June 3, 2007

Routeguru Directions Review : IIT Delhi to NSIT Dwarka

By WiseTechie

route guru


Thoroughly disappointed with the sub-standard service of MapmyIndia.com, I decided to check out Routeguru.com, it has the slogan, “Directions… the good old way”. Unlike MapMyIndia.com, it does not show a map for the directions. But I was generally impressed by the route it offered, although the directions were sometime vague, like a slight right for 0 km and then immediately a slight left LOL.

Also the naming is vague, for example it says take right turn at Institute (what does Institute mean, it has to have a name). but despite its flaws, its a much better service than MapMyIndia and would actually get yourself to your destination.

At Distance Action Action Description Proceed

0.1 km  Come towards HOCKEY GROUND (SPORTS COMPLEX) in/near IIT CAMPUS Go 0 km

0.1 km  Start with HOCKEY GROUND (SPORTS COMPLEX) on your left side Go 0.2 km

0.3 km   Pass by CRICKET GROUND (SPORTS COMPLEX) on left  Go 0.5 km

0.8 km   Turn right towards KENDRIYA BHANDAR Go 0.2 km

1.0 km   Pass by KENDRIYA BHANDAR on left  Go 0.2 km

1.2 km   Turn left onto GAMAL ABDEL NASSER MARG towards DTC BUS DEPOT Go 0.7 km

1.9 km   Pass by CENTRAL GOVT. HEALTH SCHEME (HOSPITAL) on right  Go 1.1 km

3.0 km    Pass by DTC BUS DEPOT on left  Go 1.6 km

4.5 km    Pass by TAXI STAND on right  Go 0.7 km

5.3 km    Pass by EXPORT BHAWAN (BUILDING) on left  Go 0.1 km

5.4 km    Pass by INSTITUTE on left  Go 1.3 km

6.7 km    Turn left onto SWARNA JAYANTI MARG towards ASMARA LINES Go 0.8 km

7.5 km   Pass by SPORTS VIEW on right  Go 1 km

8.4 km    Take the 3rd left turn at the roundabout to come onto DWARKA ROAD Go 1.2 km

9.6 km   Take the slighter right turn Go 0 km

9.7 km   Take the slighter left turn towards BUS DEPOT Go 5 km

14.7 km   Pass by PETROL PUMP on right Go 1.1 km 

15.8 km   Pass by PRAGY APARTMENTS on right  Go 0.4 km 

16.1 km   Pass by BUS DEPOT on right  Go 0.9 km

17.0 km   Pass by SHRI KRISHA APARTMENTS on left Go 0.4 km

17.4 km   Pass by PUSHPANJALI APARTMENTS on left  Go 0.6 km

18.0 km   Before HUM SUB APARTMENTS on left, Turn sharp right towards INSTITUTE Go 0.1 km 

18.1 km   Pass by INSTITUTE on right  Go 0.1 km

18.2 km   Turn left  Go 0.5 km

18.6 km   Take the slighter right turn  Go 0.2 km

18.8 km   Take the slighter right turn  Go 0.2 km