which will support me for using EDGE network in Iphone

  380. goswami Says:

    but anyone can giv me guidence for internet provider so i can use in iphonr besause iphone only support Edge network

  381. goswami Says:

    i am using 1.1.4 verson of iphone please help me for internet

  382. acoustics Says:

    Bros…iPhone is coming to india with both airtel and Vodafone at July 11, 2008

    and the price is just nearly 8500 INR for 8 GB an 13000 INR for 12 GB..

    Really rocking one with 3G Facility….am gona buy a new one…

  383. Pavan Says:

    Dear All,

    I wanna buy an iPhone. I’m planning to get it from USA next month. I reside in Hyderabad.
    Can you please suggest me which version I need to buy and where I should get it unlocked (is it possible to unlock in US itself?)?
    Also, what about the warranty of the phone if we use it in India?
    Please reply me.
    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

  384. WiseTechie Says:

    @Pavan, now only the Iphone 3G is available, wait a little , first let a unlock come for the new Iphone 3G , then only bring it to India, plus the Iphone is now sold alongwith a plan, so look into that also before buying.

  385. WiseTechie Says:

    Also have a look at this post :


  386. Ramesh Says:

    Thanks for sharing that URL.

  387. KS Says:

    Hi Vikas
    This means you wont be able to buy the iphone 3g(without a contract) in US.
    I believe the cost of an unlocked iphone 3g in europe is $599 (for the 8gb one).
    You could possibly get the iphone(old) unlocked for around $300 on ebay.

    Good luck

  388. Pavan Says:

    Hi Guys,

    2 days ago I received an email saying that the following features are not available in iPhone. Can anyone who is already using it, please reply me as soon as possible, as I want to buy one.

    Thanks in advance.

    1) No video calling,

    2) No AD2P on the Bluetooth and CAN’T share ANY (mp3, images,videos….) files via Bluetooth.

    3) Can’t use as a wireless modem.

    4) No copy and paste,(cannot copy a part of a…. say…. email & send it….have to type it out yourself)

    5) The 2MP camera …..but the photos look like they have come out of a VGA camera.

    6) No video recording with camera.

    7) No JAVA support

    8) Cannot send MMS

    9) Can’t use as external storage device (16 GB of utter waste..next time you go to your friend’s house & find some interesting songs, movies, etc…sorry you cannot connect your ’16 GB’ phone and share it!!!!

    10) No FM radio

    Best wishes,

  389. Hermit Says:


    Where did you get this lovely Info from?

    Also nor Vodafone or Airtel have 3G yet, and iam sure you will not be able to use GPS on it yet.

    So basically you’ll have a new looking iphone with Version firmware 2 on it….

  390. Hermit Says:


    Yes all of the above is True.. But There much more you can do with your iphone instead of those few things not Available….

    By the way i upgraded by version to 2.01 yesterday using the Pnwage 2.02 tool and made my custom firmware and everything worked fine.

    Now its Jailbroken/unlocked and working fine.
    The only things is that Installer is yet to be released on it so all your hacked Apps not Available as in yet, yes there is CYDIA but frankly all the apps are not there on it yet. As all the apps which worked on version 1.x dont work on version 2 anymore and all the developers who made the apps need to update it to work on version 2. so slowly they are all converting the apps to work on version 2.
    So people who want to update to version 2 i think you should wait few weeks until Installer is ready but i was shocked to download some of the free Apps from AppStore.
    There are alot of apps there for free and some really good games and utilities…
    Also some really good apps only for RS. 4 . yes 4 rupees for an app is not that bad. what say.
    And the best thing is when you download an app on your iphone and you connect your iphone to itunes it transfers all your new apps to itunes, so you have a backup of it the computer also.
    Also you can download apps from Itunes Store from INDIA now and pay via Credit Card, Sad that you can download only Apps for Iphone and no music/movies/tv shows yet.

    So all in all i’am pretty happy to have upgraded to Version 2.01 if your wishing to update pls don’t update to version 2.01 , upgrade to firmware version 2 as apparently Apple has put a new bug in the new 2.01 firmware where it sends apple a list of all apps you have installed and they will slowly start blacklisting apps and someday you will see that the apps you installed from Installer/Cydia have dis-appeared. they havent started doing it yet but soon i think they will.

    But i still dont have Video Recorder / Wtool so iam a little dis-appointed…..

  391. WiseTechie Says:

    @Hermit : GPS is a direct connection to satellite, its not a 3G application.

  392. Hermit Says:

    I thought everyone would be interested in this Info.

    I got an email from Vodafone today as i have pre-booked my iphone.

    The 8gb is for 31,000 rs
    The 16gb is for 36,00 rs

    Dream on and read on………..

    Hello Harmeet,

    Thank you for registering for your Apple iPhone 3G™ with us.
    We are delighted to announce that the iPhone 3G will be available in India from August 22, 2008

    It will be available in 8GB & 16GB models, priced at Rs 31,000 and Rs 36,100 respectively.

