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Jun 03



I decided to check out the much hyped directions feature of MapmyIndia.com. From the best engineering college of Delhi to the second best, from IIT Delhi to NSIT Dwarka. This was my plan atleast, but a search of NSIT on MapmyIndia.com’s search yielded no results. Stupid people have marked the whole of Dwarka Sector 3 as Matiyala, obsolete and wrong markings, that’s 1 negative.

Then I decided to search for Dwarka Sector 3, no match again. The service is utterly useless and seriously lacking in proper factual data. Anyway not to be discouraged, I tried Sector 1 Dwarka which it had suggested and asked it to give directions from IIT to Dwarka Sector 1, Here is the path it suggested

Start at Indian Institute Of Technology, IIT Campus, New Delhi – go 0.39 Km

Turn right on Abdul Gamel Nasir Marg (Outer Ring Road) – go 1.3 Km

Turn right on Olof Palme Marg (Outer Ring Road) – go 3.28 Km

Continue on Rao Tularam Marg (Outer Ring Road) – go 0.76 Km

At crossing, Turn right – go 0.95 Km

Turn right on Rao Tularam Marg (Outer Ring Road) – go 0.69 Km

Turn slightly left on NH-8 (Jaipur Road) – go 0.75 Km

At crossing, Turn right – go 0.78 Km

At crossing, Turn left – go 1.04 Km

At Jn. of Palam Road & Thimayya Marg, Turn right – go 0.83 Km

At crossing, Turn right – go 2.49 Km

Turn right on Dwarka Flyover – go 0.32 Km

Turn right on Palam Colony Main Road – go 0.33 Km

Turn right on Dwarka Flyover – go 0.42 Km

At Dwarka Flyover, Turn slightly left – go 0.23 Km

Continue on Dwarka Flyover – go 0.05 Km

At Dwarka Flyover, Continue – go 0.29 Km

Reach Jn. of Dwarka Flyover & Road No 201 – go 0.25 Km

End at Dwarka Sector 1, New Delhi

Firstly, the directions should be from IIT gate and not inside the campus, the campus is so huge you really cant pinpoint a start location. Now I go through this route everyday, and I can safely say that the directions are pure sh*t. There is no need to turn anywhere on Rao Tula Ram Marg or Subroto Park or anywhere near it, there is actually no turn till the Airport roundabout. But then the route it calculates is through Palam Airforce area and i pretty much lost it by then. I would much rather prefer one day in the 764 route and learn the route myself. One piece of advice, if you are going to go somewhere, give this service’s directions a miss because i promise you atleast on this route you WILL get lost.

And i figured the NSIT bit, its actually “Netaji Subhash Institute Of Technology, Matiyala, New Delhi” in their database. Now this is shameful, the name is Subhas not Subhash. Plus its not in Matiyala, its in Dwarka Sector 3.

14 Responses to “MapMyIndia Directions Test : IIT Delhi to NSIT Dwarka”

  1. Ravi Chauhan Says:

    Hehe, LOL

    looks like Mapymyindia.com really needs to work hard to get people to the right places.

  2. Shubham Says:

    Interesting study, but rather than just blasting them for the wrong directions try to appreciate the fact that atleast they are trying :)

    MapMyIndia does a good job of pinpointing places, atleast in North and South Delhi. I would recommend send them a mail about Dwarka and they will make it up.

  3. WiseTechie Says:

    Ah well, you know what they did after reading this review, they removed NSIT from their maps, SORE LOSERS !

  4. MapmyIndia Says:

    The blog talks about the 2007 version and not the current one.

    Step 1. Start from Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi, IIT Campus, New Delhi, Delhi (IIT) and head North | Distance: 0.5 Km
    Total : 0.5 Km

    Step 2. Bear left on Abdul Gamel Nasir Marg | Distance: 1.1 Km
    Cross the following on your way:

    Hauz Khas Village at 0 m
    Total : 1.7 Km

    Step 3. Continue on Olof Palme Marg | Distance: 3.2 Km
    Cross the following on your way:

    Ber Sarai at 0 m
    JNU Campus Area at 0.1 Km
    Ramakrishna Puram Sector 3 at 0.2 Km
    Munirka at 0.5 Km
    Ramakrishna Puram Sector 4 at 0.7 Km
    Vasant Vihar at 1.5 Km
    Ramakrishna Puram Sector 8 at 2.9 Km
    Total : 5.0 Km

    Step 4. Continue on Rao Tularam Marg | Distance: 2.0 Km
    Cross the following on your way:

    Vasant Enclave at 0 m
    Delhi University South Campus at 0.4 Km
    Delhi Cantonment at 0.6 Km
    Total : 7.0 Km

    Step 5. Continue on Jaipur Road (NH 8) | Distance: 1.0 Km
    Cross the following on your way:

    Aps Colony at 0 m
    Total : 8.1 Km

    Step 6. Continue on Ulanbater Marg | Distance: 0.6 Km
    Cross the following on your way:

    Mehram Nagar at 0 m
    Total : 8.8 Km

    Step 7. Turn left | Distance: 3.9 Km
    Cross the following on your way:

    Maude Lines at 1.1 Km
    New Delhi at 1.3 Km
    Total : 12.7 Km

    Step 8. Take the Dwarka Flyover and continue on Road No 201 | Distance: 2.8 Km
    Cross the following on your way:

