MCD Property Tax

Today in the morning dad asked me to pay the MCD Property house tax, its the one time in the year , dad gets hold of me to do the mind boggling calculations and all. Anyway, this year was much different, thanks to the e-governance initiatives of MCD, we were done in 15 minutes flat !

Although the e-governance initiative is commendable, the site claims to be in BETA, which is quite hilarious actually. Also the site claims to be usable only in Internet Explorer, Microsoft must be thanking MCD like anything.

But what got to me was the extra money charged as transaction fee by UTI Bank, as far as i know only the Railways and Petrol Pumps in India are allowed to ask for transaction fee on Credit Cards. So that means unless i am missing something big , UTI bank is openly flouting rules by asking for transaction fee on MCD House Tax payments on-line. VISA and Mastercard should look into the matter and BAN UTI bank gateways if its indeed true that they are fleecing people.

To pay your property tax online, log onto ::