    Be the first to get the iPhone

    We have received a large number of registrations. As there are limited stocks, make sure that you get yours first, by paying an advance of Rs 10,000 to confirm your booking.

    Where can you make this advance payment?
    The iPhone 3G will be available at select Vodafone Stores. All you need to do is drop in at any select Vodafone Store between August 20 and 21 and make the advance payment by cash or credit card. Don´t forget to show the iPhone booking SMS, which you would have received from us, when you visit the Vodafone Store to pay the advance. To find a Vodafone Store near you, click here

    Get an appointment now. No queues for you.
    Once you pay the advance, we will immediately give you an appointment date and time, starting August 22 when you can come and experience a full demonstration and collect your iPhone, all ready to use with your contacts and settings, by paying the balance amount.

    Hurry! Limited stocks.

    Remember, the sooner you confirm your booking, the earlier you´ll get your iPhone. We have limited stocks and it will be on first come, first serve basis.
    Happy to help

    If you have any queries, log on to http://www.vodafone.in/iphone or call Vodafone Care on 111 (toll free) and we´ll be happy to help.

    Hurry and be one of the first to make the iPhone 3G your own.

    Laxmi Bhan
    VP – Customer Service

  393. Hermit Says:


    Yes i KNow about GPS, but what i meant to say is that you know our country they will not be give this for Free, i mean someone has to pay for the GPS unit to connect to the satellite, and send us the signal back right?

    You think Vodafone is going to pay for it ? or i dont know if apple pay for it ?

    Anyway lets see, iam sure its not functional here!

  394. tarun wadhwa Says:

    Hello Tarun,
    Thank you for registering for your Apple iPhone 3G™ with us.
    We are delighted to announce that the iPhone 3G will be available in India from August 22, 2008
    It will be available in 8GB & 16GB models, priced at Rs 31,000 and Rs 36,100 respectively.
    Be the first to get the iPhone
    We have received a large number of registrations. As there are limited stocks, make sure that you get yours first, by paying an advance of Rs 10,000 to confirm your booking.
    Where can you make this advance payment?
    The iPhone 3G will be available at select Vodafone Stores. All you need to do is drop in at any select Vodafone Store between August 20 and 21 and make the advance payment by cash or credit card. Don´t forget to show the iPhone booking SMS, which you would have received from us, when you visit the Vodafone Store to pay the advance. To find a Vodafone Store near you, click here
    Get an appointment now. No queues for you.
    Once you pay the advance, we will immediately give you an appointment date and time, starting August 22 when you can come and experience a full demonstration and collect your iPhone, all ready to use with your contacts and settings, by paying the balance amount.
    Hurry! Limited stocks.
    Remember, the sooner you confirm your booking, the earlier you´ll get your iPhone. We have limited stocks and it will be on first come, first serve basis.
    Happy to help
    If you have any queries, log on to http://www.vodafone.in/iphone or call Vodafone Care on 111 (toll free) and we´ll be happy to help.
    Hurry and be one of the first to make the iPhone 3G your own.

  395. Hermit Says:

    So just read up some more


    The Apple iPhone 3GTM, the phone everyone’s waiting for, is coming on Vodafone on August 22, 2008 With fast wireless technology, Maps with GPS, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange, and the new App store, iPhone 3G puts even more amazing features in your hands. And just like the original iPhone, it combines three products in one – a revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device with rich HTML email and full web browsing. iPhone 3G. It redefines what a mobile phone can do – again.

    The iPhone 3G is available in 8GB and 16GB at Rs 31,000 and Rs 36,100 respectively. And as you have already pre-registered with us, you can get it before others do. All you need to do is drop in at a select Vodafone Store between August 20 and 21 and confirm your booking by paying Rs 10000 through cash or credit card. Don’t forget to show the iPhone booking SMS, which you would have received from us, when you visit the Vodafone Store to make the deposit.

    Do that, and we’ll give you an appointment date and time starting August 22, when you can come and experience a full demonstration as well as collect your iPhone 3G, all ready to use with your contacts and settings, by paying the balance amount.

    Remember, the sooner you confirm your booking, the earlier you’ll get your iPhone. We have limited stocks and it will be on first come, first serve basis.

    If you are not an existing Vodafone customer, you will need a Vodafone connection for your iPhone 3G. We recommend that when you come to confirm your booking, please do get yourself a Vodafone connection too. Remember to carry a passport sized picture, photo ID proof and address proof as these are required for activating your Vodafone SIM card.
    Vodafone Store
    Techinical specifications #
    User guide #
    Product support #

    iPhone. Learn More.
    See what’s new in the iPhone 3G. Watch the guided tour. Take a look at the gallery.
    Guided tour

    Revolutionary Mobile Phone
    Revolutionary Mobile Phone
    iPhone redefines what you can do
    on a mobile phone. Tap a number
    to make a call.
    Great Widescreen iPod
    Great Widescreen iPod
    iPhone is an equally brilliant iPod.
    Enjoy music, videos, and more on
    the 3.5-inch widescreen display
    and browse by album artwork with
    Cover Flow.
    Internet In Your Pocket
    Internet In Your Pocket
    iPhone uses fast GPRS and Wi-Fi
    wireless connections to deliver rich
    HTML email, Maps with GPS, and
    Safari – the most advanced web
    browser on a portable device.
    Maps with GPS
    Maps with GPS
    Find your location, get directions,
    and even track your progress along
    your route using Maps with GPS.
    iPhone in Enterprise
    iPhone in Enterprise
    With support for Microsoft
    Exchange ActiveSync, iPhone delivers push email, calendar, and

  396. hermit Says:

    Anyone bought the Iphone 3g in india yet?
    Reviews pls!

