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Jun 05


Think that now that you have Windows you don’t need DOS ? Well you aint a techie till you dont know these DOS Commands which make computing simpler and more enjoyable ! Firstly click on start and then type command to open command prompt.

=> DIR – Lists the files and directories.

=> Ping Address– Pings a remote machine or your own machine with data packets and calculates time taken to reply. The ping command will not work on most firewalled PCs these days, but servers usually allow these pings so that people can test connections.

Did you know that the word PING, comes from the sound made by a sonar !

e.g. ping , this will ping the machine with the IP address

also ping www.google.com, the name will be resolved by Windows automatically.

=> Type Filename – Allows you to view the contents of any file in DOS itself, useful for txt files and programming documents.

=> Edit Filename – Allows you to edit the file.

=> Netstat – Allows you to view the sites you are currently connected to.

=> IPconfig – Displays your current IP configuration

=> CLS – clears the screen.

=> Tracert – To trace the path to a network node.

And If you keep exploring you will find a lot many more ! Also read about wildcards to make using the dir, copy,rename etc. commands much simpler.


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