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Jun 03


Our readers have often asked what is the difference between the 1800 numbers and the other numbers, the answer is simple. The 1800 numbers are toll free which means is that your telephone is not charged for calling them, instead the person receiving the call (in most cases a company) is charged for the call. All such numbers start with 1800 so as to have maximum awareness. Most good companies offer this service so as to satisfy customers better and to provide an easier way to reach them. Companies like Dominoes Pizza, DHL, MTNL provide toll free numbers to provide quality service to their customers. Companies such as Airtel too provide a toll free number for their customer care like most other telecom companies.

But certain organizations we observe could not care less about their customers. The prime example being Tata Sky. The fact is that they don’t even provide a normal number to call for consumers. I personally have to depend on STD calls to call the Tata Sky customer care in Chandigarh. My rent free government phone is not able to call their ‘National Numbers’.  Hence before purchasing a service it is imperative to see if a company actually provides an easy way to reach them and our advice is dump companies which don’t offer you an easy way to reach them.

Tip : To know your MTNL bill in New Delhi, dial 1800-110-xxxx , where xxxx is your extension. For e.g. if your phone number starts with 2601 then you should dial 1800-110-2601, then follow the instructions and you will get to know your bill. Your phone must have tone dialing for this.

This definition is valid for India only

One Response to “1800 Numbers : Puzzled ?”

  1. Apoorv Says:

    While installing my Tata Sky connection, the technician gave me this number for Delhi:60006633, though I haven’t yet checked whether this no. is valid or not. Its surprising why they haven’t put this no. on their website.

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