  397. $MaV$ Says:

    Why would you wanna spend 36k on the IPhone that has limited functionality? lol bet Airtel/Vodafone couldnt even sell 20k pieces between themselves since launch in india.

  398. Hermit Says:

    So i saw the iphone 3G, looks nice but the plastic body makes it look cheap!
    Also i think the phone is alittle faster in functionality.
    LIke my upgraded version 2 is slower than the iphone 3G.
    Rest eveything is the same.
    GPS function is pretty cool, gives proper location.

    but still not worth 31k….

  399. Hermit Says:

    Upgraded to Version 2.2 yesterday and INstalled MYsms( sms forward + biz card sending) works fine

  400. Hermit Says:


  401. Satish Says:

    Hi this is Satish,I am located in Bangalore.Recently i got my Iphone not a 3G from US it’s
    Firmware is – 2.2[5G77]
    Model Firmware is – 04.05.04_G
    Does any one in Bangalore know to unlock and activate this Iphone
    plz contact me

  402. appy Says:

    hey buddies…..hope u all hvin d prob. of unlocking d i phn…
    well m frm indore…n indore is d city of unlockin i phones….here in a particular market i saw many i phones which r gettin unlocking…really…
    n nw….here, dey r ready fr a second hand buyers too…

  403. Abee Says:

    Hi this is Abee,I am located in DELHI.Recently i got my Iphone 3G from AUSTRALIA….Does any one in DELHI know to unlock and activate this Iphone
    Would really apprecite

  404. Shams Says:

    hiee…dis is shams..im from mumbai..i wanna buy iphone which cud work on airtel network..

    i tried surfing apple official site..but had no luck cuz apple delivers its products only to limited countries which does not include india..and i wanted to buy iphone online and make it shipped to india..

    so can anyone help me out wid it !

    plz leave ur response at hackr_crackr@yahoo.com

  405. Manish Says:


    its not a big deal to unlock and jailbreak ur iphone but its firmware should not be 3.1.3 or higher………just google it….and type and download “custom IPSW file for firmware 3.1.2”,after that u need to open ur itunes and connect ur iphone …..click the iphone tab then press RHS shift key and restore icon at the same time in ur itune…..now ur jailbreak is done baby……
    ……after jailbreak u need to unlock ur iphone so just go 2 ur cydia icon in ur iphone and type “ultrasnow” in the search bar….and install in ur iphone……NOW UR JOB IS DONE…….COMPLETLY UNLOCK AND JAILBREAK.

  406. Popslallu Says:

    I am from Tamilnadu and my brother is in US now. I know about iPhone (a bit i guess) and in apple store with AT&T contract it costs around USD 99 or 199 based on the model. So what i wanna know is that if my brother buy 1 for me and bring it here (India) after unlocking or jailbreaking it will AT&T charge my brother for violating the terms and Conditions????? or will it charge later if i update the firmware (after unlocking it) ?? Plz reply me.. And specifically tell me about iPhone 4G. Can it be used here (Guess its not in the market yet.. but has great features)

  407. Shanthilal Says:

    Some queries regarding the usage of iPhone in INDIA?
    I am from TN, India. My brother is in US now and i am very much impressed with the apple’s iPhone and i have planned to ask my brother to get me one. In apple store its said that it can be bought by paying USD 99 to 199 based on the model we choose along with a 2 year contract with AT&T. And i know something about jail breaking and unlocking. Now here are my queries,

    1) Will AT&T charge (my brother) for unlocking it and using in India?

    2) Will any of the termination charges be imposed by AT&T?

    3) Will iPhone 4G (yet 2 be released) can be unlocked?

    4) And if I restore my iPhone (after upgrading the firmware or due to some mistakes in unlocking/jail breaking) will AT&T detect that and charge for violating its terms?

    5) Is it better to unlock the iPhone in US and then bring it here OR bring it to India and then unlock here?

  408. Rishabh Yadav Says:

    i recently checked the rate of i phone at an apple store online, it was 99$ for 8GB, 199$ for 16GB and 299$ for 32GB.
    Should i get it frm us??
    will it work on airtel in india???
    its price in india is Rs35,000/- for 16GB and Rs41,000/- for 32GB!!!!!
    help me someone????????

  409. WiseTechie Says:

    @all – please remember that the Iphone in USA comes with a contract, even if you jailbreak it in India the person in USA will have to continue to have to pay for its usage/contact or pay a hefty severance fee. Dont be fooled by the 99 or 199 dollar price.

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