June 3, 2007

MapMyIndia Directions Test : IIT Delhi to NSIT Dwarka

By WiseTechie



I decided to check out the much hyped directions feature of MapmyIndia.com. From the best engineering college of Delhi to the second best, from IIT Delhi to NSIT Dwarka. This was my plan atleast, but a search of NSIT on MapmyIndia.com’s search yielded no results. Stupid people have marked the whole of Dwarka Sector 3 as Matiyala, obsolete and wrong markings, that’s 1 negative.

Then I decided to search for Dwarka Sector 3, no match again. The service is utterly useless and seriously lacking in proper factual data. Anyway not to be discouraged, I tried Sector 1 Dwarka which it had suggested and asked it to give directions from IIT to Dwarka Sector 1, Here is the path it suggested

Start at Indian Institute Of Technology, IIT Campus, New Delhi – go 0.39 Km

Turn right on Abdul Gamel Nasir Marg (Outer Ring Road) – go 1.3 Km

Turn right on Olof Palme Marg (Outer Ring Road) – go 3.28 Km

Continue on Rao Tularam Marg (Outer Ring Road) – go 0.76 Km

At crossing, Turn right – go 0.95 Km

Turn right on Rao Tularam Marg (Outer Ring Road) – go 0.69 Km

Turn slightly left on NH-8 (Jaipur Road) – go 0.75 Km

At crossing, Turn right – go 0.78 Km

At crossing, Turn left – go 1.04 Km

At Jn. of Palam Road & Thimayya Marg, Turn right – go 0.83 Km

At crossing, Turn right – go 2.49 Km

Turn right on Dwarka Flyover – go 0.32 Km

Turn right on Palam Colony Main Road – go 0.33 Km

Turn right on Dwarka Flyover – go 0.42 Km

At Dwarka Flyover, Turn slightly left – go 0.23 Km

Continue on Dwarka Flyover – go 0.05 Km

At Dwarka Flyover, Continue – go 0.29 Km

Reach Jn. of Dwarka Flyover & Road No 201 – go 0.25 Km

End at Dwarka Sector 1, New Delhi

Firstly, the directions should be from IIT gate and not inside the campus, the campus is so huge you really cant pinpoint a start location. Now I go through this route everyday, and I can safely say that the directions are pure sh*t. There is no need to turn anywhere on Rao Tula Ram Marg or Subroto Park or anywhere near it, there is actually no turn till the Airport roundabout. But then the route it calculates is through Palam Airforce area and i pretty much lost it by then. I would much rather prefer one day in the 764 route and learn the route myself. One piece of advice, if you are going to go somewhere, give this service’s directions a miss because i promise you atleast on this route you WILL get lost.

And i figured the NSIT bit, its actually “Netaji Subhash Institute Of Technology, Matiyala, New Delhi” in their database. Now this is shameful, the name is Subhas not Subhash. Plus its not in Matiyala, its in Dwarka Sector 3.