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MCD Property Tax

Today in the morning dad asked me to pay the MCD Property house tax, its the one time in the year , dad gets hold of me to do the mind boggling calculations and all. Anyway, this year was much different, thanks to the e-governance initiatives of MCD, we were done in 15 minutes flat !

Although the e-governance initiative is commendable, the site claims to be in BETA, which is quite hilarious actually. Also the site claims to be usable only in Internet Explorer, Microsoft must be thanking MCD like anything.

But what got to me was the extra money charged as transaction fee by UTI Bank, as far as i know only the Railways and Petrol Pumps in India are allowed to ask for transaction fee on Credit Cards. So that means unless i am missing something big , UTI bank is openly flouting rules by asking for transaction fee on MCD House Tax payments on-line. VISA and Mastercard should look into the matter and BAN UTI bank gateways if its indeed true that they are fleecing people.

To pay your property tax online, log onto ::

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  1. Hi !

    Its not UTI Bank which is charging the customer and instead MCD is passing on their charges (payable to the Bank for payment gateway services) to the citizens for providing the facility to pay Property Tax Online….

    As you know all the credit card payments requires a charge to be pad to Master/ Visa as well as the Card Issuing Bank which is normally charged to the Merchant (here MCD).This is a small fee MCD has passed on to your for offering convinience, which you have acknowledged yourself by saying that this year your payment got over in 15 minutes flat.

    This concept has gained acceptance in the last one/two years mainly in case of e-Governance Projects of State Govt. sand Municipal Corporations.

  2. Hi Raj

    Well , the rules of banks clearly state that the Merchant must offer the same charge with or without credit cards. When the mobile phone dealer asks extra on your CC payment he is actually flouting bank norms and technically the bank can revoke his merchantship.

    You may confirm this from any Indian bank also by writing to their customer care.

  3. Similarly when MCD asks extra on a CC payment , its actually breaking merchant rules. clearly mentioned on VISA card website, its just that we Indians are so habitual to being pushed around as consumers we dont stand up for our rights !

    Can merchants set a minimum purchase or charge a fee for using my Visa card?
    Visa has certain regulations that all merchants that accept Visa cards must follow. One of those rules is that Visa merchants are not permitted to establish minimum transaction amounts, even on sale items.

    If you run into a problem like this with a merchant, please notify your Visa card-issuing bank. Visa member banks have access to the appropriate Visa rules and regulations as well as to the Notification of Customer Complaint forms which should be used by the bank to document and file merchant complaints.

  4. Well… one can definitely object this in case of a private merchant, but even then some of them flatly refuse. But in case of Govt. like MCD etc. you cannot object as it is an effort towards providing the convinence. Otherwise you will be asked to go and pay at their counters standing in a long queue. Please check with MCD..

    You’ll be surprised that even a authorised Hyundai Service Centre charges extra 1.5% for accepting payments through Credit Cards, which people are paying.


  5. Yes, its offering convenience. But whether its the government, or its the private sector, rules are rules.

    I asked my bank about the Hyundai service centres.

    If you can get that 1.5% written as Credit Card charges or similar in your bill, i guarantee 100%, if you tell this to your credit card issuing bank, their merchant accounts will be cancelled.

  6. I want to know a list of commercial area and mixed used area and the panel value.Whether the above information is availble on web site, if so details of website may be given.

  7. is it necessary to fil house tax on line or i can submit in u t i bank .i m not using credit card and visa . tel me how i can submit my house tax on line

  8. You can go and deposit it in the MCD office at RK Puram i think, also bill junction and similar companies accept house tax. The MCD online tax site says the following ::

    By Cheque/DD/Bankers Cheque to any AXIS Bank Branch (Delhi and NCR only) and at Selected HDFC bank branches

    By Cash at any AXIS Bank Branch (Delhi and NCR only) and selected HDFC Bank Branches upto Rs. 2000/-

    Pay Online using your Credit Card

  9. Hi…

    I want to knw thai in whom favour we can made the draft for paying house-tax. is it MCD or any other concerned authority. Is BANK OF INDIA’s dreaft is eligible for paying house-tax for less than RS.2000/-

    Please reply.

  10. @nancy – go to the site, fill in all the details, it will show you the payment options :

    cheque/dd – it says you can deposit the cheque in hdfc branches and axis bank branches.

  11. The online payment for MCD is as big a headache as the department itself. Last year, I had to create a new login for my property as I had lost my password for the original id I created for my property. Amazingly there was no way to retrieve lost password or get it reset. When asked I was told two really hilarious thing-
    a) It is pity grown up like me forget password, why don;t people write them somewhere or keep an easy one. Both are, you will agree, contrary to what any IT admin will tell you.
    b) We do not return password via mail as most people in our country are illiterate and don’t have access to email. Yeah , right, MCD opened up online payment for illiterate people, sure.

    Also, there are just 20% chances you won’t be charged twice, the payment gets timed-out whenever it wishes. I am still running for refund of my dad’s double payment last year.
    Maybe I will resort back to sending my peon to pay it “in-line” from this year.

  12. For filing this year’s property tax (2010-11) online, it is asking for the property id (which it says can be found on challans). i think till last year, we had to login and password to get further access. now i have to search for old records to get the property id.

  13. It is easy to file income tak return on on line. It save time and botheration of standing in quee to file one’s return.

  14. I was depositing house tax in the name of Kalpana Datta R/o 51, 3rd Floor, Vishwakarma Park, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092 with Property I/D No. 101315419570 through internet by my HDFC Bank Visa Card No. 4346-xxxx-xxxx-0740 on 16.06.2010 when the transaction in process the internet has been hanged. After 20 minutes I click on refresh button the date has damaged. Then I again loged in MCD property & I found that no receipt is avaiable of above property I/D on site. After 2 days I confirm from HDFC Bank they told me that the amount of Rs. 550/- of above I/D with reference no.00660022 has been claimed by MCD Merchant on 18.06.10 but till date no receipt is available on MCD Property tax site. Pl. suggest me what can I do in this matter.

  15. @Kamal – please contact Axis Bank officials on these numbers :



    1860 425 8888

    Also, alternatively send an email to detailing the payment

  16. I have been filling property tax online for the last so many years. This year, MCD property tax site is not accepting password issued to me earlier. I have tried so many passwords such as (mcd123, mcd123456, mcd123$, etc), but to no avail.


  17. Dear Harish,

    We are not the MCD, try and use the contact info on their website.

  18. Dear Administrator,

    The online payment shows only banks 1. AXIS Bank and 2. HDFC Bank. I don’t have accounts in these two banks.

    I have a account in SBI Bank.

    Can I use my SBI Card in Axis Bank Option ? or, I can pay only through AXIS and HDFC Bank.