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Apr 05

Well Greenpeace has come out again with its guide to the greenest technology companies. Out of the 14th ranked, Lenovo has turned out to be the greenest of them all. The Chinese company’s efforts to take responsibility for their branded waste was appreciated.

Apple continues to be the worst of the lot, while the company is still ringing cash, its making our planet toxic also. Apple has consistently been the worst company as far as being green goes.

Some of Greenpeace’s logos to make Apple change their ways

Apple Greenpeace

So my advice is , DUMP APPLE !

Iza Kruszewska, International Toxics Campaigner, Greenpeace said, “Given the growing mountains of e-waste in China – both imported and domestically generated – it is heartening to see a Chinese company taking the lead, and assuming responsibility at least for its own branded waste. The challenge for the industry now is to see who will actually place greener products on the market.”

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