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May 28

Lol, no we are not going underground, nor are we encouraging stealing. Its just that this particular function of Picnik is extremely useful and innovative.

Here is how it works, you enter the URL of the site whose pictures you want to take, and voila , it displays all the photos on the page separately. It does not get the layout pictures and hence eliminates the screening process.

See how easily it stole the pictures of our website.


You may also import files from Picasa Albums and Flickr. Although it wont replace picasa/or photoshop anytime soon, its a really nice step. Offers a great amount of filters which might be reviewed by us later.

And website owners beware, Picnik didnt check for a robots.txt file, so your non-robot accessable pages otherwise might also be prone to theft.

Http Code: 200 Date: May 28 12:22:56 Http Version: HTTP/1.1 Size in Bytes: 32556

Agent: Picnik Image Editor +http://picnik.com

5 Responses to “Picnik : Steal images from other sites”

  1. Darrin Massena Says:

    I know this post’s title is tongue-in-cheek but as one of the developers of Picnik I want to make absolutely clear that we strongly discourage the use of Picnik for any sort of copyright violation.

    We’re giving Picnik as many ways as we can think of to get access to your own images and to those given freely on the internet. Like any web browser, Picnik cannot magically tell which images are yours, which images a site’s creator gives freely, and which cannot be reused without permission.

    We plan to go further than web browsers and have Picnik show image attribution and copyright when it is available. We already have Creative Commons support in Picnik’s Flickr Search. We want to do our part in helping those who don’t want to share their images as well as those who do.

  2. WiseTechie Says:

    Hi Darrin

    Firstly congrats for such an amazing product. We are sorry if we offended you, just some gentle humour. Its nice to see you are working hard to protect the IP of people and that CC recognition is built into Picnik. Really nice initiatives but i feel your bot should check for robot.txt files of sites.

    Thanks for gracing our blog with your presence :P

  3. Darrin Massena Says:

    No offense taken! We really do appreciate you sharing some of the features Picnik has that don’t get much press.

    I’d love to understand your concern WRT robots.txt better. Picnik is not a webcrawler. We only go to the specific URL a user gives us, just like a web browser. Web browsers don’t consult with robots.txt so it hadn’t occured to us that this might be a concern.

  4. WiseTechie Says:

    My concern was that people who don’t want certain parts of their site to be accessed by automated programs prevent that by the use of robots.txt. But your argument that the thing is like a browser is satisfactory , so i don’t see any more problems.

    Anyway forget about it !

  5. Riley Wayne Says:

    Hey Darrin

    I sort of share Wisetechie’s feelings, you should probably check whether webmasters want to share their images or not. Also when you display the images on Picnik, you are stealing bandwidth also from the webmasters. I guess this whole thing is a double edged sword.

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