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May 24

Good news for customers of HDFC Bank in India like me. With effect from April 2007 , their insta-alert service is now free. Which means that whenever there is a transaction of Rs.5000 ($125) or above in your bank account you will receive an alert on your cellphone as a SMS.

A weekly alert can also be configured for your account balance, in which case you will get a SMS with your account balance at the end of every week.The full list of actions for which an Insta-alert can be received are

  • Debit transactions greater than Rs. 5,000/ Rs.10, 000/ Rs. 20,000/Rs. 50,000
  • Credit in account greater than Rs. 5,000/ Rs.10, 000/ Rs. 20,000/Rs. 50,000
  • Account Balance below Rs. 5,000/ Rs.10, 000/ Rs. 20,000/Rs. 50,000
  • Weekly account balance
  • Salary Credits
  • Utility bill payment due Alert

The service is free for Savings Account Customers, except those having a classic or ‘no-frills’ account. Also people with current accounts will need to pay Rs.50 per quarter to avail of the service. Payroll account holders will also need to pay for the service.

To activate the insta-alert service log into your HDFC bank netbanking account and do the needful.

I am happy though seeing my cellphone beep away :)

Full range of terms and conditions can be had from your bank branch and/or phonebanking.

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