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May 23

When Microsoft ventures into something, you know its going to be the best and the biggest. So this Graphing calculator was no different.

Graph Calculator

The Graphing calculator is just a small part of Microsoft Student’s Math tools and is made by the Educational Products Division of Microsoft (My favourite division for reasons you will never know :P )

2D Graphs

Making 2d Graphs is a piece of cake.You just feed the equations in the forms as y=4x^2 or something like that, the software automatically formats the equation with the proper superscript thing as shown in the screenshot below

2d equation

The Graphs come out pretty well, and are easy to understand with tracing features.

Click on graph for a better view of it.

2D Graph

3D Graph

I know what you are saying, 2D graphing is for newbies, 3D graphing is for engineers. I wish that i had got this thing before, i could have understood multiple integration much better using the tools provided, the 3D graphs can be seen as wire frame or Filled color. The graphs can also be zoomed into from various perspectives and rotated. All in all , a great tool to understand complex 3D math.

Click for a better view of the Graph.

3D Graphing

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