    New Delhi at 0 m
    Palam Village at 1.6 Km
    Dwarka Sector 1 at 1.6 Km
    Dwarka Sector 7 at 2.3 Km
    Total : 15.6 Km

    Step 9. Continue straight | Distance: 3.4 Km
    Cross the following on your way:

    Dwarka Sector 6 at 0 m
    Dwarka Sector 3 at 0.9 Km
    Dwarka Sector 5 at 1.1 Km
    Dwarka Sector 4 at 1.8 Km
    Total : 19.0 Km

    Step 10. Turn right on Azad Hind Fauj Marg | Distance: 1.6 Km
    Cross the following on your way:

    Kakraula at 0.8 Km
    Total : 20.6 Km

    Step 11. Turn right | Distance: 0.3 Km
    Cross the following on your way:

    Sewak Park at 24. m
    Total : 21.0 Km

    Step 12. End at Netaji Subhash Institute Of Technology, Matiyala, New Delhi, Delhi | Distance: 0 m
    Total : 21.0 Km

    I believe that these won’t get you lost!
    We did not remove NSIT, but it seems that the acronym has been left out. We will definitely add it in our next update.

  5. WiseTechie Says:

    @MapmyIndia – Oh yeah i guess we are in 2008 , or were in 2008 when the test was done ! :P , sorry we tested the 2007 version.

    And also let me tell you why anyone will get lost ::

    Step 6. Continue on Ulanbater Marg | Distance: 0.6 Km
    Cross the following on your way:

    Mehram Nagar at 0 m
    Total : 8.8 Km

    Step 7. Turn left | Distance: 3.9 Km
    Cross the following on your way:

    The left turn on step 7 is actually a right turn if you check your map properly, its basically due to the fact that your navigation software has no support for round abouts it seems (atleast not for this particular one). The left turn is if you consider the round about (all turns on roundabouts in India are left turns), anyone who is wholly dependant on your software will take a left turn at the roundabout and land up at the Airport Parking and will not know where to go.

    I would love to post a screenshot of the particular bug, but i am unsure with all the copyright notices on your site ;)

    Cheers !

  6. MapmyIndia Says:

    The particular case you’re discussing is not an application bug. It is a roundabout that has not been marked properly. We would appreciate it if you guys can discuss a broader category of problems and not a specific case. It would also be good if you can bring out a comparative analysis etc. We do get a lot of such cases as feedbacks and update them as per our release cycles.

    Thanks and regards

  7. MapmyIndia Says:

    And the comment on the version is kind of strange. It seems you’ve never seen a windows 2000 in 1999 and so on…

  8. Rohit Says:

    Observation 1:

    “Cross the following on your way:

    New Delhi at 0 m”

    Observation 2: It is “Netaji Subhash Institute Of Technology”

  9. WiseTechie Says:

    @MapMyIndia – The roundabout is detected by your machine, thats why it says a left turn, otherwise it would have said a right turn wouldn’t it ?

    Would you care to explain why its saying a left turn if its not entered as a round about ?

    Also with all due respect, if one spends 20000 bucks on a navigation system, one expects it to be perfect, washing your hands off by saying its a particular bug aint so great. If i were you i would also check my liability in terms of being sued in the consumer court for deficiency in service. Our lawyer friend says that this particular problem has a legal potential to sue you even with all your disclaimers if i actually used your navigation hardware.

  10. WiseTechie Says:

    Also wow Rohit, i guess we can cross ‘New Delhi’ at zero m. :P

  11. MapmyIndia Says:

    I’m sorry but that can not be disclosed. I guarantee that you will not see this issue on the site in about a week’s time when we complete our release cycle.

  12. WiseTechie Says:

    This is hilarious, cant be disclosed, yeah i am sure that navigation along straight lines is a top secret algorithm. Are you a part of the technical team ? , it does not seem like it.

    You machine clearly shows the turn along the roundabout, but still you say that the roundabout is not marked. Its just that the navigation text generated is not matching. Also you didn’t tell us how we could cross New Delhi at 0m in Dwarka.

    Or maybe you think we are idiots and can be fooled into thinking that what we asked should be classified or on a need to know basis, let me tell you all of our wisetechie.com team are either CS engineering students, CS engineering graduates and/or CS engineering masters students in US.

    Anyway, thanks for providing us with some hearty laughs, and also material for a brand new post.

    Also i would once again tell you that telling people that something they discovered is a one off thing is not the smart way to do business, i was planning to go for your hardware, but i have decided to try satguide instead and i am sure many of our readers after reading your replies to our comments will feel the same.

    Turns out their customer care was actually very friendly about giving me a free demo and tell me about how their machine deals with roundabouts. They had no problems in revealing their top secret roundabout dealing algorithm.

    Also best of luck for your future.

  13. MapmyIndia Says:

    Apparently you tech wizards don’t realize that there is something called a navigable map specification, which by the way is kept proprietary by all players like Navteq, Teleatlas and CE InfoSystems (MapmyIndia). The question on handling roundabouts falls in this particular domain and I did not answer.

    Second, as for me being technical, I am the creator of the .com website. It is I who has written all the engines. So I do believe I know what error is to be classified as what and what is to be prioritized. You guys were so busy checking a small aspect out, but I know and am working on a problem that is more of an issue than one roundabout or a landmark.

    As for the navigator product, well you said it… Best of luck!

  14. WiseTechie Says:

    We have removed this comment to end the matter, we dont like flame wars !

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